Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

It is known that SEO and Social Media is a match made in heaven. SEO professionals say that “Content is king, but engagement is queen and she rules the castle.” This line says that how social media has grown immensely in the internet market and how it occupied the major portion of web world. As search engines become more and more sophisticated more likely is the competition among the online marketers which ultimately requires the growth of SEO, social media and content strategy to work collaboratively.

Ever since there is a continuous change in Google’s Panda update, Google’s algorithm has immensely increased the prominence of social signals. Your website needs to have high quality content in order to appear in the search engines and thus making your site SEO friendly.

What exactly these Social Signals Are?

Social signals are termed as any action that would link any social media profile to your website. Ample number of social media profiles is made available today. These include giant social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, digg, and many others. These social media profiles must approve authenticity and must be the clear indicators of authority and relevancy.

How Social Media is used for Stronger SEO Strategy?

  1. a.  Make a Possible list of social keywords that helps you build the content for your website:

Social keywords are the keywords that make people talk about the products, brand and other customer reviews that are related to your website. Social keywords and search keywords differ in their own terms. Search keywords are the words that are enter by the customers as a query because they want to know what product to be used for a certain issue. Whereas social keywords are the words customers try to interact about the particular product on a social media network and not search engines. Tools such as help you with the type of keywords to be used in the social interactions. Twitter and Facebook hash tag feature is also another way to know what kind of keywords drive traffic to your site.

  1. b.  Blogging is the best way to commit yourself to content:

Release some kind of relevant content on any social media profile to make your blog reach the maximum audience. Blog posts increases the customer interaction via comments section by asking queries, sharing the common interests and suggesting the articles for the authors. Options like slides hare, info graphics, presentations, memes, photos and videos brings more and more readers to your website. This kind of engagement with the customers is a more valuable way to reach out to the maximum number of end users.

  1. c.  Make Your Content Shareable:

Your content can be made available across the web by implementing the feature of social media share buttons in your web page. This forms a bridge for two way communication and try finding where your audience are engaging constantly etc.,

  1. d.  Make sure that Your Website is Optimized:

Concentrate on the relevancy of your keywords in your content. Do not forget to include URLs, tile and header tags, and on-page content by any means. Not all focus on meta descriptions. Make sure that your meta descriptions sound good and unique to make your content easily recognizable by search engines as they are incredibly important for click-through, voice your brand and product value.

  1. e.  Think Beyond Your Imagination:

Get creative and unique! Try to think out of the box when engaging with the like minded people, participating in the online contests, which is the key to build trust and confidence among the audience in the social media network. It is not just the interaction but also quality and expertise also creates a great impact on the user’s mindset.

Social Media Networks

Google PlusGoogle Plus Marketing: Google Plus offers ubiquitous services in the realm of social marketing. Many top notch companies are aiming for being shared on Google+ as it significantly seems the tough competitor to popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It has been said that Google Plus is the second large social media network next to Facebook and can no longer be ignored. What could be the reasons for such an enormous change?

  • Search: Google Plus has reached success for Google’s visibility approach towards it. Its constant launching of applications and the way of integrating these applications into Google Plus has increased its search results.
  • Google Authorship: If you want to be one among those who acquires Google Authorship posting articles and images by just signing into your Google account is not enough. You must post on a regular basis, cross post or link the articles on Google+ page or either by posting on your Google+ page.
  • Google+ Ripples: Google Ripples an interactive circle graph is the best for business owners who have publicly shared a particular post. You can not only find out who is interested in your posts but also how well your post is being shared within each re-poster circles.

All these things show that Google Plus is becoming one of the importance social media source for web commerce.

facebookFacebook Marketing: Facebook has been and always considered as the number one social media platform for most of the users to brand their business especially for business owners. We share photos, videos, files as it is the best source to drive the traffic, branding and sales. The following are the effective ways of engaging with the users using Facebook:

  • Increase the traffic rate of your site by putting the social media icons.
  • Display your social page URL beneath any post or email you are sending would be beneficial.
  • Send Email invitations and let your people find out that you are on Facebook.
  • Start a Facebook Page and promote it.
  • Schedule your status updates as a constant engagement with the users.
  • Use the Facebook Plugin that to increase the branding
  • Use Facebook Ads to lift your business up especially if you are a startup or need much marketing.
  • Try in engaging with audience by conducting Facebook contests, hashtags, @ feature in Facebook, etc.,
  • Engage with your Facebook community or other Facebook groups and increase branding activity.
  • Use images and videos for content updates.

Facebook marketing is just like a courtship in real life. It is a step by step process until we build the relationship we wished to have.

twitterTwitter Marketing: Twitter marketing is one such social phenomenon which provides deep insights for marketers in a business friendly approach. Since its launch it has open up new opportunities mostly from the business point of view and is significantly winning through experimentation and yielding. Promoted tweets, promoted trends, promoted accounts all leverage the Twitter’s strength of marketing. Here are the Twitter’s guidelines to make a move in the online marketing.

  • Publicize events either by using promoted trends or promoted tweets.
  • Use promoted accounts to build the brands
  • Make the most of hashtags in tweets as they completely dominate this platform when discussions occur.
  • Trends are another way to seamlessly engage with the audience.

All you need to do is create an account in the name of your company and get the most of the micro bogging platform.

youtubeYoutube Marketing: Engaging with Youtube commenter’s is proven to increase the views of any brand in the online web world. Promoting brands that deals with the enterprise level audience, and the interactions that occur around the videos, are the ways to increase online branding via Youtube. Getting engagement with views, shares, optimizing videos, conversions, comments, and links are all the best practices to social media branding. All the best practices such as Youtube trends, features, and strategies are the best sources for Youtube videos and Youtube Channels. It was found that over 94% of online marketers use Youtube to distribute marketing videos. Also Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world to find your videos. So, if you want your videos to be found they’ll be found here. Vimeo, Daily Motion are some of the video tracking applications to share videos online.

What Else you Should Try

Social Network Marketing: Social networking marketing helps you to keep track of your business in a consistent phase. Not making use of social media for your business is an indication that you will not be in control of the direction you follow and you may finally end up. Here are some of the objectives of social media marketing.

  • Helps in generating new leads.
  • Increases the number of people who subscribe for your newsletter or any other offering.
  • In the promotion of particular event
  • Bringing in more traffic to your landing page.
  • Pays close attention to your business and help you clearly understand the progress of your business.

Social networking may appear daunting to you but it is mandatory to leverage because your business is likely to become more successful.

social bookmarkingSocial Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is a method of tagging a website and saving it for the web and not the web browser. With the help of these social bookmarks you can share your favorite sites with your friends and also tag. You can also type in what you are looking for in search and know what people have bookmarked. There are many social bookmarking sites that are available today online corresponding to various categories. Digg, Reddit, Propeller and others are the good examples of social bookmarking sites for news related items such as politics, sports, technology and many others.

Community Marketing: Community based social marketing depends mostly on the behavioral changes and is mostly achieved through initiatives taken at the community level removing barriers and enhancing the activities simultaneously. Adopting oneself to community based marketing approach is also a smart practice to increase the promotion and can be considered as one of the business strategies.

Here are the steps involved in community social marketing:

  • Identifying the barriers and benefits involved in an activity.
  • Developing a strategy that utilizes tools that were proven effective in changing the behavior.
  • Piloting the strategy.
  • Once the strategy has been implemented across the community evaluation is important.

There are many community based marketing tools that help foster your smart behavior.

forum marketingForums Marketing: Forum marketing builds your online reputation instilling trust in others who engage with you and who are willing to do business with you. One can make use of public forums to share your expertise by answering the questions asked by members of the forum. Also forum marketing is not as easy as it seems. There are certain risks involved in this as you market your brand or business online. You need to cope up with all types of attitudes when dealing with forum marketing. Here are some guidelines that make you understand how to work with these forums. Things to remember:

  • Find the right forum.
  • Make a list of 5-10 forums and not more than that.
  • Look for the forums that have at least 1000 members and 10,000 posts.
  • Better avoid forums that are hosted by your direct competitors.
  • Better ignore forums that overrun by spam.
  • Create an account as soon as possible to establish a long term strategy.
  • Check user agreement and posting guidelines.
  • Pick a good username and an avatar that is apt for your business.
  • Create a compelling profile that helps you establish credibility on the forum.
  • Introduce yourself to the community by making an introductory post.
  • Spend some time in reading the community to best understand the quirks and cultural norms of the forum.
  • Making valuable contributions to the community is a key for successful forum marketing.

Forum marketing is a strategy that brings in high ROI as it improves messaging and spreading of your business establishing trust in fellow members.

questions and answersMarketing with Q&A Sites: Q&A sites and other niche forums are the best ways to reach the target audience. They help you in increase your SEO, promote your business brand, improves link building and also brings in lots of traffic. Crowd source your online market by learning how well does a Q&A site works. Have a look at the following reasons to improve your online acquisition efforts.

  • The recent trend in the online world is that people Google more questions than generic keywords. There’s and extreme increase in the search volumes for questions than keywords though the keywords arise from the same topic.
  • Q&A sites and sites like “how to” seem to have higher page ranks that dramatically increases the site’s appearance in search results.
  • It is also proven that Q&A pages ranked higher in search results for its diverse way of displaying the search results, for its frequently updated content, and for adopting well optimization strategies.
  • This kind of marketing also offers a great opportunity to provide back links from various websites where it makes your campaign look more natural and trustworthy.
  • Prefer linking to pages that contain useful information for the users. Users look for such information as it gives some solitude for them, an added advantage that increases the value of the site and will be easy to find because of their higher level on page optimization.
  • One way to gain natural links is by building your Q&A asset. Publishing 10-20 questions, giving a detailed answer, would be the honest ways to drive the traffic to your website.
  • Targeting the right audience could be achieved by better conversions and also in driving the traffic. Linking from a Q&A site to your site is also an added benefit.

This approach could be a great chance to be prominent even if your competitors are doing the same.

Video Marketing: It is a way of promoting or marketing your product, service, or brand using a video. Incorporating video marketing in your business shows how strong your marketing campaign is. As far as SEO is confined video marketing is considered as an important commotion in building any business. Here are the benefits of video marketing:

  • Videos can increase your search engine rankings, click through rates, conversions, open rates but reaching the right audience is important.
  • Videos help boost your conversion rates. It was found that people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video rather than reading about the product. Hence a video demonstration is more likely to reach the audience in a quicker way.

Conducting market research to develop a video is important and select any product company to make you developed strategy into a real one.

Facebook Page Likes: Over the past few years Facebook has made some promotional changes to benefit any business. It has opened lot many options and features like promotions, likes, contests, comments etc., Most of the marketers rely on the numbers of the likes of their pages. They want to gain more and more likes for their Facebook page and for the content being published. However stats show that Facebook Marketing is no longer all about likes or comments but rather is all about the number of shares of your content being shared across profiles. Likes may not help you directly drive in the traffic but more number of likes help in the credibility of your page or brand. Increase the shares count by posting perfect posts that contains social content etc.,

Facebook Group Members: Opting for an intelligent scheme of Facebook Groups marketing campaign helps you establish maximum members and gain the trust of your targeting market. Facebook marketing strategy is a smart way to compete with online marketers. Develop strong connections by sharing not only your own content, and post valuable comments that shines up your online presence. Don’t ever post a squeeze post to a group which could affect and prohibit you from sharing capture page. Here are some optimal ways to leverage your Facebook group marketing.

  • Participate in efficient Facebook Groups to increase your online visibility.
  • Help people in gaining information likely from your knowledge that would help you gain like-minded people
  • Create value through your Facebook group marketing by sharing only the high quality content.
  • Always use first names in Facebook marketing campaigns that help you gain the trust of your target marketing.
  • Spam content can ruin your Facebook groups. Keep spam content to a minimum level when posting to Facebook groups.
  • Running your own Facebook groups optimizes in gaining a better marketing experience and thus establishes authority on the social networking website.

When using Facebook groups often keep in mind how effectively you are using the group, how many groups you have joined, and how well you are contributing to that group.

Twitter Followers: Twitter is an efficient accessible way of marketing your business. However marketing with twitter needs some serious followers and not fake followers. There are some strategies that bring in audience and help maintain your business’s online presence. Get qualified followers for your twitter profile with the help of following suggestions:

  • Add twitter button to your websites and blogs that promote your business.
  • Include your twitter handle or a follow button in your emails and other business communication.
  • Embed a follow button on your Facebook promotion tabs and grow social.
  • Choose a profile picture that catches attention of your profile visitors.
  • Optimize your twitter profile by filling in the relevant bio and include necessary keywords and hashtags in your profile.

Create an account to kickstart your program of gaining maximum followers and learn the twitter tactics soon.

Pinterest Pins: Pinterest is one of the primary marketers for many of the small firm businesses. One can spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest and learn the strategies of working on these networks. Also Pinterest is an effective tool of business for many sectors from all sizes. There are many goals to pursue using this social platform right from driving traffic to your site to increase visibility with visitors. Here are some best practices to gain audience though Pinterest.

  • Add an On Hover Pin it button to your website and build relationships with your followers and influencers.
  • Convert your Pinterest personal page to business page with the help of boards to represent your business
  • Follow other businesses and explore rich pins by greeting commenters etc.,
  • It is important to concentrate the size of your image as you pin.
  • Invite others to your pin and select information that people like to read and will be able to digest the information.
  • Leverage your website images and name the images strategically so that they are found when users are searching for them in search engines.
  • Keep your pins inspiring and try to moderate your use of Pin It button.
  • Optimize your Pinterest for SEO and promote your less followed boards and include comments from events.
  • Reap the benefits of multiple platforms and stay up to date with Pinterest business updates.
  • Make use of different types of content and use keywords in the title of your board and write a good description for your image.
  • Examine Pinterest statistics and highlight your company core values, responsibilities and other initiatives.
  • Engage with individuals and businesses and keep an eye on who is viewing your posts and commenting on it.

These are just a few ways to help you plan your Pinterest marketing strategy for your business.

LinkedIn Branding: LinkedIn marketing is precisely a quality way of marketing your business with a dynamic approach. Marketing on LinkedIn gives more chances of targeting the quality audiences in a business context and by delivering high impact on social media campaigns.

  • Quality audiences include higher composition of decision makers from varied fields like business, teaching, software who are effluent and well educated.
  • More than Facebook and Twitter the information found on LinkedIn is in business context which means that it would be beneficial for the investors.
  • You are provided with more impactful solutions which drive in media and members.

Connect your business to the professional mindset by building in relation with the professionals using accurate targeting mechanisms.

MySpace and Foursquare Marketing: MySpace offers a diverse collection of marketing tools and is one of the largest sites on the web. MySpace is a gift for online marketers and it has started gaining significance slowly. MySpace allows users to get valuable information form blogs, a large platform for communication and offers businesses an excellent advertising opportunity. It helps in targeting specific markets and has a very short span for seeking attention. It is all free to advertise bulletin, post a video, and to have professional account.

With Foursquare the way of location based search influenced the online marketing. These location based search apps are no way an exception. They are changing the game for businesses by creating thousand of insider tips for different locations. When using the search feature on Foursquare special tips will be popped up wherever you are searching. Special discounts are also offered when used check-ins. Share your favorites and engage users with games and trivia to drive in more consumers. Marketing through MySpace and Foursquare is surely a smarter and fun approach.

Digg, StumbleUpon: Digg marketing helps clients to grow their business at every step in the marketing process by constantly improving plans and procedures. It showcases best on submitting stories, pictures, videos and voting. It brings millions of people together finding submitting, reviewing, and featuring new stories.

On the other hand StumbleUpon is the best and easiest way to grow your business opportunities online, and thus well promote your business. This discovery search engine helps people discover new website based on their preferences and thus easily discover new content through stumbling. Marketing through StumbleUpon is an efficient path to gain more website traffic.

Scoop It, Delicious: Scoop it offers publishing by curation and you can be synonymously called marketer. This type of marketing is available in three types- free, pro and business. There are many numbers of topics which you can curate and the ways in which you share and brand the information.

Delicious marketing strategy helps businesses and organizations create online dialogue to build strong relationships with the customers. It uses rich media tools to promote branding through social media like search, microsites, advertising, blogging, sponsorships, Facebook and mobile apps.

Social Media Advertising: Social media advertising has become a great topic of interest among the online marketers over a past couple of years. It plays a major role in ad buying for brands, and agencies across the globe. One can see which audience are engaging the most, ensure whether your ads are being bought correctly, and figure out whether your increasing fan base is a true data or not. While social media advertising take a look on:

  • Cost involved in promotion of the brand.
  • The percentage share of social network market in the web as well as mobile world.
  • Who are you advertising to?
  • To see that your ad products are targeting according to social connections, interests and habits.

Social media advertising offers a potentially unique advertising opportunity for various businesses.

By combining all these guidelines one can make the use of social media in a more tremendous way to drive the traffic to their websites from time to time.

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