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Top 5 Joomla SEO Plugins

joomla seoThe digital age demands that businesses go online in order to reach a wider market because if ‘it is not on Google, it does not exist’. Yes, this is true, if your business website does not rank well in the popular search engines that it is good for nothing. Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) which can be used by almost anyone to create a great website to attract more customers. But you need good SEO to get to top the search results pages and the Joomla SEO Plugins will help you in doing that.


Another awesome Joomla SEO plugin is the SEO Generator which is typically used to ‘generate’ descriptions and keywords from a specified text article. It is great to target keywords and does so for different keywords for each article. It uses the titles, headings and the content to take out relevant keywords for the article; this information can be vital to good search engine performance. You can, however, edit the keywords and descriptions to your liking if you want.

SEO Simple

The meta description plays an important part in SEO and helps to get better Click-through rate. The SEO Simple Plugin helps you to create meta descriptions by simply picking out the first part of the content as it is used to rank pages by the search engines. A relevant Meta Description is vital for organized and fruitful SEO as it helps crawlers detect what your website’s page is all about and how it should be ranked against the pages of other competitors.


Sitemaps are a significant factor when it comes to increasing visitor engagement which in turn helps your SEO. This Joomla SEO Plugin helps you create a sitemap which is best for your site visitors and is used by many website owners on Joomla.

JV-Content Links

Creating links for appropriate keywords is an important step during search engine optimization as these links help your rank higher and get traffic to your specific pages as well. The keywords change to links from the backend which takes shape on the frontend. It also allows you to make some extra cash of your keywords. This is another well used joomla SEO extension.

RSSeo Suite

If you are looking for plugin that helps you keep track of your site’s SEO performance then the RSSeo Suite is the right one for you. It helps you compare and contrast your site’s SEO to other competitors to provide you a clearer picture as to what you need to do in order to raise your rankings. It uses data from and highlights the page rank of sites on the popular search engines.

Easy Fronted SEO

One of the best ways to control your metadata is to use this plugin. It helps you edit control from either the backend or frontend and can do it automatically or manually as per your liking. You can add metadata from anywhere with ease thanks to this Joomla plugin and is used extensively by most users of the Joomla platform.

Well, these were the most popular Top 5 Joomla SEO plugins which experts and online marketers are using in order to get the best results as far as SEO of a website is concerned. We highly recommend that you also try these plugins as they extremely essential to your websites presence on the World Wide Web. On a more important note, it makes your SEO easier and effective to an extent that even beginners can start learning the search engine optimization process through the use of these Joomla SEO Plugins.

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