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6 Major Overhauls Predicted in 2016 SEO

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Search engine optimization is characterized by continuous changes occurring at a rapid pace and SEO techniques are considered some of the best practices and they are seemingly ineffective, or sometimes may even account for overall damage of the site. It has been said that Google makes changes in its search algorithm every year. These algorithmic updates have been more surprisingly seemed ambitious and the result was, bringing out quality content over the superficial matter. Also Google no more allows fishy links with poor SEO techniques corresponding to spammy links. Also one more change has been made is that one need not entirely rely upon keyword usage and performance data.

A Profound Look into SEO in 2015

In 2016, SEO techniques and trends are going to be more exciting than in 2015 and they all are made to improve the quality of your search results. Also the changes in the Google’s update are designed to improve the quality of how Google delivers the result when its user has been entered the search query. In 2015, digital marketers across the globe found it harder to keep up with the ever made changes in Google’s algorithms and also the Humming bird update that has been created a major impact in updates. Most of the digital marketers felt it overhauling with these profound, continuous and game changing mechanisms in algorithmic updation.

Panda, Hummingbird, Caffeine and other big Google updates make us think that we are moving into the post SEO era.  High quality content creation and a very friendly and high user rich experience have become mandatory for any good website.  So, what do digital marketers, and SEO optimizers need to do or implement in 2016 in orders to cope up with the current changes in the search algorithm? One many not know or at least estimate immediately what could be the sudden changes in SEO the very next moment. What you have to know is you have to earn a position in search engine. That’s all matters.

SEO Techniques and Trends in 2016

In the current mode of constant fluctuation, it is important for you to implement a highly cohesive and highly adaptable SEO strategy. Here are some of the brand new modifications and changes expected in this year’s SEO techniques.

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Smarter Search Engine

In 2016, search engines are going to get better and even smarter with the ongoing rapid changes in the intelligent systems that deliver an onsite as well as an offsite value to your business. It was told that SEO specialists who work in building next generation SEO trends and tips will only prioritize things that deal with keyword tactics, link building, design that includes HTML for head tags and title tags etc., They have been even told that they might even search rankings by consistently creating relevant search information, engaging via quality and detailed content.

Prioritizing Quality, Quantity and Unique Content

Content has never been given so much importance in earlier days. Rehashing the same information over and over again, highlighting the keywords each time, or duplicating the content from other sites and all other copying information has been now smartly recognized by Google. If you try to manipulate Google playing games you will get penalized for duplication and infringement.

The major change that has been made in the game of content is the type of content you need to be produced in order to make your result appear in the first page of the search engine results. Videos will be given high priority and integrating videos that are creative and innovative in your content will make your site hit the first page of Google. This may be difficult when once it is on the full verge. So try positioning yourself in top searches from right now.

Apart from using the routine the regular methods of writing, text and posting images, including video and audio is a unique way of producing content for your website. In the latest algorithmic update Google is giving high importance to added video of your site to appear in the top of their search engine result pages (SERP). You can share your video directly through your site or by sharing via YouTube search engine. Using rich snippet HTML code to make your content reach top by placing your code in there is highly beneficial. 2016 is the year that will be highly given importance to the sites producing this type of video content. Get on the wheels!

Using Authorized Social Media

Online social presence will be given more importance than you search. It’s not about search ranking or SEO having strong social presence is needed to be more reliable to drive heavy traffic and in building brand. Using social media to promote your brand and social signals like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social search signals help you reach more rankings. We cannot assure whether they surprisingly be effective in increasing the search rankings but social media will surely revolutionize the digital market in 2016.

Make your content reach the popular bloggers and other influencers who take your content farther better in building the audience. With the help of some content offerings and helping people in identifying some of the referral sites, referral blog directories, and other services you may get these influencers to promote your content.

Engage with Audience and Improve Public Relations

According to the recent Hummingbird update, Google’s knowledge graph is expanded beyond one’s own imagination when considered some of the improvisations with the way how the context has been parsed in search queries and others. This implies that one could expect less traffic with more stay in the search engine. It is important to build your own audience through search traffic results in such cases.  Conversional PR replacements in general publications that are result of good online conventional resources are a certain way to promote your content.

Paid advertising, another criterion is made available which can be used for the outreach of your business through options like promoted tweets, Facebook ads, paid search, or LinkedIn or StumbleUpon’s paid discovery methods. Getting stronger results at an affordable price is the best method considered in 2016 SEO technique.

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Mobile Optimization

Email application has become major source and more than 40 percent of emails are now being viewed on the mobile devices. Content optimization and SEO has now become more interdependent on each other for better mobile optimization. SEO on mobile will be the biggest trend in 2016 and continue to be the biggest trend for some more years and it will be a challenging point for the digital marketers with the increasing number of mobile market share as time elapses.

Mobile search is going to be the big swift in 2016 and is the major upheaval in replacing the desktop search. See to that your desktop search and the mobile search sites have a great user experience. Google will not give the best insights for the sites who deliver bad user experience. Google cannot tell you whether mobile ranking will turn upside down the 2016 search results but in case these changes take place sites with comprehensive and poor quality solutions will occur.

Conversion Optimization

The technique of conversion optimization is highly prioritized because it brings in the effective return on Investment by converting the higher percentage of your traffic to a safer and cost effective method. Making the available solutions appear cost effective is more difficult than gaining visitors. Conversion optimization focuses on the existing traffic by getting visitors and then takes a worthy action once they have arrived.

It eliminates features like poor navigation, ineffective CTAs, helps in the creation of easy paths though your sales, works on offering the right content at the right time, measuring the right aspects for further improvements, clear messaging to make customers understand the value of your offerings and many more.

Also conversion optimization can help you gain the targeting customers, minimizing cost per acquisition and in maximizing your profits. On the whole conversion optimizing is all about investing dollars to acquire more number of visitors.

We may not completely estimate what kind of changes Google will make from time-to-time to determine the authority of sites but it is easy to boost our search efforts by understanding their end goal. One way to do this is by providing users with the most relevant and best content and the other way is to build a remarkable content and give users a rich user experience. Hope our post helped you knowing some of the major SEO tips and techniques that are going to metamorphose the future search engine updates.

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