7 Small Business SEO Tips

seo tips strategyThe more updates and algorithm changes Google makes, the harder it becomes for a small business owner to maintain a productive and profitable website. If you find yourself in this quandary, the following SEO tips may be just what you need to get your enterprise back in the game.

1. SEO is important, so do what you can to maintain high rankings. Optimize title tags, use relevant keywords and be sure your site loads speedily for customer convenience. A professional website designer can help you tune up your site so that it is attractive and fully functional.

2. Focus on producing content with value that will appeal to your target audience. Good content keeps people on the site; Google notices this and takes it into account when determining a site’s ranking. Good content also gets shared, liked, re-posted and passed on to others.

3. While purchasing backlinks was a common practice in the past, it is almost certain to lower a site’s rankings today. A business owner who wants good backlinks should stick to using acceptable link building strategies such as using content websites, posting comments on relevant blogs and forums, etc.

4. Looking for and getting rid of bad links is also very important. To start with, ask the webmaster of the offending site to remove the unwanted link. If this does not work, then use online tools that are made to help business owners clear up a bad link profile.

5. Build community using sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites have been unaffected by Google’s numerous updates and are a great platform for small businesses that want to reach current and potential customers. These sites can be used to provide regular updates, special deal offers and helpful information related to the company’s products and/or services.

6. Some business owners fall into the trap of creating content primarily for search engines. This is almost always a bad idea. Instead, create content that the target audience will want to read and pass on to others. This is what will earn high rankings long term.

7. A company that hires an SEO consultant should be aware of what the consultant is doing. Read the report and check not only the progress made but the methods being used to boost site rankings.

While there is no magic solution to dealing with Google’s many algorithm changes, there are a number of things you can do to successfully promote a site online. Good SEO, using social networking sites properly and good content are just a few of the many things that will establish a site online and help a business owner earn a well deserved high ranking on Google.

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