Link Velocity and SEO: The Ultimate Guide

link velocity seoLink velocity is the total increase in the number of backlinks that a website, blog or online portal earns in a specific time period. The biggest resource of any website, blog or online business in terms of traffic generation is the search engines. The search engines are responsible for supplying the biggest volume of traffic to websites but there are certain things that one must do, there are certain practices that one must adopt in order to get placed in the search engine results pages and also rank higher than other competitors.

Factors in Improving Your Performance at Search

Search engines keep evolving in order to bring out the best results for their users and also decrease the impact of websites that achieve higher ranking by manipulating things. However, there are certain factors which result in ethically improving your search engine ranking such as page rank, domain strength, user-friendliness, fresh content, link building and link velocity.

We will discuss link velocity in detail and how it helps in enhancing your performance at search engines.

What is Link Velocity?

Link velocity is an idea that has come forward from the same basic point as link building. Google captured the search engine market after it implemented an algorithm that gave importance to high quality links in ranking websites. One link is like a vote to your websites authenticity and fame. So, the greater number of quality links the better your site will perform.

The general idea is that the faster you grow your link velocity steadily and in natural way, the higher you will rank in popular search engines. Yes, links should be built steadily and in natural manner, as up and down spikes in the curve of your link velocity could lead to detecting your links as spam and artificially built links. But, it is not as simple as it seems and may not necessarily as easy as it may sound too. There are lots of things that you need to consider and take care of when planning to increase your link velocity.

Are all links good for my Link Velocity?

This is a really common question and a very good one too. The answer to this is ‘no’. All links do not contribute to a higher ranking but it is very possible that ironically it may even result in demoting your ranking in search.

Search engine rankings only improve when you get good solid and genuine website to backlink to your site. These links will then result in enhancing your performance in search engines and give Google or Bing the signal that your site is gaining popularity among the internet community. Spam and low quality links will damage your reputation with search engines and even though your velocity might be increasing it will harm your ranking and get your demoted to the later pages of the SERPs.

Steps to Increase Link Velocity in an Efficient and Ethical Manner

There are some really good techniques to boost your link velocity in an ethical manner. Such work usually takes time but the results derived from such efforts are worth it because they have a long term impact and give you positive outcomes for a greater amount of time. In the following lines we have discussed some simple yet effective ways to improve your link velocity in white hat manner.

  • New Content

One of the best ways to encourage searchers to backlink to your site is to add new content to it. Fresh articles, images or videos attract consumers and they are more willing to share it to other people as well. Don’t forget to make all your articles SEO optimized to get more visits to your new articles. Links earned through good content are always great for you.

  • Keep away from Spam

Do not go near spam networks which offer high number of backlinks this is because these links are of very low quality and Google will simply trash your website if you get such links. It is strictly recommended that you avoid all low quality link channels.

  • Outreaching should be there:

If you want to build quality links to your website from high authority sites which have an already established reputation on Google, you should work hard for that. One of the ways is to prepare super great resources’ content and only then you should contact your target publishers to offer them your resources to be linked in any of their upcoming related articles. Furthermore, if these publishers are busy, you can offer them providing content up to their par for their sites. But you should remember, this will work only if your resources’ content is great.

  • Go Social

Social networks are one of the most effective options to spread nowadays, if you have great content, why not to interact with people there and show them what you have! You can setup your page and use extensions to publicize your posts there. You have two options in social just the same like all the marketing channels track paid and free. For instance, in Facebook you can interact with your friends and share them your posts as you also can interact with people in the related groups, all this is free there. Considering the paid track, opening a PPC campaign in Facebook is extremely easy.

A high link velocity is a good thing but not at the cost of the quality of the links. You need to keep in mind both the things; quantity and quality both are the yardsticks here. If you follow the guidelines and information that is provided here then you are sure to get a better response from search engines and your customers.

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