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Seo Localization Strategy

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The concept of search engine optimization is popularly increasing over the past few years and is highly responsible for the business growth in the current web world. We all know that search engine optimization is the strategic way of implementation of the keywords, keyword phrases, algorithms, and the site content to improve the site appearance in the local as well as global search engines. Making a website rank in a specific search engine is not an easy task and one can make use of the various seo tools available to improve the site’s performance. One needs to implement at least the basic fundamentals of SEO in order to make these websites get recognized by search engines.

Focus on Improvisation

There are different types of SEO and it is important to know the difference between each and every concepts. Understanding the SEO is all about analyzing the search engine and managing the site from the user perspective. Without this, all the efforts you have put to optimize your search result would simply go in vain. SEO can vary anything from cleaning your site content to improving the site optimization with the usage of specific keywords which targets the right audience to read the article or visit your blog. Right kind of SEO always ensures that you are targeting the right kind of SEO.

The right kind of audience is very important because improving performance from local and global search engines is considered as the top priority for marketers around the global as it is the ultimate way to increase revenue, leads and communication with the customers. However based on the type of audience or the content there are two different types of seo localization strategies. They constitute-Local SEO and Global SEO.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization strategy is associated with small firms or businesses that are confined to a specific region or country. Localized content is always been specific to certain geographical areas at a state level or a city level. When certain business or firm chooses a Local SEO strategy the chances of their site appearing in the search engine are high for that particular area. Search engines like Google and Bing have used localization as a huge part for their ranking algorithms. Thus when you perform a search in these search engines the results are displayed without you being possibly entering the location.

How to make you website appear in local search engines?

Here are the most possible ways to implement local search strategies and thus improve your website rank in local search engines like Google and Bing.

Appropriate Content as per Local Searches:

One important key point to keep in mind while creating content for localization is the type of audience. It is necessary to create unique content for each and every geographical area. Try to build content that is suitable for audience and not for the search engines. The following are some of the excellent strategies to be highlighted for creating the content necessary for end users.

  • Shipping charges
  • Warranty repair programs
  • Sales tax differences
  • Dealer Location
  • Any other content corresponding to geographical

The key point lies in providing the relevant information to the end users which potentially increases the site’s conversion rates and thus make your site appear in organic search results.

Local Link Building

link building

Once you are done with the content suitable for local search engines next step is to generate link building for these pages. This link connectivity is built from sites that are relevant to those specific regions. The number of potential types of sites that can be used to build the link in a way your local search engines accept is:

  • Local business directories
  • Local versions of Yahoo
  • Local business websites of bloggers
  • Any informational sites in specific regions.

Of all priority is given to the directories as it is the easy and direct way to link connectivity in your region. Here is a list of directories that helps in kick starting your localization efforts:

  • Yahoo Local
  • Google Places
  • Bing Local
  • InsiderPages
  • Localeze
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • Hotfrog
  • infoUSA
  • Citysearch
  • Superpages
  • Best of the Web Local

Once you submit your links to these directories any page containing the high value localized content will be directed to your site. As far as less spam is considered using links to increase the site visibility in high qualified web pages surely facilitates the link connectivity for localized searches.

Global SEO

global seoGlobal search engine optimization is used to target the customers internationally via many global search engines that are available worldwide. In global seo one need to target the countries depending on the type of business you are doing or the type of product you are aiming to launch. You may need to create multiple copies for different languages and consider regional dialects and colloquialisms when performing keyword research.

Currently global search engines are becoming a top most priority and many big companies are moving toward global SEO to make their online presence standardized. However making your website to be ranked in the global search engines is a difficult phenomenon as one needs to analyse the search result from user perspective worldwide regardless of location, language and search engine. Enhance your global localization by implementing some of the following guidelines:

  1. 1.       Data Driven Analysis: Data driven analysis tells you what kind of audience can be brought to your website for what type of location and language. Driving audience to your website ultimately depends on keyword research, competitive analysis and content planning.
Keyword Research

Remember the following points while performing keyword research as your site needs to be recognized globally. These include:

  • What type of topics audience show interest?
  • How to form keyword phrases for selected topics?
  • How to make this content as search demand?

Competitive Analysis:

As we are competing in the worldwide web market you will be facing a higher competition. Focus on:

  • Find out who is your competition for each and every aspect like search engine, location and language.
  • What type of keywords your competitor focusing on?
  • What are backlinking sites your competitor is able to draw the traffic.
  • Whether the information present is worthy or does that matter to your business in any way.
  • Does backlinks really matter to end users that direct to your website?
Content Planning

seo strategyThis tells you what type of content to be made available to the users such that it drives traffic to your site.

  • What kind of content matters to most of your target audience?
  • Does the strength of your keywords really building the audience for your site?
  • Is the content unique and original from the rest of your competitors?  If not, change the content.
  • What kind of formats your audiences prefer to view or read?
  1. 2. Cultural Adaptation: Cultural adaptation is another phenomenon that lets you understand whether the type of content you have written is culturally adaptable to the audience or not. No matter what kind of content you are providing, as far as you are providing the suitable content issues do not arise. What important is that whether the content is delivered to the audience or not.

Unlike local SEO, global SEO requires a creative and collaborative thought process in keyword search, competitive and cultural analysis. The more effective your global SEO seems the more chances that your business turns into a brand.

Local Business Listings: The advancement of technology has made people to explore local businesses and products online like anything. Today local business information is made available just a click away and it was found that more than 97 percent of people make use of the internet to find services and product in their local area. This has made even the small businesses to get recognized in local business listings. Local business is the promotion of one’s business among the local audience who are potentially likely to be interested in buying the product. Marketing your business using local business listings makes your site appear in search engines along with the physical local of company or business on a map and the relevant information like contact numbers, services offered; about your customers etc. All the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing offer local business listings.

Google Listings: Google listings are a one stop for all the local businesses to show up across the world. Give the customers the right information needed about your business by updating your contact information, services you provide, a brief description of your company overview etc., Connect with customers, understand their feedback and respond to their reviews wisely as an official business owner. Visit Google places and follow the procedure off how to add your business to Google listings.

Bing Listings: List your business within minutes on Bing for free and make it easy for the customers to find you. Improve the quality of your business listing with compelling online content like photos, specialties and services. Get yourself showcase on Bing in the best way possible. Add your business to Bing Listings visit Local listing center and fill the details by following the required procedure. Add all your locations and verify them.

Yahoo Listings: Using Yahoo local listings promote your business to local business prospects in your area just by listing your business in Yahoo just with a click away.  Yahoo local listings include business name, contact information, website, and email. One can also include service information such as your business name, contact information and categories associated with your business or categories under which your business is listed.

Yellow Pages Listings: Yellow pages listings are a leading local online business promoter. It receives million hits by the people looking for businesses and results that results more in phone calls and emails. Adding your business to yellow pages is absolutely free and it helps your business grow where your customers are looking. Yellow pages allow you to update information about your business any time using their online self service facility. You can visit the home page of yellow pages to add your business to the listing as mentioned.

Classifieds Marketing: Classifieds marketing is a procedure of marketing similar to newspapers, online and other periodicals that may be sold free of charge. This kind of advertising is grouped under a specific heading such as automobiles, real estate, business like in a separate section of newspaper, magazine etc., particularly online. This is relatively inexpensive way of marketing compared to other types of marketing.

Google Places: The online promotion of your business on Google Plus and Google Places always remained confusing both for business owners and for the customers. Google places is the information your search engine receives when your business is being listed. A search engine will may have information about your business whereas Google places page allows what information has to be displayed in search engines to searches about your business. In other words it controls the information of your business that appears online. With Google’s places page information like description, images, contact information, hours of operation can be filled.

Bing Maps Creation: Local marketing gives you the greatest advantage if you are comfortable to list your local business. This could work great if you want yourself to get listed in your local region or area especially if your business is quality driven. Over time Microsoft brought up location based site for businesses. When one lists their business with Bing business portal, it will appear on Bing maps and other Microsoft websites. This brings more exposure for your small business and help build better connections with the customers.

Geo Meta and HTML Tags: Geo Meta tags serve the purpose of telling search engines about the geographical information of the site. It is quite easy to geo tag a website where a geo tag is the embedding of metadata into an object. Meta tags allow you to add all sorts of information such as rules for web robots, author information and page descriptions. Geotagging your website is the best way to promote your business in local search engines.

Google Map Creation: Enriching your site in Google local listings with a GEO sitemap and a KML file can increase the chances of increasing your SEO results.  Improve traffic and revenue through ideal local marketing with the help of Google Maps SEO. The way Google chooses which GMap listings are relevant is by noticing which listings are having most activity associated with them via citations, reviews and user content.

Local Directories Submission: Local directory submission is one of the link building methods that is becoming popular and today more businesses are shifting their promotional methods to local building strategies. Initially people used to submit directories with high page rank and to the suitable category. Now that SEO is creating a high impact on the method of searching it is quite important to understand how search engines operate, and how links from different sources are given importance. Submitting your website to local directories you will get the attention of search engines and will appear in local searches.

Geo Location Submission: The key element in internet and online marketing is that identifying your target market. With the advancement of geo location systems being used by the Google we were able to target very specific markets for online marketing. Location is important because it is where your business is concerned. Business is more likely to rank well if it appears in searches within some of the hotspots of the business activity in the city. Most of the marketers don’t know that this would be the ranking factor for most of the businesses. It has to be noted that a business located in most of the popular area is likely to gain more importance than the business that is located in less popular area. Geo location tells that if your business is located in a popular hotspot your ranking will be higher.

Local Social Profiles Creation: Creation of social signals plays a major role in SEO for all websites especially for niche marketers. Creating social network profiles for not only giant sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) but also for niche sites is important to gain the maximum audience. Using your company logo to make the audience identify your brand is also important. It allows you to interact with your target audience in a way more personalized and helps in driving the traffic to your website. It provides a platform to share your business goal online, build loyal communities and engage with current and potential customers.

Google Maps Mashup: With increase in the number of Google Mashups everyday one needs to give more attention to all the location based data and points of interest you gave spent a lot of efforts to build your organization. SEO strategies can also be implemented to Google Maps mashups especially in the case of e-commerce sites where points of interest can be exposed from a database to bring in the online reputation. Provide descriptive URLs to every post on the blog and implement similar methods for your mashup. Your site will appear under the image results at the top.

Local Forums Marketing: Generating more sales for your business in the local areas is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing. Google returns million search results to consumers who seek information about products, and services. Local forum marketing links the searching customer with location, website and contact details in a more unique way. Local searches can be emphasized through traditional SEO used for local phrases, local business listings, local directory websites, and local community marketing.

Local Community Marketing: Sharing your story is good but sharing your community’s story is the best local SEO strategy. Local tactics focus on your client and business in front of people who live and work close to your target communities. They key point is that when you are establishing your website you must notice what makes you unique within your industry and what’s so special about your community. Adding some local photos, geo tags could create some good impact on your community members and thus attract the local audience in a more effective way.

Rich Snippets Markup: Rich snippets and other forms of structured markup can have the great impact on SEO. Using structured markup publishers can provide the search engines the information about their website. One way to do this is to use Meta tags but as Google stopped using Meta tags as a ranking purpose, it is no longer beneficial. But there is another way to impact the appearance of your search listings with the help of a rich snippet. With the help of rich snippets the presence of stars will draw the human eye and will lead to improve the click through rates of your results. As click through rates grow up, it helps in bringing qualified visitors to your website which eventually results in better SEO.

Local Content Marketing: Content creation is gaining a tremendous importance over the past few years. How great is your site without good content? How do you think people will engage with our site when there is no content to persuade that tells about your business? Implementation of SEO and usage of popular keywords gravitate the customers or other business marketers to your website. Pouring in so much content doesn’t increase the popularity of your site and the myth that adding more and more content to your site has been flawed many years ago. Remember quality matters not quantity when you want to attract the customers with curative and unique content.

Co-citation Analysis: Co-citation refers to the process of building links to a website without actual links. Unlike anchor text co-citation does not necessarily include or embed actual links in your website. The process of co-citation depends on the similarities found between two websites based on a third party site that successfully mentions first two web pages in correlation with each other. Based on the co-citation Google identifies the relation or link between these sites which is used as a factor for increasing search engine ranking.

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