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Easy ways to get DoFollow Backlinks

For all those who are looking out for unused authority backlinks which will have positive effect on the site ranking will be happy to know that here are certain such backlinks which are unveiled. There also is assurance that these are definitely the best sources available which surely are not going to include anything about article directories or blog comments.

Use of audio sharing sites

audio sharingSEOs are never known to have taken help from audio sharing sites which is not the right step since these are the sites which are easy to help in getting the backlinks from.
All those who are looking out for backlinks can use the audio sharing sites at the same time it also has to be known that they are the powerhouses to get page ranking for personal sites which are known to also help in moving the site a step ahead in Search Engine Results page.
For this step to work there are only two steps where the first is to record audio which can mostly comprise of music after which it has to be uploaded on certain sites. Below given are certain sites where the recorded audio file can be uploaded that will also fetch dofollow link for sure in exchange:
  • Reverbnation that is said to have page rank of 6
  • BandCamp which has page rank of 7
  • Sutros with page rank 5
  • YourListen with Page rank 5
This audio bit can be recorded directly through laptop mic there is no need to panic if the files are recorded generally without testing it with other people. Anything can be recorded on the go and uploaded which is done purely to get authority links.

Purchase expired domains from GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet or SnapNames

expired domainsThis is one of the least used methods at the same time it also is one of the most powerful ones among the entire list being given here, for all those who buy new domain every time they launch a site will leave behind lots of link juice making life difficult. One of the simplest methods is to get hold of aged domain especially if it has some quality links pointing to it, after which it can be redirected with 301 to the new site which also adds single link. This surely is one of the best methods to develop backlinks by hand if trust is gained by the competitors if it has proper authority.

Give Charity

It is not possible that everyone will be generous enough to donate easily specially when it comes to backlinks or links from or to site, but there is a possibility for this generous side to wake up with backlink. There are several site owners with page rank of 6 but are dead and they will be willing enough to hand over one or two links in exchange for some money, they also are known to have some famous link profiles. Some of the sites where donation can be done are easy to find with the search strings like:
* Donate to us
* Contributors page
* Sponsors page

Build proper blog network

blog networkOne of the best investments by any SEO is to have better quality of blog network which will allow extraction of link juice which can be used anywhere possible. Unlike any general belief it is very easy for blog network to be built for which there is only a need to get better at purchase of expired domains.
There are various ways in which network’s former links can be lessened which include:
  • Private whois information
  • Various hosting plans
  • Different designs and themes
  • Variation in permalink structures
  • Numerous content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and several others.

Write Testimonials

Any site loves to show off the testimonials received by customers, anyone who use a product or service which is to their liking should consider submitting a testimonial. Adding a testimonial will also surely get a link to the site without even any need in asking for it, provided it is added either on home page or testimonial to prove it to be a genuine one.

Backlinks from Fiverr Blog

fiverrMost of the SEO gigs on Fiverr are surely waste however there is one percent in them which when found will give gold to the website owner, all those who are looking out for backlinks from Fiverr is to look out for anyone who sells contextual links on their site. For those who think this method to be similar enough with any guest posting method will be shocked to know that this is entirely different since it does not have any need to follow the guidelines, write content based on one specific keyword, dropping links anywhere and get the links to be posted within a particular day. Terms like “I will post your content”, “guest post on my” or “I will post your article” can also be searched for in the Fiverr search field.
Domination of directory
There is no truth in the statement usually given that the directories are dead, instead Google itself has deindexed several free directories which would not have been the case if they are not working.
Personal sites are said to be benefitted from getting linked with appropriate directories since there are many who think this method to be old fashioned in SEO world but this is one sure shot method to get higher page rank links for website.
Some of the free directories from which links can be acquired include:
R-TT Directory, So Much, Ranking Directory, Directory World, Net Insert, All the Websites.
Here is list of paid directories from which links can be acquired include:
Family Friendly Sites, Ask Bee,, Yahoo! Directory.
Short form of Help a Reporter Out is best possible method to get superior backlinks form some famous news sites, the process in which HARO works is:
Sign up to HARO.  There will be three mails from reporters on daily basis looking for sources. These mails have to be responded with proper credentials and tips which will be sufficient to get proper link from a reporter.
 Resource backlinks from .edu
edu backlinksMany are under the impression that getting .edu links is not legal and highly impossible but adverse to this fact any legit looking site easily gets couple of .edu links simply by asking. The value to .edu links from university is usually due to the resource pages which are available in the university websites.
Any website can get links from certain sites by simply emailing them and showing the possibility of useful resources, some of the search strings that can be used to find them include:
  • Keyword
  • Keyword and resources
  • Keyword and links
  • Keyword and other websites
Submission of site to website feedback sites
feedbackThere are several sites which have main goal to give feedback on any particular site layout and its potential, at the same time they also are known to fulfill the actual purpose which is permission for dofollow link back to that respective site.For this to happen there is a need to only submit the site with slight description about the method in which it has to further improve.  Some of the websites which give feedback of submitted sites and giving backlinks include:
Top method to find expired domains
expired domainsThere is a need for SEOs to get hold of the skill about purchasing expired domains, since there are many who choose to hire anyone who can develop their site instead of purchasing a website which is ten years old.
Find pages which have long list of links to other websites and those which have not been update from some time, any websites which does not seem to be registered any longer can be picked up without any bids for it.
Though these sites do not initially show any page rank they will come your way as soon as it is hosted and content is added to it with the impression that links are still pointing to it. The main point however is to find these pages which is not simple but needs the person to be more creative to get all those links.
Once the page has been found which is pretty old has several outbound links after which there is a need to follow the process like:
  • Use a free Chrome extension named Domain Hunter Plus.
  • This extension will show the broken links on page also if there the domains are available for registration.
  • Before this there is any work which will take even lesser time as soon as the things are got hold of.
Submit site to blog aggregators
There is no doubt that anyone would be eager to get links from site which has page rank of 8, one such site is Technorati which is famous for blog aggregators which will put up several blog content across the internet.
There are several blog aggregators which give dofollow link for free but need some steps to be followed which are:
  • Submission to the site
  • Add special HTML code to the site in order to prove yourself to the owner.
  • Wait for someone from the blog aggregator to make it look at the site.
Once it has been proved that the page is owned by any particular individual the aggregator will provide a dofollow link to the site. Apart from Technorati there are certain other blog aggregators to which the site can be submitted, they are:
Search for guest posting gigs on twitter
twitterIt will take long time for anyone to get hold of certain sites which do not have big list of strict guidelines for guest blogger, here is one small easy way which will lessen this time spent to find them which is get into the twitter search which will bring up sites where guest posts can be done.
Some of the search strings which can be used in twitter search include:
  1. Guest post and specialization
  2. Guest author and niche
  3. Write for us and niche
  4. Guest articles and niche
Scoop it
scoopitThis is one of the favorites among SEOs to build backlinks which also needs only few minutes fo work, Scoop It is a site where people can promote their famous content throughout the internet in the form of magazine. There are several people who have their personal Scoop It page with a page rank of 3 or even more, search can be normally done with the word suggest which will pop up any particular person who has to be sent a quick message to inform them about the content.
Broken link building
Though this is a strange method it needs lot of background work which when works will surely be worth the time and effort put in due to the inbound links which can be extracted from this method.In this method there is a need to find some resource pages using the keyword along with recommended sites and links which will give desired pages. Email can be sent to the result which has been found the search asking for link which might not work at time, broken links are easy to find on any page with the extension in Chrome Check My Links.Additionally this chrome extension will also highlight in red making it pretty easy to find the broken links, the links can be reported back which will probably give backlink to the personal site.
infographicsThere is no SEO who will not be aware of the infographics at the same time it will also be shocking to know that there are very few people who take advantage of this strategy which is one of the easiest ones to get backlinks. The main reason for this is that there are many who think them to be expensive and hard to make, additionally there also is a thought that infographic will probably have to go viral in order to work. However the fact is that all these are pure myths anyone can easily make infographic at Odesk or Elance for nearly $250 while the thought is that idea is much worthy when compared to the entire design.
Get creative to get some unique idea along with support from designer will be enough to make it work; the first step would be to submit the idea to infographic sharing sites like:
  • with page rank 7
  • with page rank 5
  • with page rank 4
  • with page rank 3
The next step would be to look out for blogger and give them infographic in the form of guest post which can be added value will be with unique description in the site.
Software submissions
There are many who think that submission to software directories is very old technique followed by SEOs the reason for this being backlink profiles with page rank 8. There are many authority software sites which can be submitted to but the best part is no need to create an open source operating system to get the desired link from software directories.
There also are certain directories which accept submissions of video games which include and Sploder which are free and will only need 5 minutes with the files being saved in .exe and PAD file format to get free backlinks.
Here are couple of sources which are known to give backlinks for sure:
  1. Google Plus: There are very few people who know that Google+ profile allows dofollow and contextual links which is possible through minimal interaction. The backlink can be acquired by directly linking to the profile which makes it a powerful link when acquired to the website.
  2. Blogger review: For all those who have anything worthy enough to sell which may include software product, information product or any other service they can easily be turned into links. This is possibly by offering it to bloggers free of charge for review or mention in link, the process for this is given below:
  •  Look out for bloggers who will be interested in your concept, there is also a possibility that this sale of information will probably help people in coming up with the idea of getting their own products out.
  • Identify the important site or news sites which will bring up the bloggers who might be interested in the offer and purchase it.
  • They will have to be contacted with the help of email which will give scope for personal interaction.

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