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Simple SEO Tips for Beginners: Advanced Guide To Rank Higher in SERPs

If you have just started your blog. You might feel difficulty to rank higher in Search Engines. As Google is King of Search Engines. That’s why every want to be at first page of Google.┬áIt’s not a big deal to rank higher in Bing and other Search Engines. Their SEO is simple. They look at your social sharing, domain age and backlinks. But it’s a big deal to rank higher in Google.

If you want to see your website on first page of google. You need to know simple SEO tips before you start your work. Have you ever read Google Policies? It’s clear that they want to you work for people, not for Google.

I have experienced that Google loves natural work. If you are not spammer. You need not to worry about anything.

If you want to be real king on Google. If you want to rank higher in search engines. Most important SEO tip for you is to be natural. Then you are asked to do natural work following these simple SEO tips.

Meta Tags

optimize meta tagsIt’s important to have meta tags on your webpages. It helps search engines to understand your webpages. You should include your most important keywords in “meta keywords tag” of your homepage.

Even it’s your blog. You must have description about your blog in your “meta description tag”. Meta keywords and description help crawlers to tell about your webpages.

You must have description on each webpage of your blog. You should be careful about your description because Search Engines like google show your description in search results. Your descriptions should be attractive.

Optimize Post Titles And Description

Post Titles have great importance in SEO. You might already know why you should have awesome headlines for your posts. If you can write awesome headlines you can attract a lot of free traffic.

Search engines show your post titles and they might show your description to visitors. If your post title is appealing. Then there are maximum chances that they will read you and it will help you to rank higher in search engines.

You can follow these simple SEO tips to attract people and fulfill search engines desire.

  • Your post titles should summarize your post. Your post title should tell users, what you are going to say. Then you must satisfy users about topic.
  • Post Titles should be a dramatic. People don’t like too much simple words. You should try to engage them with your dramatic style. Show them that you have something new.
  • Use these keywords to make Post titles appealing. You can try these keywords to attracts users.
  • Write unique and descriptive description for each page. If you are using Blogger. You might need to enable your description box for each webpage.

You might hesitate. You must keep in mind that professional Bloggers are also humans. Their hard work and determination made them hero from zero.

Consistent Quality Content

quality contentContent is king. Is it true? Then why users don’t prefer to spend time on your blog? It’s not only content of your blog. But the content itself decides, if it’s engaging or not. You can check your content by yourself.

Visit your blog for solution of problem under your blog’s Niche. Is it helpful enough? Is it better than others?

If it’s No. Then check for these qualities of your content. If your content has these qualities then your content will surely attract others soon.

1. Quality: Content is not king. But quality content is king. If your content is quality content. Then you should not worry. Do you know what is quality content?

  • It has solution of the problem under discussion. It must satisfy others. It should not be a hypothesis. Quality content convinces with evidences.
  • You must be sure about your opinion. If users raise questions. You should satisfy them. You should experience the problem, you are discussing.
  • Don’t write content in these situations.
  • You are not lying. It should be truth. So that you can satisfy others. You probably make a good story around your lie. But your success is not permanent.
  • It’s dramatic. People love dramatic content (to some extent). You should not use too much simple language. Simplicity is appealing but excess of anything is never been good.
  • It’s engaging. You can raise questions in you content to make it dramatic and engaging. You can guess their engagement by their replies and time spent on your blog. You can use Google Analytics to check out your visitors activities.

2. Consistency: Blogging has never been about quality content. Even people will love your content. They might follow your blog once. But they will soon realize that you are not serious with your work. It will discourage you. You may say consistency makes your content king.

If you are not consistent. You can never compete others. You can follow these simple tips which will make you consistent blogger.

Follow passionate Blogger: As you will follow them. Their work will inspire you. You would have chance to compare yourself with successful blogger. You will try to be like professionals. This will make you consistent.

Set short Goals: Successful bloggers set short goals and then they try to achieve their gaols. Short achievable goals are encourages you to do more.

Feel Free And Easy: Never take tension about work. Stay calm and feel easy. You should choose Niche of your personal interest for your blog. If you have personal interest in your niche. It will please you. And you will feel easy.

Schedule: Make a schedule and stick with it. Write about everything you want to write. Save some posts in draft, even posts are not complete. Complete saved incomplete posts when you are interested.

This short policy will help you to be a consistent professional blogger. Every successful blogger faces difficulties. If this difficult time can’t stop you, then you are real loin of field.

Link Building

link buildingBacklinks are very necessary for your blog’s success. There is a chance that link building will hurt you. It will be waste of time and money. If it’s not natural. You must be aware of best usage of Link Building strategies.

If you have just started building your links. You should know what is unnatural Link Building and how you can avoid it. Let me explain unnatural link building for you.

  • Keywords as an anchor text: If you have started creating backlinks. You might feel that if you will use only keywords as an anchor text. You might rank higher for that keywords. You will create a great number of backlinks with same keyword. Are you doing this? This is unnatural link building. And it will destroy your ranking.
  • Directory links: If you trying to get dofollow easy to get directory links. It might hurt your ranking. Because these kind of directories are involved in spamming.
  • Blogroll: Blogroll has been used for spamming. If you are trying it for websites which are not relevant. This strategies can damage your organic traffic.
  • Paid Links: You should never buy links. Whenever you buy links. Most of them would be directory or forum profile links. You will notice that those directories and forums are used for spamming. Your links would be useless.
  • Spam Commenting: If you are using some software for auto commenting. You will soon realize that you have destroyed your website’s worth. You have no social profile. People will know you as spammer. Paid links contains massive spam commenting.
  • Spinning content: If you are using spinner to submit your article into article submission directories. You would have no worth for your backlinks. Google and search engines notice that how much time users spend on your article. Google will soon realize that you are spammer.
  • Link Exchange: You might exchange links for backlinks. But it will be worst for blogging. If you are getting link from irrelevant website. If you reciprocal contains too much links on webpage or it is involved in spamming.
  • Forum Profile: It’s very easy to create forum profiles. You can easily get backlinks from forums profiles. It is useless to create forum profiles. If you are not using your profiles. Because these are unnatural links.
  • Do-follow Only: Dofollow backlinks are important for good SEO. But if you are trying for dofollow backlinks only. It will look like you are trying to spam with search engines.
  • Bulk Social Bookmarking: If you are using bulk social bookmarking for getting backlinks. You are wasting your time.
  • Irrelevant Links: If you want to avoid unnatural link building. You should not get backlinks from irrelevant sites. Whatever their worth is, it doesn’t matter.

If you want to see strong results of your efforts. You should never involve yourself in unnatural link building tactics. Unnatural link building can never support you. As you will get involved in these methods. You will be afraid for Google updates. You will be in tension. It will look like you have wasted everything, your time, money and profile.

Link Building is best whenever it’s natural. The word natural is enough to tell you what natural link building would be. Got it? Let me tell you what is my opinion about natural link building.

  • Anchor Text: You should never use rich anchor text. Means your anchor text should not include keywords only. You should not use same keyword every time in your Anchor text.
  • Unique Content: Whenever you are getting backlinks from directories, or you are creating your social profile with commenting on others blogs. You should use unique content every time.
  • Active Profiles: If you have joined forums you should be active member of that forum. You should visit your profile, at least once per month. Share something on each visit.
  • Blog Commenting: You should comment on others blog with unique and natural way. Your comments should be original and related to the topic. Try to solve others problems with your comments. It will make your comments valuable. Blogger will not remove your comments.
  • Bookmark and Submit: You should submit your site and article to directories and bookmark your posts. But you should check if they are not involved in spamming. You can use tools to check websites worth.
  • Dofollow and Nofollow: You should have dofollow and nofollow backlinks. If you will try to get dofollow backlinks only. It will be worst for your ranking. Google hates spamming. You should work as natural Blogger.
  • Guest Posting: You can write guest posts for others. But you should check if the other blog has same niche, as yours. Then check others blog’s worth and reputation.
  • Relevancy: There is nothing more affective than relevant link building. Even you create your backlinks slowly. If the backlinks are relevant. You will get some extra fruit by search engines. Specially by Google. Google will love you for your natural link building.

Natural Link Building is quite simple. Isn’t it easy? If you really want to rank higher in search engines. If you want to have good reputation. Then you should work naturally. It will take time. But it will make your work masterpiece. Right?

Social Media

social mediaSocial Media plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you want to receive millions of visitors for free from search engines. Then you should notice what they want from you?

Search Engines specially Google has started noticing your Social Media profiles followers reaction. Social Media gives you chance to get likes and allows your readers to criticize you. There is great chance to interact with your readers. Wouldn’t you like to be favorite brand?

It’s important to have social media profiles. If you don’t have. Then start with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. It’s not over yet. You should know how you should start your branding on social media. How you will become favorite? There are simple tips to be favorite brand of social media.

  • Optimize Profiles: It is very important to Optimize your Social Media Profiles. This optimization will clear tell social appearance to search engines in better way. It will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is also helpful for marketing of your brand.
  • Add Social Sharing: Your social sharing buttons should be clear on your webpages. It should be easy for every reader to share your post. If you have great content. Your readers would love to share. It will boost your ranking on SERPs.
  • Be Active: You should be active than any other on Social Media. You can use free tools to schedule your posts for your social media profiles. You can use TwitterFeed to schedule your Social Media’s posts.
  • Give Response: Reply to everyone. And try to solve other’s issues. Your followers will love you. Always speak truth on Social Media. Say sorry, if you don’t know about topic.
  • Be Open: Be open for criticism. Your followers will love to see that you are open minded. You should prove by your character that you care for others opinions. But you have your own.
  • Be Positive: Your response should be positive to everyone. If you will hurt anyone of your follower. It means you are hurting all.
  • Be Consistent: Your branding depends on your consistency. If you are not consistent. Then do nothing. It will be waste of time. Your each profile is your blog. You can see how consistency will affect your social media blogging.

SEO experts believe that your social media impact directly affects your SEO. You must have clear social sharing buttons on every webpage. You should try to satisfy your readers. So that they will market your brand for free. This type of social media marketing is matchless.


You might notice that SEO is easy for every blogger. It’s never been complex. You can say that SEO is becoming branding. As you are popular to readers, as your SEO is good.

At last I’m not saying to follow all of above SEO tips strictly. But I want you to make it simple and easy for you. You can make it more simple to follow all of above SEO Tips.

  • It’s not difficult to add meta tags. Make yourself habitual to add meta tags. Your post is incomplete without meta tags. Got it?
  • You can practice to write appealing post titles. You can use this guide to make your post titles appealing. As you will practice for headlines. You will be able to write awesome post titles like professionals. Practice will make you professional.
  • You should always read updated content. Leave comments on them. Specially follow dofollow comment love blogs. As you get time. Read them and comment on that blogs for link building.
  • Write great content and share it on your profiles. If you are sharing quality content with consistency. Your readers will share your content. They will discuss your posts. In other words, they will market your content on social media. They will also recommend their readers to read your articles. These are matchless natural backlinks.

We can summarize that if you will share quality content consistently. You need not to worry about your SEO. It might take time to make your position. But your consistency will surely lead you to successful blogging. So, if you are serious. You should not worry about success. If your passionate and determined, you are successful.

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