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On-Page Seo Strategy

on page seo

Do you want your company to be found easily on internet? Are you targeting towards specific set of visitors for your website? Well, the answer lies with SEO and prominent among them are On-page and Off-page strategies rather than going with some outdate techniques like television, print or radio.

SEO strategies are said to help in making proper use of the content along with appropriate sources which will help in attracting customer to your website and service provided. On-page Seo in general means that certain changes will be made to the website to make it easily visible to the Search Engine Results Page.

Here we get to you some of these On-page SEO strategies

keyword researchKeyword Research: Setting foot into SEO world it is sure that the importance of Keyword research is understood. Keyword Research is most important and also the activities which give back much more than expected. Want to get your website better ranking? Well, Keyword Research when done appropriately based on the demand in the market is sure to help your website.

Keyword Research is nothing beyond looking deeper into the needs of market which will show what is of interest to the people along with the demand for it in numbers. Doing keyword research for your website will give a view on how your website has to be designed such that it will get in touch with people appropriately.

It is not just sufficient to do some extensive research when it comes to keyword however it is also necessary to know where the keywords have to be used on website.

url optimizationURL Optimization: URLs are part of website, hence for those who are looking out to see that their website general some really useful leads it is suggested to optimized the URLs of their website.

Visitors of website or regular users of search engine usually get idea about any website by looking at the URLs which also is the reason to keep them more relevant to the actual concept of website. It is suggested to keep the URL descriptive but at the same time it also is said to be held brief, additionally they also are said to follow the structure of website in URLs to give better understanding to the navigators.

keywordsLead Generating Keywords Execution: For all those who are looking out to get right type of visitors to their website rather than increasing the number of visitors. We here give out a small secret to you about your website, the number of leads to your website can be generated by going with more relevant keywords.

The point would be to first list out the keywords related to your website which are found to be highly competitive along with longer tail keywords which are important to keep the visitor attracted to content.

Content Optimization: Among several methods of SEO optimization, optimizing the content to meet the needs of website is important and has to be given utmost care. This also is simplest methods to make search engines attracted to the website which needs content to be added or improved that will help a website to get easily indexed.

link structureInternal Linking Structure: We often come across websites where certain keywords or sentences are hyperlinks which either go to any external website or take us deeper into the same website. SEO has even taken up this concept of internal linking to increase the ranking of website and get it into the eyes of Search Engine Results page.

Using Internal linking is one of the strategies of SEO where it also finds it easy to establish the site architecture thereby having direct effect on the increase of link juice. For all those who are worried of how internal linking will effect link juice, they will have to understand that linking pages within website will make it easy for spiders to read the website catching hold of this connection.

Instead if there is no internal linking between the website then it is possible that spiders may miss certain pages which will affect visitors of website.

html optimizationHTML Optimization: There are very few people who know that HTML also plays an important role when it comes to getting better ranking for the website which also is the actually concept of entire SEO concepts.

It is not only the content which plays significant role in getting the website to top position, it is also necessary that the website’s visual and operational part to be appropriate. It would be wondering to know that bad HTML codes and tags will prevent website from being detected by search engines.

However the only disadvantage with HTML optimization is that it takes lots of time, but the need to place HTML tags properly for website to get place among top rankings.

meta optimizationMeta Optimization: Only a true SEO professional will know that optimizing meta-tags is not as bad as it is portrayed often by certain SEOs. Instead did you really know that there are several reasons as to how meta-tags can be used on web pages and various other files which will directly have positive effect on the web rankings.

Did you really know why Meta optimization has been getting the bad name? It is all due to the search engines that do not use this to relate website. Instead if the search engine results make proper use of the content given in meta-tag keywords it is perfectly expected by users for their websites.

mobile optimizationMobile Optimization: There is lots of effort needed for any website to be made easily visible for search engines, it has to be understood that there are many users of mobile devices who want to get instant information.

Hence SEO should also include optimizing the site for even those who may use it on mobile, first point that has to be noticed here is to know if the same site is used for both mobile and desktops.

Based on this need to optimize the need exclusively for mobiles Google has come up with exclusive Smartphone Google Bot which crawls through the web to display that link of site which is optimized for smartphone. However there also are certain websites which are not willing to use this feature with the concern that they will probably be penalized for duplicate content.

Images Optimization:There are very few who are aware of the news that even image search also enables several hits to come for any blog or website, proper optimization of the images in website is necessary to get tons of traffic to the website.

Some of the steps in image optimization are

  1. Alt tags have to be optimized intelligently such that the text will appear when mouse pointer is hovered above the image.
  2. Show various dimensions of the image which is sort of attraction to the audience.
  3. Also the file sizes of the images have to be lessened so that they will not take lots of time to load on the website.
  4. It is also necessary to have better understanding of the file type that has to be used based on the situations.

website architectureSeo Friendly Website Architecture: User can be given best experience by properly planning website architecture apart from this is also said to have an impact on the way website looks. Building website architecture which is SEO friendly will help search engine robots in crawling through the website effectively.

Apart from this any SEO friendly website architecture is said to help in getting the website noticed by several search engines. For any website to be made with appropriate architecture there are several common techniques available however there are very few people who are aware of the fact that some of these methods are not very advantageous for SEO.

The first important thing while designing website architecture is to see that the code is as clean as is possible which will prevent any code from bloating while designing or developing the site for future. Unnecessary code can be easily identified by those who have even basic understanding of HTML code.

sitemapXML SiteMap Optimization:  They are known to make it easy for search engines to index the website, hence the website which optimize XML sitemap are said to lay out red carpet for the search engines. This XML Sitemap is also said to show roadmap giving routes through the website, it is more like giving useful URLs to the search engine bots.

XML sitemap can be said as a type of recommended links for search engine to crawl without any huge effort hence it has been suggested that to remove any non-canonical URLs. Additionally any of the URLs which are not allowed in robots.txt file are also not to be used in XML sitemap, reason being mixed signal about not crawling through these URLs but still they are to be considered important than several other URLs of the site.

Robots File Optimization:  Along with several other important elements in a website like meta data, HTML there is one other element called robots.txt which when not followed incorrectly will end up affecting it ranking. Ensure that the disallow statements are not present in robots.txt file which otherwise will make website inaccessible to the search engines, also it is advised to not include any comments or files in the text file.

Robots.txt helps your website in

  1. Delve deeper into all the directories of the website, there also are chances that certain directories will have to be hidden from search engines and prevent indexing.
  2. Prevent indexing of certain directories in the website which has duplicate content.
  3. Ensure that the search engines index important content of the website.

Title Tags: They are one of the powerful on page elements which is said to help a site in getting better rank, irrespective of the changes which happen in SEO and their online marketing strategies it is surely said that title tag is one such element which still plays most important and huge role.

The main reason as to why title tag plays an important role is that it give results which last for longer time almost reaching to taken for granted role. However title tag alone can:

  1. Showcase to the search engines your produce has relevance to.
  2. This also makes it easy to optimize title tags and meta descriptions in websites or blogs.

H Tags: It has been observed that several search engines pay exclusive attention to H1 elements hence it is suggested to use them in the pages in addition to the keywords. It is not only in terms of SEO that Heading tags are useful instead they also have better usability of the site.

Benefits of Header tags are

  1. It is through these header tags that the crawlers of search engine that link between relevancy of website and content.
  2. Search engine spiders try to find any consistency in the keywords between header tags and various other parts of the page.
  3. H1 tag is one such important tag that is not to be skipped at any time on the page, hence it is also suggested to use h1 tag which has basic description of page content quite like the title does.

WebSite Speed:  Until certain time Google used various factors like content and uniqueness of website in order to decide the rank of any website however taking an innovative step Google has announced about website speed making effect on the ranking of website.

Here when it comes to site speed it is the speed with which content can be seen by anyone is said to have better effect on the ranking of any website. Mystery got even deeper when an announcement has been made about slow performing sites being penalized along with bad search engines.

Increasing the speed of site is important however it is suggested that it has to be done for the user experience which in turn will also in turn improve the conversion rat.

Dublin Core metadata:  It is skeptical if Dublin Core Metadata actually helps in improving the search engine ranking for any website irrespective of which there are people who go with Dublin Core Metadata.

Reasons to go ahead with Dublin Core Metadata are
  1. It does not increase the size of code being part of standard coding
  2. Some of the internal search engines which will improve search throughout the site
  3. Being simple to use the cost for its implementations is very less making it affordable for all those is not able to afford much.

Text/HTML Ratio: Does your website have right Text/HTML ratio? Best ratio for this text to HTML as suggested by many falls around 25 to 70 percent where 25 suggest visible text while 70 refers to the HTML ratio.

It is not always necessary for the Text/HTML ration to have direct effect on SEO of any website instead there are several other factors related to them like:

  1. Websites with increased text content rather than HTML are easy for people to read and understand.
  2. Higher amount of text in any website is also said to give any user the best possible experience with it.
  3. Lesser HTML tags or code will lessen chances of unnecessary HTML tags being present thereby increasing the loading speed of the page for better user experience.

With so many benefits from increased text ration when compared to HTML it is sure that there are many who would want to optimize their web page to simply focus on giving better user experience.

Do you want to know how a page can be created with Higher Text ratio than HTML?

  1. Check the validity of HTML
  2. Eliminate any unnecessary code
  3. White spaces have to be removed along with the code and tabs.
  4. CSS is best for styling and formatting of websites.
  5. Tables are big no for web page
  6. Any irrelevant images have to be removed from the web page.
  7. Javascript and flash have to be the first choice
  8. Any hidden text which is not visible has to be removed.

Tools which are said to help in checking on Text to HTML ratio are given below:

  • WooRank Website Review
  • SEOChat
  • Maierwalter

Inline styles: Confused about using inline styles on website? We often come across people who think their website to be perfectly set for SEO however they have to check back on this yet again.

There are many who advise separation of inline styles from web page that in turn is also said to lessen the size of page and meeting all the standards set for web design.

Best solution for those who want to use both inline styles and CSS is to put up the styles into CSS code giving reference to elements, IDs and classes in an XHTML document.

CSS Files (Not more than 4 CSS Files):  Are you aware of CSS? For all those who are closely associated with web applications CSS is sure to be their favorite, they are famous for helping the applications to load much faster and also meet all the standards at the same time they also are known to be easily modifiable.

Some of the advantages SEO have with use of CSS are that they can make the pages much lighter along with usage of standard HTML tags. Even better news for SEO is that the design and content of website are separate making it easy for modification of the websites.

JavaScript (Not more than 7 Files): This surely is one of the confusing relation shared by Javascript and SEO since the latter does not agree with former’s idea of applications with single page.

It is a common misconception that any web application which is based with JavaScript does not have proper SEO however they forget the fact that Google Crawler can identify even the URLs which are designed in JavaScript.

W3C Validations: It has to be understood for any website who wants it to be ranked best should probably go with W3C Validations. This is one such method that is surely said to helping SEO who want to get best for their website by identifying any errors with HTML tag.

Do you want to get into good books of Google bot? Jump in to get W3C Validation for you website in order to prevent any errors like lesser quality of code which is sure to get the website much lesser rank than it deserves.

Social Media Integration: With increasing competition to prove better than their enemies many of the companies are increasing the usage of their social media values which can be done by optimizing the content to get better ranking in search results.

Do you want to engage the social media audience with your website? Do not just push the content instead get your audiences engaged by integrating social media with SEO.

Start off with by coming up with proper content strategy and boosting your marketing resources to reach out to the people through keywords and posts to increase the interaction between website and viewers.

Microformats : Have you ever wondered how is the such huge quantity of content structured on web? Google and Yahoo! together have decided to put this to an end by coming up with Microformat which will give structure to the content.

Any confusion about the actual purpose of any website can be easily avoided with the help of these microformats.

Website User Friendly Design: Have you checked if your business fails due to usability? Websites have to be designed in such a way that they are user friendly, this will also improvise the performance of website increasing the chances of success thereby generating business revenue.

Website that has been designed for easy usability will help the visitors in finding the content they need very easily which also lays main part in setting the website aside from among several other competitors.

Lack of proper design in several websites often increases the time it needs to load testing the patience of these website visitors also at times forcing them to move to their counterparts.

Google Profile Author Ship: Do you feel that your content is not getting the response it should?  Google Authorship has been introduced for all those who are not happy with the response they are getting for their content, additionally it is also easy now to content and market the content in search results page.

Any individual can be introduced to Google as an author for it to be published on the website supported along with Google+ profile. However Google authorship will also be harmful for those who guest post with lesser quality articles.

Localization (Google Places & Bing Maps): Get Google familiar with your business. Do you want to make it easy for people to find your place? Well, Localization is the appropriate answer for all those who want search engines to connect with their website.

Localizing business by registering with Google and Bing will help your website to be found in the index of these search engines which will help then in giving right answer whenever your business is searched for.

Best examples of Localization are registering with Bing Maps and Google Places that will give entire address of the business after it is registered.

Bing WebMasters: Bing Webmaster tools narrows the gap between webmasters and search engines to enable a real communication channel between search engine giants and users. So, it is important to register your website in Bing webmaster tool. What are things to be expected as a beginner from this tool?

  • It sends important messages and alerts about the efficiency of your website.
  • To track how many pages are indexed by search engines?
  • To track how many links are pointing to your site?
  • To resolve crawler access issues.
  • To give you detailed information on how what keywords your site is associated with, what kind of keywords are helpful in maximizing your outreach, and what position you appear in search results.

Competitive Analysis: Understanding the strength of your competition in search results is extremely important. With the help of competitive analysis find out the ways how you could beat the competitor and make your posts appear in search results higher than your competitor.

Several SEO competitive analysis tools are available which are both free and commercial. One way to analyze the competition is to track analysis with these tools which can produce links to your site. Second way is to examine how reliable and what SEO techniques your competitors are using. Identify your competitors by searching for keywords that rank well and that people look for SERPs. The site that appears ahead of your site in search results can be recognized as your SEO competitor site.

Google Analytics Monitoring: Social media has become the popular means of promotion of your website, a medium to improve the brand of your website. It even works as an online tool to increase and track the number of visitors for your site. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out the number of visits with the growth of the organization and hard to find out whether they’re working for you or not.

In such scenarios Google Analytics has been a choice of tool for monitoring the stats of your website. Here are the different ways to monitor your website traffic:

  • Number of Returning Visitors: How would you feel if the visitors come to your blog regularly because they really like the content of your blog? Well, it is not so easy though. Your site’s visitor traffic gets increased from various sources and one source is just by the worthy content you publish on your blog.
  • Improve the Audience’s Engagement: The engagement section in Google Analytics shows how long visitor’s stayed on your site. However this is measured when a visitor keeps navigating between web pages.
  • Bounce Rate, Average Pages and Time on Site: Average Pages determines what all the pages users go to when they visit your site. It also encourages users to visit other pages by bringing up the related posts. Time on site monitors how much time a visitor is spending on your site. A bounce is that when a visitor is visiting your site and leaves without engaging in other web pages.

Google Webmasters: With Google Webmasters let alone see that Google is properly indexing and crawling your site. It is an excellent tool for understanding any problem your site comes up with and also helps you in understanding how search engines are able to find and attempt to understand what your site is all about.

When using Google Webmasters it is critical in knowing what to look for and when to determine your site’s performance. With this brilliant tool you can find out how many pages of your website Google has indexed, find out if you have any URL errors, and where your search traffic is coming from.

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