The Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

search engine optimizationIs your website search engine optimized? When properly utilized, search engine optimization techniques can increase your overall website traffic, ultimately driving your business’s revenue. Search engine optimization refers to the process of making your website friendly to both search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo as well as to individual visitors. When incorporating these techniques, there are several common mistakes business owners should work proactively to avoid.

Lack of Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords refer to individual words or phrases that describe your business. For example, if you own a travel business based in Houston, Texas, a list of possible keywords that a searcher may type in looking for your business may include Houston travel agencies, Houston travel consultants, or Houston Texas travel business. Consider which keywords best represent your individual business, as these will help you to search engine optimize your particular business’s website.

Content that Lacks Lustre

The content placed on your website is not only a reflection of your business, but in many cases, is the first impression made on a first time browser. To not only attract a visitor’s attention, but to capture interest by search engines such as Google, your content needs to be relevant, consistently updated and user-friendly. Incorporate the list of targeted keywords developed naturally into your content, working to remain within a density level between 1-2%. Last but not least, ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes within any of your content.

Not Following The Rules

While many businesses claim to understand how to work around the search engine’s rules in order to obtain page rank, these practices are considered unethical and in many cases will have your website removed from the searches all together. The best search engine optimization practices involve developing content on your site that is relevant to your business, regularly updating it and incorporating natural keywords. Avoid the attraction of the quick fix; work to develop a well written website that will attract visitors now and in the future.

Improper Use of Meta-Tags

Title tags, keyword tags and description tags are quickly becoming an old-school way of utilizing search engine optimization techniques as search engines are placing less and less emphasis on them. however, they can add value to your website and the ability for searchers to find your business online. Include them for every page of your website to increase the opportunity for your page rank to be boosted.

Websites That Are Not User-Friendly

Many businesses spend too much time focusing on search engine optimization techniques alone, failing to focus on ensuring that once a visitor lands on their site, they will want to stay there. Focus on building a user-friendly website that grabs the visitor’s attention and that ultimately increases the opportunity to capture a sale or their information for a drip marketing program.

By avoiding these five common mistakes, your search engine optimization program will have a greater opportunity for success.

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