How to Use Meta Tags for Better SEO Results

meta tagsMany people ask themselves if Meta tags are important or if they have lost their importance over time. The answer for that is different on many websites and this is why we try to answer this question clearly in this article.

A lot of SEO companies say that Meta tags are more important than they were few years ago because there are a lot of keywords used in many ways these days and therefore the importance of the HTML code is higher today. You should know that Altavista and Infoseek were the first search engines who gave importance to the Meta tags in the middle 90s.

Since then things have changes a lot in the SEO world. A lot of people tried to manipulate the search engine crawlers with Meta tags and this is why many of the new born search engines such as Google do not give importance to the code but to the body of the website.

Because people tried to mislead search engine crawlers with Meta tags, even the search engines that have supported them in the past dropped support for them. There is only one major search engine that still supports Meta tags: Inktomi. On the other hand, Google only supports title tags and MSN or Yahoo offer only little support to this old SEO technique.

If you are a website owner or web master and you want to know if you should allot time to Meta tagging, the answer is pretty simple. If you have a big website with a lot of visitors, it is not worth spending time on this technique as it will only bring a few results for the amount of work you will do.

On the other hand, if you have a small website you might use Meta tags for increasing your traffic with the few search engines that support Meta tags these days.

Keyword Meta tagging is a technique mostly used by website owners who do not know the changes that happened in the last few years. This is a technique that does not make sense anymore as it will not increase you page rank at all and you will only spend a lot of time with it. This is due to the changes major search engines have done to their algorithms and basically, these changes made them not look at the Meta tags anymore.

In conclusion, the importance of Meta tags has decreased over the years and it is likely that this trend to continue its evolution. This is mainly because people tried to manipulate search engines using Meta tags and therefore they only consider the website’s body as relevant for searchers.

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Is Google Influenced by Meta Tags?

There are a lot of things you should do for increasing your Google page rank. This is the basis of search engine optimization. It is not very hard to learn the main principles of SEO but it will certainly take a lot of your time. Each of your web pages usually focuses on a different thing. For example, you might have pages with contact information, product description and others.

Tags should describe your activity and your products

Usually, the Meta tags are not seen in the construction of a website because the title, description and tags are hidden. The Meta tags you use for your website are very important when it comes to getting more traffic and, especially for increasing your page rank. The Meta tags should be properly chosen because otherwise it is very hard for people to find you on Google. The tags should describe your activity and your products accordingly.

Description tags – what people see when searching the web

The description tag is also many times used by Google when they describe your website. So, if people search on a domain near yours they will see your description tag. Therefore, it is very important to avoid stringing keywords without making any sense because people will see that description and chances are they will not understand what your website is all about.

The format used for your Meta tags should definitely make sense for anyone reading it. If you will come up with a string of keywords, chances are the search engine will not show it anyway.

One thing you should know is that nowadays Google does not pay attention to keywords and therefore Meta Tags with keywords are not important anymore. There are a lot of website owners and web masters who stuffed their Meta tags with keywords and are asking why they do not have the desired results.

The truth is that SEO is constantly changing and the techniques used several years ago do not work anymore. Therefore keywords in Meta tags are an old technique that needs to be changed from practice.

On the other hand, you should take into consideration the fact that Google is not the only search engine. There are more search engines that read the keywords in Meta tags so in some cases it makes sense to insert keywords in your tags. The Meta tags liked by Google are the best ones to use because Google is by far the most important search engine, used by the most people. However, you can spend some time on keywords too if you want to improve your results.

In conclusion, you should know that Google does not care about the keywords in Meta tags anymore. The SEO is constantly changing and you should be aware of this fact. Sometimes, techniques that worked several years ago do not work anymore and the keywords are one of these techniques.

You should not rely on this if you want to increase your Google page rank. However, other search engines still read the keywords in the tags so it is really your choice.

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How to Use Meta Tags for SEO

There are many things website owners do not know. If you are a beginner in the SEO business, you should know that there are a lot of techniques you can use for increasing your traffic and your page rank. One of the most complicated aspects of SEO is using Meta tags. A lot of people are asking how long should these Meta tags be and if every page of their website should have a different Meta tag.

Title tag – one of the most important needs of every page

The title tag of each page should be different because this is the main idea of separating pages and finding the information on search engines. The title tag you use has a lot of importance and you should know this fact. You should write a good title tag in order to get more hits.

Also, you should know that your visitors see these Meta tags on their browser so you should make sure that it is comprehensive. Another thing you should know is that search engines consider the title tag the most relevant information for those who search.

Creating a good title tag is not as hard as you might think. You should describe what the page is all about so that potential searchers to know what they can find on the web page. What you should know that if you want to get more visitors and your visitors to come back to your website, you should definitely use a short title tag for your pages. It is recommended to use an under 65 characters title tag.

Your home page title is maybe the most important when it comes to getting visitors from search engines. This is because that piece of information is presented by search engines as the most important. Meta tags are invisible to normal users because they are embedded in the HTML code. However, search engines use them as they need to categorize pages. SEO is a very important aspect of every website and Meta tags are a very important part of SEO.

Text body – the most important part of your website

However, you should be aware that properly chosen Meta tags are not a sure fire for the success of your website. You will be able to control the description given by search engines and not the number of visitors you get.

Even if in the past Meta tags were very important because they were read by search engines, these days things are different. The major search engines are focused on the text body instead of the HTML code so you can’t influence them with Meta tags. However, there are some search engines left that can be influenced by carefully chosen Meta tags for your website.

The Concept of Meta Tags

A lot of people do not know exactly what Meta tags are and they want to understand their importance, concept and how to use them. In this article you will find the necessary information synthesized and you will be able to make an informed opinion about them.

Meta tags are basically Meta descriptions embedded in HTML codes that are supposed to help your website get better SEO results in terms of increased page rank and popularity of your website.

The Meta descriptions and Meta keywords are not visible for your potential customers as they are only designed to attract the attention of search engines. Many people say that using Meta tags can help your website have an increased page rank faster.

These Meta elements are very important because they influence the way potential customers see your website in the search engines results. Having a good description of your website will certainly help in the long run so you should create a great one for your website.

When it comes to influencing search engines, things are a bit different than that. If in the past the Meta tags were very important in this domain, things have changed because many search engines do not support Meta tagging anymore.

This is a consequence of the fact that many website owners tried to mislead search engines using improper Meta tags. The keywords are usually used for describing best the content of a website and they are supposed to offer great SEO results as well. Unfortunately, this rarely happens on major search engines.

The major search engines like Google or Yahoo offer no or little support to Meta tags because of the misuse of this technique in the past. Therefore, the keywords have lost their importance over time.

On the other hand, the description of your website is still a very important SEO element. This is because potential customers see the description and can visit your website or not based on that description. It is thus very important to create a good description of your website.

Meta tags remain important for categorizing purposes of the search engines. Without Meta tags, it is harder to categorize the websites and thus it is important to have them. However, you should not rely only on Meta tags because they will not help you in the competition for a higher page rank at all. This is a lesser known information you should use because spending your time with this technique will not give any results.

In conclusion, Meta tags were very relevant SEO concepts in the past but their importance and relevancy has decreased over time because of the numerous attempts of misuse. They are now simple ways of creating a good description of your website but they will not help you increase your page rank at all. Therefore, using Meta tags is mainly a loss of time if you want to use them for page rank purposes only.

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Meta Tags – Truth and Fiction

There is a lot of misleading information on the Internet and this can’t be changed if people do not become more informed on the topics they want. One of the domains, where misleading information appears more often than normal, is the SEO domain.

One of the often encountered misleading information on the Internet is that if you will create and apply Meta tags to your website, you will certainly be indexed and increase your page rank. In this article you will find out the true and untrue things about Meta tags.

What are Meta Tags

Meta tags are descriptions of certain web pages that are put in the HTML code for search engines crawlers. They can’t be seen by visitors because they are only meant to attract the attention of search engines. Keywords and Description Meta tags are the most popular of them.

Description Meta tags

The Description tags are the one that will appear along with your website in the search engines results pages. Therefore, you can actually control description meta tag when searching on google, for example. It makes the description tag very important for potential customers as they will know exactly what they will find on your website.

On the other hand, you should know that this description will not help you with increasing your page rank at all. Even if in the past, this was true, these days search engines do not support these tags and you will not have any results in the page rank.

Keywords Meta tags

The Keywords tag is another thing. They can’t be seen by the regular visitor as they are intended to be used only for SEO purposes. They are said to help your website achieve a higher rank in a short time.

However, you should know that keywords tags are completely useless these days because major search engines do not read them anymore. In the past, the situation was different but with a lot of people trying to manipulate the search engines, they have changed their algorithms making these tags useless.


Therefore, Meta tags are of no use when it comes to increasing your page rank. Even if many people still believe they do, the truth is that are almost completely useless. So, if you will be said that all you need is Meta tagging for your SEO campaign you should definitely avoid them because they will only take your money and offer no results.

In summary, Meta tags were great SEO techniques in the past but, because of the people trying to manipulate the search engines, they are not supported anymore by the major search engines. Therefore, their importance is reduced when it comes to search engine optimization and they are completely useless when it comes to highering your page rank.

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