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9 Most Common PPC Mistakes that Drives Google Crazy

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Committing mistakes is a human tendency. No one can possibly escape this fiery truth. Even pros make mistakes at least once but learning from these mistakes is something rarely observed. The fact is, if you are doing anything for the first time mistakes are obvious and keeping this in mind we’ve brought in front of you the most common mistakes that do happen when people don’t know what they are doing. This line suitable fits when you do some of the most common PPC mistakes that makes no sense.

Plan a proper pay per click program to avoid making wrong decisions while selling products through pay per click advertising. We all know that there are various facets involved in search engine optimization like Off-page optimization, link building, On-page optimization, keyword research, mechanism etc., But to achieve authority, high rankings  and in bringing traffic implementing a good pay per click management strategy is highly important. If you are a newbie follow rest of the article which lets you know what not to do in relation with your pay per click marketing.

All Keywords are Broad Match

When you have a good structure of selecting keywords avoid broad match. They drive irrelevant amount of traffic which is unnecessary and eats up your budget faster. There is some specific strategy with keywords in broad match and it is better to restructure your PPC campaign immediately if you are following the same procedure. This stuff works when you are researching for any new keywords but when you already have or want to have good click through rates it is time to narrow down your keyword research methodologies. Opt only for lead generation keywords.

Poor Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Haven’t met your PPC campaign date? Then you’ve overlooked the most critical part that is considered so very important in any PPC campaign or ad groups or ads. Don’t wait for client to give you dates for your ad campaigns like when a certain ad to be remained on or off. Instead prepare on your own in advance and go ahead with suitable labels that add value to your campaign and also that benefit your clients and customers as well.

Not Giving Proper Naming Convention

Establishing a proper naming convention is surely might sound as simple issue but this has a great impact on your PPC campaign. Not following a proper naming convention may certainly affect and it is important to follow an easy analysis in Google analytics. Each and every element in naming convention is important like brand, theme of your campaign or business, location, product, service etc. try making out a list with some standardized names that attracts customers and reflects authority.

Turning off Network Targeting

When it is a new campaign not trying to reach and build network is the possible mistake one could ever do. Google never helps newbies in PPC and all the marketers need to know the best practices in separating content and search and other location targeting settings that may target all countries, all languages and all networks. One surest way to avoid these mistakes is to train all the new hires for PPC settings and track their work on daily basis. Check the settings when once the changes are live and makes sure that everything is at place. Scheduling for a report whenever your work is went live helps you fix what’s wrong.

Putting money in PPC Traffic when there’s no ROI

Marketers often concentrate on short term goals which often cause a long term loss. We don’t say that investing in SEO to rank high in Google by driving traffic is the wrong way. This is of course a long term strategy but investing in PPC campaign often don’t buy you traffic. Getting traffic through social media campaign, adwords campaign, search engine marketing, and announcing giveaways are all considered to be great investments but some people choose doing it in an illegal way. The point here is that drive traffic organically but don’t buy traffic.

Simple Bidding Mistakes

Bidding mistakes are the simplest and the biggest you could ever do. Though sometimes you might set up some bunch of keywords for your site they may not bring you the expected traffic. Though it is hard to avoid these bidding mistakes completely using offline editors like Bing Ads editor, AdWords Editor helps you overcome these before your works goes live. If possible keep an eye on your campaign the very next day before they reach out to far away customers.

Not Using the Targeted Keywords

Another mistake people often do is not giving importance to the targeted keywords. Choosing the right keywords are important for your business and is an important step. There are certain tools that assist your keyword research campaign that benefits your PPC campaign. Choose keywords that only generate leads and be specific in choosing only those keywords that people often search. Also see to that the keywords you choose also fits in your budget.

Budget Issues

Budget mistakes are the most common and they are often overlooked when targeting keywords for your business. As a marketer you must be careful in spending money and the greatest thing about PPC is it helps you plan proper budget in beforehand. Decide how much you want to spend before starting a PPC campaign itself. To avoid this hire a PPC expert who does the work for you. If you are smart enough double check your entries and reset your MDS budgets every weekend.

Reset Your Old Sitelinks

Forgetting the history of your old sitelinks, expired offers and dates, and old deadlines which are relevant to your site in present can affect your PPC. Stop these from bothering you with the all new methods and promotions. Schedule your sitelinks as they contribute a lot to your CTR and don’t let them stop you from improving your performance.

So here’s how marketers do mistakes without having the prior knowledge in what they are doing to build a successful PPC campaign. Notice these simple tips if you want to be proved as a perfect pay per click manager.

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