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google searchFrom the time of their inception Google has made lots of changes to the search interface which is their most important area of focus, having a glance at the Google Glass will show that the future search by Google will be much more interactive, highly related and too engrossing.

For all those who often use Google Search will now notice that there will be several changes in the 10 blue links which are normally part of the Google Search Engine results page in the years that are to come. Also this information was publicly announced by Larry Page during the Google meeting to state that they are looking deeper to see that they can increase their search much beyond the use of keywords.

Everyday users of Google can see that Google is currently under experimental phase which is easily notice by the search result page, currently anyone who searches for a term will not just end up with links of websites but they are now provided with results which are derived from combination of Knowledge graph, Google+, author of any post which has the searched word, Videos related to the searched keyword and several others.

All these changes and experiments by Google show that they have a vision as per which the communication between an individual and search engine will be direct. Latest addition to Google search page is voice search which is better way for the users to directly communicate with Google though it is yet in its beginning stages. It is also interesting to know that Google Search voice can be activated only with two magical words Ok Google after which the individual can use one simple query which will be instantly replied to by Google.

Google has already set out on their quest to fulfill their vision and achieve the results they expect. The users can get answers to their queries either by asking Google directly or by typing in the queries if they are not willing to use the Google Voice, the actual beauty which lies behind the simple usage of this Google search engine is their really complex mathematics without a flaw.

Any query searched through Google will fetch results which are properly organized based on knowledge however for better results it is suggested to come up with proper and full query. Here we provide you with various search results given by Google which are output of recent changes and developments by Google.

Type 1:
This is the type of result which is commonly seen for anyone who is going with local search on Google website targeting one specific area like Video Games Mumbai and several others.

Type 2:
Any search to keep an eye on weather of one particular area, state or town will show the below search result in Google. Getting results like this will be interesting for the people who want to have a quick look and decide on their schedule for either the day or plan a travel based on their destination of travel.

Type 3:
Google also provides online calculator for those who are in need of it but do not have a physical one, solution is provided in the form of the result given below.

Type 4:
Getting information on any famous place, person, artist or other popular things can be typed in using their names to see how the response will be from Google in the search results.

Type 5:
Any query related to finding out the person behind some greatest inventions will get the following search result.

Type 6:
Any personal information about some of the great personalities can also be posed to Google which will be replied in the below given form.

Type 7:
In order to find the time duration between city you live in and the destination location where people want to travel can also be resolved with the help of Google. The distance and number of hours for this journey will also be shown by Google.

Finally, there are innumerable amount of queries which can be posed by any regular user of Google to which even this famous search engine is putting in efforts to resolve at faster pace with various resources they already have and are in the process of development.

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