How to earn backlinks with Social Media

social media linksIn this article today we will give you information about what social media is and how it can be used to earn links since irrespective of any number of changes and developments link building till date remains to be an important process playing key role in the entire SEO by dragging as much traffic as is possible to the website.

For any website it is essential to increase the links however they also are very difficult to acquire these links which all the same makes link building even more important for which there is various traditional link building stuff like directories, purchasing links or commenting spam. Apart from this there also are various older methods and black had link techniques apart from which using social media as the main area of focus by all the link builders. However even this is not an easy one to do which is where we step in to help you providing some techniques to get you started with everything in an easy way.

We give you four of them which can be used nearly all the times

  1. First method is quite important using which huge number of links can be earned for your website which is use of interactions that are available in the links. It is one of the classic methods where anyone can get connected to one particular community, person or brand and when interaction begins that is how links can be earned back to your website. Starting interaction at very early stages and doing it frequently is best recommended for those who want to go ahead with first method since starting early can mean that there will be lot of time especially if it links are to be acquired from any popular site or bran which has been active at their peaks in terms of social media. It will help for anyone to make place among the first five or ten comments or any other means of communication which makes it visible to all the editors who are on continuous look out for such things. All those who are producing the content are said to keep an observant eye on these techniques it is said to be beneficial to take active part in comment which is best way to keep the interaction going on. At the same time care has to be taken to see that some value is added to the content without just typing in about the post being great. It is necessary to stand out from other regular and common comments or posts which can be done with slight research or giving reference to another content which adds certain aspect of interest to the content which might go on to look out for the person who has posted the comment. There also is a possibility that the person might even get a click on their profile which will add some additional links. Giving help without being asked for is one of the greatest methods to increase interaction in any particular community that will fetch links to the site which is not only restricted to blog posts but can go on to include Facebook pages, Google+ posts, comments on Youtube and several other ways.
  2. Keep an eye on links which are probably going to outreach for targets which might get you a chance to come across appropriate kind of person or site which is ready to help you link to their website when asked for. Alternatively there is also a method where in you can offer them with some kind of post or minor work to get you what is needed. Certain tools like Plus, Google site colon searches are useful for sites like YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterestalong with several of those kinds which will help in site colon query allowing the ability to include several other parameters. Fresh Web Explorer is one such kind of tool which is found to be very helpful for those who are more into blogosphere and searching blogs,Google blog search also is very good however it is found to be arbitrary at times which puts it at a disadvantage that they will not have relevancy to those which are needed. But when it comes to Fresh Web Explorer there things can be ordered by feed authority which relates to several readers who are in search of any particular feed making this one of the best methods to find blogs. Advanced things also can be done with the use of tools like Followerwonk since there can be an interaction found with this where people can  be searched for who use multiple social media so getting them at one place would automatically add them with the other place.
  3. Go with content which will grab the eye of any particular target if not the person can also be directly contacted, for example if there is any blog or website where if there is anything tweeted it is possible that those who are looking out for something in particular they will find it and go for the information provided at the same time they are known to keep an eye on the rankings. If they find something really useful for them it is sure that there are something which will emphasize on using if for themselves or passing it on through shares, it is not only the shares which content has to focus on instead they will also have to see that it will be useful for any individual forcing them to link up. To keep the people attracted it is suggested to do any type of research also including videos, posts, graphics or any other type of data on the site which will add as reference when content is created adding special value to the content.
  4. Build a community of your own after all the work related to social media is done so that huge following is ensured with posts that gets several interactions, shares, retweets and several other things that help in getting valid links along with contacts in SEO. This also is main concern for Google since they are facing problems of connection between things which have better ranking and those which have social elements.  For any data which has been posted on social media there is possibility to be shared or retweeted several times which is a method in which the post gets automatically published again and again. This also is one such method the original person who has posted it will get their blogs to be included editorially which in turn results in links.This simple process is enough to get social stuff getting latent links, which makes it one of the main reasons for social media being powerful channel since they can be directly used. But it also has to be understood that indirect links also can be earned with content and interactions which are being posted.

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