How to Optimize Your Site for Local Search

local search

You can make it easier for people to find your website and your business if you optimize for local searches. This is the ideal thing to do if you have a business and want attract the local populace into it.

1 – Select your location keywords carefully

Select them based on what you think people are typing into Google when they search out your products or services. They may be specifying a larger area than you anticipated. On the other hand, if your business is within a huddle of other businesses, then the searcher may be assigning a far smaller area than you first thought.

2 – Check your competition and consider stealing their keywords

Have a look at what competition is on the search engine when you type in certain keywords. If few of your competitors are present for certain location keywords, then this may be a sign that the keyword in question is not very good. There are going to be location based keywords on your competitor’s website, so consider stealing a few of those.

3 – Put your location keywords in your web page Meta tags

Do not do it for every page. Pick the pages that you want people close to your business to land on. You then add your Meta tag information to these web pages whilst making sure to add your location keywords too. They should be added to the Meta description and Meta keywords, and consider adding them to the Meta tags of your images on there too.

4 – Optimize the content of some web pages for location keywords

It does not have to be many pages, as you only want to optimize the pages that you want local people to land on. If it is more than three, then ask yourself why you want more than three landing pages for the local populace. And, keep in mind that one of the three is going to rank above the others, and this will be the website page that matters the most.

5 – Assign location keywords to your social media profiles

Things such as the Facebook fan page and the Google+ page will allow you to put location based keywords into your profiles. When these point back to your website it is another sign that your website is based in a certain location. You can do similar things with other social media profiles but it is easiest with the Google+ page and Facebook fan page.

6 – Add you location keywords to backlink anchor text

When you create backlinks that come from other domains, you should add your location based keywords to their anchor text. It will help the search engines to recognize that the pages they point to have something to do with that location. If they also see that your pages have Meta tags with keywords on then they will start to rank you higher with regards to that location.

7 – Participate in local websites and link from them

Local websites for local businesses and such are going to be loaded with keywords relating to that area. A backlink from here will help to show that your website and associated business are from that area too. It gives Google another excuse to rank your website higher with regards to that location.

8 – Have your website listed under locations within directories

When you pay for entry into a directory, you are sometimes able to add your location to the listing. You should do this if you want to rank up higher with your location name. There are sometimes directories that will allow you to enter numerous locations. Consider adding a location keyword or two to your link anchor text if the directory allows it.

9 – Add your own reviews to review sites

This means just signing up to the website with a fake profile and then posting reviews as a fake person. A lot of these types of websites will ask you to point out the location on a map. Doing this can help your website rank higher for those location keywords and will help to spread a bit of good PR about your website too.

10 – Sign up for Google locations

Google locations is easy to add your company into, and it works by showing the location of your business on the Google maps. It also makes your company more likely to appear on the search engine results pages when a location is mentioned. You can also add a website onto the locations entry too so that people can navigate straight to you.

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