How Many Backlinks Do You Need to Rank Your Website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more than just backlinks. This means that you may already have the perfect amount of backlinks, but you may not be ranking very highly because the rest of your SEO is nothing short of a carrot sandwich (i.e. not very good). With this in mind, please take the following information under advisement. If the rest of your SEO is messed up then no amount of back links will help you.

How many backlinks do I need?

The best thing to do is look at how many backlinks your competitors have. Type in your most important key-phrase into Google. This is the key-phrase that you would like to rank as number one for on the search engine results page. Check into how many backlinks your competitors have using backlink checking tools.

Check their entire website and just one page

You need to see how many links the landing page has. The landing page is the one that has a link going towards it from Google. It is sometimes the home page that is the landing page, but it is often another of the websites pages. Run a backlink check and see how many links the page has. Also, take note of the keywords used in the page as this will come in handy when you optimize your own pages. Note down which websites are linking to the landing page, as you may be able to link from them yourself at a later date.
Now, check their entire website to see how many backlinks they have in total. For each of your competitors you need to get a total backlink number and a landing page backlink number.

What do you do with this information?

Firstly, check to see if the landing page has significantly more backlinks than the rest of the website. If the website has a total of 450 back links, and the landing page has 85  then it is safe to assume that the landing page has a disproportionate high back link number (unless the website only has a total of six pages).

Do all of the landing pages have a disproportionate amount of backlinks?

If there is a pattern that suggests that most of the landing pages have more backlinks on average than the rest of the website, then you can assume you will have to do similar. You are going to need more links pointing to your landing page than to the rest of your website (on average). If there is not a disproportionately amount of links pointing to the landing page, then you may assume that backlink quality has a bigger role to play than link quantity.

Does the website have a lot of backlinks?

Are all of the websites listed on the search engine full of backlinks? Do they all have an average of over 300 link for their entire website? If that is the case then you need to make sure you have more than 300 for your entire website.
Do they all have a lot of backlinks, or does one or two only have a small number of back links? If this is the case then you need to investigate and find out what is so special about the websites with a few links. Do they have backlinks from very high profile websites? Or is there something else at play?
Create an average number of backlinks
Do this for both the entire website and the landing page backlinks. So, let’s say that you have ten results on the first page of Google. Add up the entire amount of total back links that each website has and divide it by ten. This is the average number of back links that you should consider having for your website.
Now, look at the total number of backlinks per landing page. Add up the numbers for each landing page and divide it by ten. That is the average number of backlinks you need for your landing page.
Consider the mean value
Sometimes taking an average (as shown above) is not a good idea as one website with a massive amount of backlinks may throw off your averages. Look into how you take a “mean” value, and consider that to be your target bac klink number.
As an extra help
When you look at the backlinks of each site you were told to note down the keywords they are optimizing for and the websites that are linking to them. If you want to appear on the same page of the search engine results as your competitors, then optimize your landing page for the same keywords that they have optimized their landing pages for.
Look through your competitor’s backlinks and see which of them appear to be relevant to your website. Try to get links from them yourself and pay particular attention to the backlinks that more than one of your competitors has, as it may be very relevant to their search engine ranking.

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