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7 Tips to Improve Your Affiliate Landing Page for More Conversion

Do you have an affiliate landing page that is low converting or not converting at all? You know, it is not the product that will determine your affiliate sales. It is your method of persuasion that makes people wants to follow your recommendation. And the place where you persuade your audience is your landing page. Please note that landing page refers to any intermediary media between your audience and the product that you’re promoting. Thus, it can be a single page, or it can be a full website. It will depend on your preference. Here are 7 tips to improve your affiliate landing page for more conversion:

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The art of persuasion

The purpose of your landing page is to persuade your visitors. So, you should create a system that will ensure that people are persuaded after reading your landing page. Here is how you persuade your audience in your landing page: recognize your audience’s problem, give hope for the solution, give some information related to the solution, address their objections, and give strong call to action.

Make your landing page more attractive

By adding pictures related to what you’re explaining, you will enhance your user experience. You will also able to explain to your audience more effectively. It is better to add unique pictures such as cartoons in your landing page to increase the attractiveness of your landing page. People will be willing to spend some time reading your content if you put some interesting pictures along with it.

Reduce to the essentials

If there is something that will only clutter your landing page, eliminate it. Reduce to the essentials. What you need to deliver in your landing page is information that will presell your visitors. That’s why anything that doesn’t conform to this goal should be eliminated.

Don’t just send your visitors to the sales page

While it is true that your main goal is to convert your traffic into sales, it doesn’t mean that you should direct your visitors to the sales page immediately. Before you direct them to the sales page, you should get their email address. List building is important because it will be your tool to expand your promotion later.

Use personal style

You need to build personal communication with your audience. This is to create the impression that you are a friendly person that wants to help them. Better yet, you should create the impression that you’re their friend. So, use personal style in your writing. Avoid using formal communication style.

Three aspects to test constantly

To ensure that your landing page converts properly, you have to constantly test three aspects of your landing page to find out which one is the best combination. The three aspects are headline, design, and content. Those three aspects should be tested regularly if you want to improve your conversion.

Sense of urgency

In your landing page, make sure to create a sense of urgency that will prompt your visitors to take action as soon as possible. One tip to create a sense of urgency is by telling them the consequences of neglecting their problem.

Those tips will help you to increase your landing page conversion. If you have a low-converting landing page, you should apply the tips above to your landing page.

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