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How To SEO Your WordPress Blog

Everyone is well aware of the power of WordPress when it comes to blogging. It can also be used to build professional websites. And in addition to all these it has numerous features with the help of which one can attract maximum traffic. But in order to harness all its facilities and to get the best benefit you should know to SEO WordPress. In simple language it means to optimize WordPress settings as per your requirements. It is required to get a listing in search engines which will enhance your traffic rate and all these completely free.

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Configuring your permanent links correctly is the first requirement. Permalinks or permanent links are the URLs that WordPress automatically creates for your website pages. By default, WordPress sets post ID numbers as your website’s permalinks instead of the titles which doesn’t reveal anything about your post to the search engines. This is generally not preferred as you are unable to have the keyword benefit. Well then, how can you achieve it? In order to make the best use of your permalinks, you will find a permalinks link within the setting tab, click it! Then just set the desired name and month. Full step: Go to ‘settings’à ‘permalinks’, then ‘custom’ and apply this code in the field: /%post_id%/%postname%/ and hit save.


While you create a blog post, keep in mind to put the title of your post as the keyword. And as by default spiders have a tendency to read from left to right, it is always advisable to enter your title after the keyword that you have selected. For instance, suppose your keyword is “How to SEO WordPress Blog”, then your title must be like:” How to SEO WordPress Blog: Tips and tricks”. Always begin the title with your keyword then give the actual title to it. Always you must give eye catching titles to attract your target readers at once.


As you begin writing the content of your post, make sure that the first paragraph’s first sentence starts with the keyword selected earlier. After that, write the other information normally. But take care that the keyword you choose does not exceed a count of more than 3 occurrences. Overdoing it will make the post look like a spam and will be rejected by the search engines.


In WordPress you will find a section known as TAGS on the right of your post. It is here that you enter the keywords for the blog post. It is always said not to put more than 4 matching keywords. If you exceed this number, the spider will be confused while indexing your blog. Your chosen keyword must be the first tag. For example, let your keyword be, “How to SEO WordPress Blog”, then this should be your first tag. The other two tags can be “SEO WordPress tips” and “unique SEO WordPress tricks”. Make sure that other keywords are relevant to the one chosen as in the example.


This service is used for situations when you want to send signals to the different search engines informing them about any new update on your website. You can use or, to name a few which offers such services. Once you have send the signal, the search engines will make your content indexed accordingly.


Now the next step is about searching for high quality theme to SEO WordPress further. When it is about search engine optimization, themes play a major role. Many themes have a built-in SEO feature, Headway to name one. With these SEO features you will be able to modify things like titles, meta keywords and descriptions. To get hold to a professionally developed theme is the best option.


Now the last and finishing touch is to add SEO WordPress plugins to your post and the blog’s structure. By doing this you can increase your traffic counts to further extent. These WordPress plugins are very easy to use. The most popular plugins that are used are:

  • Platinum SEO Plugin: all in one SEO WordPress plugin.
  • HeadSpace 2: create titles, custom tags and description.
  • All-In-One SEO Pack: the best thing about it is, it is free of cost.

With all the above tips, now you can easily SEO WordPress and get amazing end results. Give time and be patience and make the best use of WordPress.

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