What is The Cost Effective SEO For Small Business?

cost seoSearch Engine Optimization is a procedure for increasing the visibility of a website, by natural search results. All the major browsing sites like google, yahoo, Bing gives the search results according to the ranking of the search engine and which is considered more relevant to the user’s query.

What are the types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO, you can involve in your website.

  • White SEO: it is the optimisation which follows all the rules and regulations of a search engine. The contents are easily accessible by the bowsers. The process is slow but works for sure. Weightage must be given to the contents.
  • Black SEO: it is simply opposite to white SEO. It involves processes which are illegal in a search engine. Like keyword stuffing, hiding text and links, doorway pages are some techniques to increase the ranking of a website. It can get, a lot of viewers within a short time, but if it is suspected, then the website may be banned.
  • Grey SEO: it is the technique which involves the application of the both.

Cost effective SEO

There are tools available for Search Engine Optimization. The tools do research on keywords and determines the rankings, and also do graph and data analysis. You can very well understand that, these works cannot be done without a SEO tool. So it is good to be done by a paid SEO tool, which will be definitely save your time and give you better result. But most of the SEO tools are costly, and can’t be purchased by small business man. Here are some tools which will be fast as well as cost effective.

  • com: one of the best Cost effective SEO tool. It works at $48 per month. This tool helps you to increase your ranking on basis of data driven marketing. You will get to know, what strategies are actually improving your rankings. Thus you will find a connection between the errors and the rankings. It will provide notifications, where there is a notable change in your rankings. This will allow to track up to 300 keywords, 10 websites and 3 clients. You can select $98 slot, for more keywords and clients.
  • SearchEnabler: you can get this at $49 a month. A start-up version is also available at $15 per month. It is great for site analysis, thus spotting your errors. A link analyser will manage your links up to 3 competitors. You can thus find out the keywords of your competitors and many more. It also track activities in social media.
  • SheerSEO: it have different options ranging from $7 to $40 per month. It can connect with google analytics data. You can request the bloggers to review your site, by sending message.
  • UpCity: you can’t believe it costs only $19.99 a month. This tool is not so much effective like others. If you are a beginner, you can opt for this option, for learning how SEO tools works. After, few months you must choose something more up-gradated.

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