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5 Great Content Management Tools to Help Build Quality Content

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What crosses your mind when you want to better optimize the content of your website? We all know that producing quality and curative content is one of the essential ways to push back your competitors in search results. However the methods to implement this are pretty straightforward and you need not search for an ultimate guide for producing quality content. There are some great free and paid online best SEO tools available that checks various parameters of the content.

These content marketing tools helps improve your website ranking significantly. They help search engine crawlers to notice for in any case the content of your page is copied from any of the website. Sometimes developing or producing good and worthy content is time challenging and also could be a turbulent task. Lucky you, you’ve got some of the most advanced content management tools to examine your content without the need of having minimum knowledge in search engine optimization. Remember you are not the only one in SEO race, there are several others trying into rank in the search engine. Here are some great best SEO tools required to beat your competitors.



Keyword research is an essential task to be carried out to use them in your content which gives you an equal ratio between search volume and keyword competitiveness. You do not want to opt for any keyword phrases but select those keywords that make you appear top in search results. Wordstream is an expert at managing your PPC campaign and offers you a worry free PPC allowing you to focus more time on your business. One can easily create landing pages that are already optimized for PPC. It helps you improving your conversion rates, boosts your quality score and thus helps you use only the lead generating keywords. Apart from increasing your PPC it also offers some tools which allow you to research on niche keywords, group related keywords and negative keywords. WordStream offers a list of keyword suggestions and certain options like Google search volume and keywords competition can be accessed only after signing up for a free trial.



SEMrush is a competitive research tool that helps you find out with organic and paid search keywords are making your competitors website and business move to the top position. If you wish to know what kind of keywords are increasing your competitor’s visibility on Google then this tool is for you. One can carry out different ways of researching in finding a keyword. The following describes how this tool can be used in different possible ways:

  • Keyword research helps you to find the right keywords that help in optimization of your website.
  • Organic keyword research helps you to find the best keywords that fetch you Google ranking.
  • AdSense helps find publishers and advertisers for your business
  • Finding appropriate backlinks helps you find out who is linking to you and also from which sites your competitors getting backlinks.
  • Advertising research helps you in knowing your competitor PPC ads.

Initially you can use SEMrush free for about 10 listing but then later you need to upgrade it to make the most of your competitive research to beat the competitors.


scribe seo

Knowing what keywords your competitors use is not enough to beat the competitors. Applying those keyword search techniques in optimizing your own site content is also important to cope up the competition. There are certain content optimization tools available for you to optimize the content depending on the quality of content you have written, and the value of keywords you are using. Scribe, standalone software and a wordpress plug-in helps you do topic research for your site. While doing this it also gives you scope on what kind of keywords your content should contain and helps you choose your topic with the help of some social media resources like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc., This tool analyze the content of the whole document and suggest you some keyword optimization recommendations.

Screaming Frog Spider Tool:

Screaming Frog Spider Tool is one of the basic tools in providing you the best on page optimization technique and it helps how search engines improve in finding, crawling and in indexing your website. When optimizing content for your site you should not forget crawling errors, the performance of your site and even search engine occupancy should not be ignored if in case you are continuously trying to improve your brand. This content tool is a software program where you can run in order to make the spiders crawl your whole website and reports back with all the content on your individual web pages, all inbound and outbound links of your site, all the files that are included. This tool also provides you an XML map generator which shows up all the data present on your site. You can buy this tool for free to make use of the options that fetches you only certain results but later purchasing a subscription gives you more options.

Majestic SEO:

majestic seo

Providing links to various websites or getting links from the popular sites is the foremost way to establish a strong connection over the web. This digital way of link connection and the quality of these links is a great way to understand and get discovered by your target audience. Having quality links and driving organic traffic creates a greater impact on your site and determine how well your page ranks. Majestic SEO helps you track your link profile and determine how much of data is crawled with the help of link tracking services. This helps the marketers to research on links to their content giving an overview on types of links, and sources from where your site is getting worthy links. This tool also helps in determining the quality of your links, natural tendency of the flow of visitors which can be determined using the factors called citation and trust flow.

There are several hundreds of SEO tools available that help you concentrate on each and every element of your web page like keyword, content, links, on page SEO, off page SEO, quality and production. If you are seriously looking for building your website making necessary improvements you need to focus on all the possible elements and not one or two. Here we have shared with you some of the great content management tools that helps you work on content hassle free. Let us know what content marketing tools you use in a similar fashion.

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