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Complete Link Building Strategy

It is not easy for search engine optimizers to build backlinks for website despite presence of several sources which are known to help in link building. Hence to make this task easy for all my fellow Search Engine Optimizers I have decided to come up with an article which covers almost all the link building strategies.

Create Niche Blogs & Optimizing

Almost all the Search Engine Optimizers who have been hit or even come across by Google Panda and Penguin updates know that the only possible way of getting Google search rankings is through niche category dofollow links and quality content. Getting backlinks from websites which are not related in anyway is not really useful and also there is a chance of Google penalizing the website. Now the question is why will your competitor give Backlinks to your website? So Building niche blogs is a good seo technique. How to build niche Blogs? How to build niche Blogs? Let’s say, if an SEO based website is the idea, it is suggested to come up with blogs which have SEO long tail keywords. For example: or Optimize the blogs with social bookmarking and Social networking, then take dofollow backlink from the blog.

Forums Posting

forum postingIt is not really great achievement to get links from forums. But the actual thing which takes lot of time is getting link juice from these backlinks, here are certain tips: 1) Take part in discussions in such a way that people should feel the necessity to reply back on your comment. 2) For an example: If you have an article of “how to redirect non-www to www domain”. Then come up with list of CMS technology forums and web developing forums like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The next step would be to find for the related threads in these forums. 3) Before posting the link recheck if the thread is related to your article or not. 4) Add couple of lines which give brief description along with URL in order to prevent spamming.

Guest Blogging

guest bloggingGuest Blogging is one of the best way to get dofollow backlinks from high pr and high authority websites. However the main aspect here is to know how the guest posts have to be written. For an example: If you are building backlinks for “how to get traffic from social bookmarking” article. Then the guest post articles should be based on “how to avoid spamming in social bookmarking” and “Advantages of social bookmarking”. And then the dofollow links have to be directed back to the article. It is necessary to give the first preference to relevancy and then content quality. Try to get traffic to your guest post articles. The more visitors your guest post get the more CTR (Click through Rate) your hyperlink (backlink) get. Google counts hyperlink text and CTR while calculating your search rankings.

Internal linking Structure

linksDo you know why Wikipedia has so many high PR Pages?  The main reason is Wikipedia Internal linking structure. Follow this rule. As soon as there is any new article written, then link it to any of the previous article but the point is it has to be related. Google does not favor those articles which have higher bounce rate, Google removes them from the Search results page. Increased bounce rate of any web page forces Google to think that there is no good information in it which relates to the keyword. Google wants to give only best resources for their visitors.

Article Directory Submissions

article submissionsThere are many high Google PR and Authority article submission sites to get dofollow backlinks. Backlinks from these article directories do not pass much value. But it’s a better choice for couple of articles to be submitted since there is a possibility to get Dofollow backlinks. But make sure that you submit articles to niche and quality directories. Here is the huge list of High PR Article Submission directories Sites.
Web 2.0 submissions:Web 2.0 sites are quite similar to the article directories and they are found to be of much more value than the article directories websites.
Press Release Submissions: Brand name of the website or popularity can be increased by submitting articles to Press Release Submission websites. They are not only to create branding but also to get Dofollow backlinks. But many Search Engine optimizers fail to get their articles published on Press Release sites. Things to do to avoid PR Submission fail: Make sure that the article which you are submitting is a Press Release from your organization. For an example: Your organization or Company is launching a new product/software. Here is the huge list of high PR Press Release Websites list.
Niche Directories Submission: Apart from global directories like Yahoo, Dmoz there are several directories on specific niche. For Example: If you are providing SEO link building services in India, submit your site in Indian based Internet service niche directories. Here is a list of directories which have been sorted out based on each country.
RSS Directories submission: There are several RSS directories available however it is suggested to submit niche RSS directories which have been listed here.

Blog Commenting

blog commentDofollow links can also be acquired by commenting on blogs, anyone who has newly started website should make it a point to comment on some better quality blogs. If the website is related to SEO it is better to comment only on blogs which are themselves related to SEO. Before going ahead with this strategy it is suggested to make a list of websites or blogs which give dofollow, the next would be to focus only on blogs which use latest comments widgets and the ones which use CommentLuv plugin. If you comment on blogs which has “latest comments widget” you will get links from different pages. Comment on the articles which are related rather than going with ones which are not related in any way.

Edu & Wikipedia Backlinks

wikipediaGetting links from Wikipedia is not an easy task, also they are not dofollow links however they have their share of importance when it comes to increasing authority of the site. Now the biggest question would be to know how the links can be acquired from Wikipedia. For an Example : If you have WordPress niche website, then write an interesting article about WordPress and submit it under Reference Column in Wikipedia WordPress page. Wikipedia editors will review it and if it is good reference link they will definitely publish it. Check out this sample link of Read and Write published in Wikipedia WordPress page under reference column.
Social Bookmarking
social bookmarkingFor new websites, Social Bookmarking is the best way to get index and get minimum referral traffic. Avoiding spam is very important in social bookmarking. Social bookmarking sites are easy enough to use however they do pass much link juice to the site, but they do send some traffic. If you use same description and same link in several sites, it is defiantly spam. One thing I suggest you to avoid spam is, use two or three lines of original deception for each bookmark which means for each webpage.

blog postingBlog Directory Submission: Blog directory submission is an important thing to get noticed online.  Submitting your blog in the directory in the right category without any spam is referred to as blog directory submission. Blog directories help you to show your blog title, description, tags, and a hyperlink to your blog which can be either do follow or no follow links. Blog directories are the same as web directories except for the reason that here one can submit their blogs to the right categories. To get the good stats for your blog, blog directory submission can be considered as the best practice.  Here lies the importance of blog submission:

  • Improve the traffic for your blog
  • Increase the number of visitors from blog directory
  • Increase organic traffic rates from search engines
  • Improving the page rank
  • Blog will be submitted to the right category and appear in search engines with the help of keywords.
  • Increase in the brand name reputation.

Today there are number of blog directory lists available online to submit your blog and thus increase your PR ratings.

Blog Marketing: The process of reaching a business’s prospects with the help of a blog is called blog marketing. They can be considered as the primary business for promoting a company’s business website or for the direct promotion of the small business. The promotion of business with this method can either be expensive or inexpensive.  It is always the best way to improve site’s page rank and is highly efficient for SEO purposes. What are the different ways to market via blogs?

  • Create your company blog and find relevant blogs to market your company website.
  • Contribute quality comments with the right usage of punctuation and correct grammar. Short and fluffy comments are a waste of time for the readers.
  • Certain blogs accept guest posts which help increase visitors for your site. Write blog articles helps publish about your site and maintain relationship with other blogs.
Content Marketing

Content marketing is a technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content so as to bring in the audience and engage with the target audience. The main objective of driving profitable customers, and to retain customers is by consistently generating the curative content. P &G, Cisco Systems, Microsoft are some of the organizations in the world that use content marketing  as an aid to increase their online marketing brand.

Manual Directory Submission

Though directories don’t own much priority in the realm of internet marketing they still hold a good value to any link building campaign. People are not that efficient in submitting the articles but with the help of some automated directory submission tools your site would reach to maximum people without any unrelated and spam directories. Improve your website ranking with some of the proven directory submission services online. Benefits include:

  • Enter your site’s information and these submissions take the pride in publishing your content.
  • You can choose from link building options that help you meet your goals.
  • Now get traffic and increase the appearance of your site in search result and get detailed reports.

Some of the popular directory submissions use penguin-safe quality directories that are indexed and cached by Google very soon.

Paid Article Posting

Blogging and writing articles are a good source to get back links. It is greatly helpful in SEO of your websites. One could gain good quality and permanent back links by submitting articles. Some articles allows you to submit articles freely which is referred as guest posting. While some sites provide paid inclusion service, this requires you to pay for submitting the articles. You are needed to pay to the article site owners by following the rules of the article submission for that site.

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission deals with how a webmaster submits a website directly to a search engine. It is often not necessary for a website to be promoted with search engine submission techniques as the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing use crawlers, bots and spiders that would eventually find websites all by themselves. Manual submission of websites to the search engines is highly recommended especially when you are submitting your site for Google, Yahoo and Bing. It takes a while for your site to get indexed whenever you submit any URL or domain to search engines. Avoiding submitting your websites to these search engines you would surely miss millions of visitors who might come to these search engines. This is a very helpful technique to increase your site’s ranking as external linking is the important factor to maximize the site ranking.

Link Building with Video Marketing: My personal suggestion would be to go ahead with this strategy to get backlinks from high authority sites. Almost all Video sites give nofollow links only. Also the links which are given back are necessary due to the domain authority of all these sites. Before starting link building with videos, first use keyword analysis tools to get the best and seo friendly video title. Ensure to use keyword only as much as it is needed without excessive usage if so turns out to be spam.
Social Profile Links:  Recent Research says that Google is giving so much of Importance to social signals. Sign up for Social network profiles and niche network profiles to get some quality backlinks. But create profiles only in top and related social networks which accept URL listing.
Local Listings: Submit your website to local listing websites to get quality backlinks. Using local listings will increase your business and branding in a quite good way. Local listings also help you to get good search rankings based on Geo Location. Here is the huge list of Local Listing websites.
Classifieds Posting: Posting in certain classified sites is also best place from which traffic can be directed to website or blog accompanied by backlinks. One such example of classified is Craigslist. However, care has to be taken to avoid spam. Post your requirement with quality content and in relevant category. Here is the huge list of Classifieds list that accepts links.
Question and Answers Sites Backlinks: There are several websites on question and answers like yahoo questions and Quora. Getting links from these websites is very easy. But make sure that you post relevant answer link to the question. Here is the list of question answers site that accepts links.
User Rating Reviews: For those who are providing any services, the best choice would be to ask the clients for their reviews on the products or services which will generate higher authority dofollow backlinks from these websites. Here we give you the list of websites which give user rating and backlinks.
Infographic submissions: Infographic directories also are known to easily give back dofollow backlinks, here is the list of such infographic directories.
Email Signatures: Using Signatures in forums is considered as spam by Google, also this method of signatures is very bad for SEO since it is considered to be a type of Black Hat SEO. However when it comes to using of signatures in Email Google will not take any severe. Using signatures in email is not link building strategy, however it is to increase the traffic from your email contacts.
You really want to implement this link building strategy? If yes, Read this..

In the Complete link Building strategy Guest Blogging plays the main key role. Check this Image…

If you want to increase your search rankings, only get Backlinks from high authority websites. Don’t forget to create backlinks to your guest post articles. Increase the page rank and Page Authority to your guest posts by creating quality backlinks.

If you create spam backlinks to your guest posts, your guest posts will penalize by google as well as your webpage. Therefore give priority to quality rather than going ahead with quantity.

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