8 Global Tips to Boost Your Click through Rates- Improve Your AdWord Campaign

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Who doesn’t want to increase their Click through Rates when it brings in high traffic, quality score, and help you gain visibility for certain product. Click through rates can sometimes decrease or affect your conversion rates and that you need to be little careful when boosting your adword campaign. In a nut shell, you need to understand that CTR helps you give you the understanding of tracking Ad CTR performance. It also lets you know whether your ads are generating leads when triggered by visitors or not.

Making efforts to increase your CTR automatically boosts your campaign performance. The result would be more leads and less overall cost per lead. Getting long term results with improved CTR can be effective and impressive. Here we suggest you some of the quick tips to increase your click through rates.

Improve Your Ad Relevancy by Adding Extensions

Using ad extensions is the sure way to increase your click through rates and thus improvise your conversion rates. Generic ads don’t fetch you anything and doesn’t trigger reaction from any visitor. So adding custom ads per ad group is always a good option. Using ad extensions on your page will be really eye catchy and these even shows up additional information along with ads. Ad extensions for social, local, products provide necessary information for potential customers. Using a subscription extension brings in more traffic and also a subscription extension.

Add Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are associated with top positions which make your page appear in search engines above the organic search.  Always these sitelink extensions are associated with text ads containing at least 3 to 6 links.  Your sitelinks are a part of your kitty bag that multiplies your click through conversion rates. There’s a small difference between sitelink and other extensions. Sitelinks helps you show up other extensions and can bring in navigation to your site directly from ad copy. Having text links with descriptions that compliment, increase the profit, rich in high keywords drives away lower CPC. Text link should be limited to 35 characters and the challenge lies in being creative within this character limit.

Turn On a Good Click through Rate with Call to Action

Planning good adword advertising and expecting something in return is not a bad idea. We just don’t want visitors but we want those visitors, whose visits get us conversion rates, who buy products, sign up on a mailing list etc. Go and tell the customers what you actually want and make them visit directly the landing page where an action can potentially be taken. Specific call to action like “Reach Us” or “Call Us Now” will phenomenally improves and focuses on calls more than conversion rates. It may seem that call to action is related only to ROI than increasing your CTR but it helps your viewers in letting them know what all your site offers. It tells them what they could get from your site reaching where either by making a call or sometimes even by getting a quote. Without your knowledge these call to actions gives you some impressive amounts of click through rates.

 Use Trademarks and a Business Icon with your Local Extension

Consumers always go for the brand. Establishing a trademark for your business, especially a registered one will surprisingly bring more and more customers who are brand conscious. A symbol of trademark like ™ or ® gives a sense of authority about you and your brand in the mindset of customers.  This ultimately drives more click throughs to your ads. When registering for trademarks you need to be careful regarding the legalities often choose well defined and standardized words describing your trademark. Choose an ideal business image icon for your business that is so very relevant to your business when setting up for local extensions. Having text ads with business icons makes Google to display your icon in search results for the users which helps in promoting your business in a positive way.

Focus more on Product Extensions and Product Listing Ads

Do you have Google Merchant Centre account for your Ecommerce site? Why wait, use the Google product extension to connect to your AdWords campaign. Selling products targeting the keywords is a great way to improve your click through rates because they create a great impact on the most traditional Google’s text based search. Optimizing your merchant account is the key behind optimizing your product extensions. Another alternative for your product extension is product listing ads which use content rather than text ads and potential keywords. These product listing ads specifically applies to merchant account products and they ensure that searchers are likely to click on product listing ads at least twice when compared to text based ads. Hurry up!

Tailor Ads for Multiple Platforms

Design ads specifically for various platforms like for your PC, laptops and mobile devices.  You can also have campaigns targeted only at mobile devices with completely different ads and sitelinks. You need not go for duplicate campaigns if you have designed specific ads for devices. Having low CTR implies that your campaign needs improvement. A high CTR reflects that your ads serve purpose to the customers who bring ROI to your site and helps improve your Ad performance.

Remove Unnecessary Ads and Price Discounts

Searchers don’t want ads that involve them with cost or make them spend some money. Remove the price that helps remove CTRs. Everyone opts for a good deal rather than spending money. What would you choose when it comes to putting price or saving? In such cases users always go for discounts that make them spend money as well as save. Ad discounts always beats ads and one needs to know that because a product is put on sales it doesn’t mean that it is available for free.

Focus on Benefits for Ad Copy

Creative text ads are a great way to attract searchers. Think from the customer’s perspective and working on what they want is a surest way to boost your ad campaign. Two things you need to do is- work on their potential issues that bother them and help them overcome their fears while searching or clicking any ad. Every searcher has his/her own need or want to enter your site and they expect worthy when they want to buy a product. You should be able to understand the searching criteria of the users and their search intent. The content you write for text ads stands out and don’t try to compete with other text ads while being creative.

Implementing all these ways may help your CTR go high or low but if you want to improve or get some positive experience these ideas certainly help you improve your CTR campaign. We do hope if not all at least some of the tips help you gain positive results. Wanna add any suggestions to improve our ad campaign tips? Do please let us know.

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