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16 Best Social Media Tracking Tools to Monitor Your Business

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It is a tough job to build a strong community in today’s landscape to build your presence online with the help of your company’s brand. Your reputation, products and services is not alone enough for the social media to make the most of your business intelligence methodologies. To keep listening to what your consumers has to say analyzing of data is necessary and meeting the insights of your company’s business intelligent methods and thus improving your social media strategies is recommended. Not just knowing what your customers are thinking about you but also your competitors, well wishers, critics are all important to grow high in your social media campaigns.

Here we present you some of the countless tools that help you manage in defining your business goals, in sharing your work online across various social media platforms. These help you manage multiple accounts, and manage your work in real time offering you in depth analysis and variety of other services. Here is the complete list of social media monitoring tools and if you are a social media rookie choose among them as per your needs.

Social Mention: Mention is one of the best monitoring tools for social media enthusiasts that help track data from different social media sites. It assembles user created content from different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, tracks what‘s happening on these sites in real times and gives you the most accurate happenings in real time.

Bottlenose: Bottlenose features a real time business intelligence metrics from all the major social networks and groups in an algorithmic order of importance. One can use this social tool to target, monitor, search, analyze and display all the public information from most to least important ranked content.

Brandwatch: Brandwatch is an amazing tool that helps PRs cut through the confusion and thus provides meaningful analytics. This tool helps you to spot trends earl in the online market and provides customer with insights which are necessary in fetching their business outcomes. It leads the competition over other vendors for its data quality coverage and account support. It helps you to define keywords to track any online social campaigns and any other competitive information.

Zapier: Zapier makes your work simpler and easier and helps you work independently using all of its services. It allows you to easily connect to the web apps you use and simplify your tedious tasks. Zapier allows you to hire expensive freelance programmers to build custom software to you. Using Zapier you can wait for the third party developers to offer the SaaS integrations also.

Carma: Carma an awesome enterprising tool which is used to build your communication strategy by taking into account your social recognition considering your overall online reputation like your competitive strength, message penetration and other useful data.

Fliptop: Flliptol is a great tool that combines public web and social data with internal CRM and marketing application data to improve sales of any business. Many businesses across the globe create significant improvements in conversion rates. This tool automatically generates predictive scoring analytics and applies this analytics directly to your sales or marketing applications.

Facebook Insights: This application lets you know improvements being made on the page performance, gives you a demographic data about your audience and see how effectively people are engaging and responding to your posts. It lets you know the way you organize and thus prepare report metrics which is suitable and simple for the audience.

Quintly: Quintly is a great tool to get the in depth social analysis from all your social accounts like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Its dashboard allows you to easily customize and gives you detailed analysis on your business metrics. The outstanding features of Quintly include in helping you understand the performance of your business with others. It compares yours and your competitor business on all levels.

Netvibes: Netvibes is designed to offer your own social board to your clients. It is the best whitelabel dashboard solution to fetch you social ROI and thus boost the client engagement. This tool greatly helps to compare, connect, and automate all the internal and external data together.

Addictomatic: Addictomatic is a pretty straightforward tool to get an overall view of your brand. It retrieves your web presence and social performance from a variety of social platforms like Flickr, Youtube, WordPress,, Bing news, Friendfeed, Google blog search etc. It keeps an eye on almost all the current ongoing trends in the industry.

Shoutlet: Shoutlet is a great platform for community management for a myriad of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, LinkedIn etc. It easily relates and integrates your workflow tools and efficiently carries out task management.

IceRocket: IceRocket is a free resource monitoring tool and it monitors data via social networks like Twitter and Facebook in almost 20 languages and displays the performance results in the form of graphs. You can monitor and track the social and blogging activity by scheduling time whenever you want to check the results.

Reachli: Reachlie is a toll to optimize video and image data from various web resources. This toll is greatly helpful for tracking Pinterest analysis and offers many features by measuring and optimizing video and image effectiveness and content.

Pinterest Web Analytics: This tool helps the marketers to give its site owners how effective their pins are engaging with the users and also make them understand the insights that are generated by their websites.

TalkWalker: This monitoring tool monitors your web and social presence constantly and gathers data about your brand, reputation and competitors. This tool can also be used for knowing market research, latest trends in the online market, customer service and tracking.

Lucky Orange: Lucky Orange helps to monitor your website activity and lets you know the details of your own blog like what kind of pages your customers are visiting, how long they’ve been spent time on your site, view real time data of your site like recorded videos if any, and gives you overall heat map that determines where most importantly visitors are clicking on your site.

These are some of the cool and best social monitoring tools that constantly and consistently track your business activity while you focus on your business.

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