What Is Social Marketing And How Can You Do It?

Social marketing is aimed at the development of the people and their behavior, for their own benefit. Thus it is an approach leading to the improvement of the society as a whole. Commercial marketing techniques are applied to solve social problems.

social marketing

Principles of Social Marketing

The social marketing follows the same principles of commercial marketing, but the time and investment is huge.

  • Product: Firstly, you will have to pick a social problem, and find the measures to solve it. The social problems are mainly health related. It must aim in changing a human behavior. For example, a drive to increase use of condom in teenagers by informing them about the sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Price: since the product is aimed to change the behavioral pattern of a society, the price must be kept as low as possible, so that it is affordable by all sections of the society. Yes, it is the cost to bring the change. If, the campaign is successful, the number of the consumers will be uncountable, which will fetch you a profit in the long term.
  • Promotion: it is the tool to bring the change in the society. There must be a heavy promotional campaigns, and advertisements, motivating people to buy the product. The promotion must reach different levels of the society.
  • Place: you will have to decide, where you will find the bulk of the population, who will buy the product. For example, if your product is aimed for pregnant women, then it will be very stupid to arrange a campaign at an office building. Thus you must identify the places, where you can reach them physically and discuss the problems with the customers.

How to Start a Social Marketing?

Now you know , and thus the concept of social marketing is much different from marketing of normal goods. Undertaking a social marketing project is difficult and there will be many barriers on the way. Here are the steps, which a social marketing project follows.

  • What is the change?

You will have to analyze your product and how it will improve the condition of the user. All the social marketing products are aimed at the development of a particular section of the society. So you must identify the customers based on age, sex, race, educational qualification or others.

  • What are the barriers?

There must be social survey team, who will work to interview people to find out the reason behind the problem, why they are can’t open up to solve the problem, that are the difficulties they are facing and many more. Thus you can figure out where to hit to promote your product. You can offer free samples, at the campaigns, to make people familiar to the product and collect reviews, how it is helping them to stay better.

  • How you can improve?

Once you take down this project, you will have to analyze the results from day one. You will have to figure out from where your maximum customers are coming, which places are yet to be reached by your survey team and many more.

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