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What Is SEO Writing And How To Write It?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization is a process for increasing the traffic in a website. When you search for something in Google you will find the links of websites one after another. All the major browsing sites displays the results according to the rankings of the search engine, based upon specific keywords. There are three types of SEOs. The white SEOs follows the rules and regulations of a search engine. The process is slow but always gives best results. There are different types of SEO tools available. Then comes black SEO, where illegal methods are followed to get better rankings. The process can get more views, but can lead to serious consequences. The grey SEO is something which falls in between these two.

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What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is any content, which is created with the aim of drawing the traffic of a search engine. The types of SEO writing or SEO content is as follows.

  • Blog: creating personal blog and hosting them is the simplest way in getting a moderate range of traffic.
  • Articles: it is the main content or information based database, which attracts customers. You will find this in magazine or newspaper based sites.
  • Lists: lists is one of type article written more smartly. A list pattern content has more weightage than normal articles. For example “10 ways to reduce hair fall” or “50 ways to increase your savings”. These are the types of lists, which is more viewed by the browsers.
  • Guides: these are the vast content based articles. It can contain both paragraphs and lists. The whole content can be broken up into different web pages, which will be easy for the readers. You will also put a miniature version of the full content, and put the real content after a registration or paid service.
  • Videos: putting relevant videos, in-between your articles, is a great way to attract more views. You will find this kind more in the cooking sites. You can put a video of, how to use your products or live review from customers.
  • Info-graphs: it is a cool way to put a lot of content in a single page. The info-graphs are more preferable by the browsers than a one page long article.
  • Slideshows: it is a popular way to display your products. It is very popular these days. You can see this in shopping sites, beauty sites, institutional sites and many more.

How to write efficient SEO content?

You have got an idea about , now you to know what to write to get better ranking.

  • Know your goals: firstly you will have to know, what the site is aiming for. Is the site aiming for selling a product or just giving information about a product.
  • Write for viewers: the tone of the writing will change according to the type of viewers.
  • Focus on the keywords: put a lot of variety of keywords but not too many, so that the language is hampered.
  • Proofread: tell somebody else to check your article, before you submit.

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