FREE WordPress SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Website

wordpress seo pluginsThis Article will show you how get Free WordPress SEO for your Website, and optimize it like a Pro to save you Hundreds of dollars having a professional optimizer do it. Free WordPress SEO Plugins can to the job like the All-In-One SEO or even the Platinum SEO plugin.

I have found that with the ease of the setup, plus so many configurable options i think Yoast will be the best bet for just about any WordPress website. If you follow the instructions in this article you will have a very well optimized WordPress website that, if you were to pay a guy like me to do for you.. would cost around 450 – 600 dollars.

Now having said that, there are many more ways to Optimize your website other than what i have explained in pervious articles. For example, i showed you that sometimes editing your HTML files to include a “Hard Coded”  H-tag is necessary. Things like this are sometimes very tricky, and without the right education and / or guidance you can mess your website up. This Tutorial is meant so the beginner through to the advanced can get an effective on page SEO result and begin making the climb through the ranks to achieve profitable positions. I, nor any real SEO will flat out guarantee your rankings, simply because there are many facets to SEO, especially given niche related keyword competition.. but if you want your site to begin to rank for free.. this where should start.

Optimize Your Site With These Free Plugins

This helpful instrument makes it possible for you to edit your targeted key phrases, tags, posts, and titles to attract more traffic. It also assists you in evaluating how your articles is perceived by the search engines. This plugin incorporates everything from XML sitemaps and RSS enhancements to webpage analysis performance and breadcrumbs.


Askimet is one of the most well-liked plugins on the World wide web. This plan aims to get rid of spam from as many web sites as achievable. It saves you time by automatically detecting trackback and comment spam. The very best element is that it comes preinstalled with WordPress.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This effective software improves your server efficiency and decreases the get times. Bloggers who use this program reported at least 10x improvement in all round website functionality and up to 80 percent bandwidth personal savings. W3 Complete Cache Plugin assists enhance the user knowledge for your readers and permits them to see a lot more pages in a shorter time period of time.

Show Top Commentators

If you want to inspire your readers to leave comments on your website and engage in conversations, begin making use of the Show Top Commentators plugin. This instrument displays the names of the most active commentators in the sidebar. It also displays the number of feedback items they have left and gives a link back to their sites.

Google XML Sitemaps

As its title suggests, this application generates a XML sitemap of your WordPress website. The plugin does not require PHP capabilities or file alterations. It also determines the value of every submit based on the quantity of feedback. Each and every time you update your website or website, this plan notifies Google, Request, Bing, and Yahoo about the changes you have completed. Google XML Sitemaps is readily available for free so that any individual can use it for any WordPress website. This system will assist your site get indexed rapidly by the search engines. It also assists spiders find all the pages on the website.

Better WordPress Security

This one plugin can keep your website safe by automatically banning ups that exhibit too many 404′s login attempts. It will also provide security to your file structure by alerting you when certain files are changed. It has many other features like file locking and administration re-location. This is the single most recommended plugin from us.

SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

This handy plugin will automatically create links to other content on your website using either tags or meta keywords. It will also display this neat little thumbnail and an excerpt at the bottom of your posts and pages to the other related content on your website.

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