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8 Best Off Page SEO Techniques to Strengthen Your Brand Online

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Many businesses online are making most of the inbound marketing strategies like lead generation techniques and other cost effective techniques that forms a major part of making money online. Content sourcing or in technical terms referred as Off page SEO is often concentrated on the areas when your visitor spends maximum of his/her time in searching and reading your content. Off page optimization is the way of optimizing your sites off your website i.e., outside your website in the forums, blogs and in other social networking sites.

Off page techniques so far you have learned are now not a perfect toast. With the latest EMD, Panda, and Penguin update there are several changes made to the off page techniques that have been previously implemented by the most of the sites to improve their page rankings. Here is some of the trending off page techniques in 2014 that help boost your website ranking in all of the major search engines. Off Page SEO optimization is purely oriented outside your website which makes use of your website’s name, URL and the content.

Social Networking Sites

Using social media network and social signals is the initial step to help reach your curative content to the targeted users. Discussions made through site’s products, services, and your brand can be shared only with the help of these sites. One can become popular and reach the maximum audience by creating their own profile or by building your business page with the help of these sites. Most of the popular social agencies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Myspace all allow you to share your content via various network platforms and help you get connected with your friends, customers who are likely to look for your products, and thus build your online reputation.

Press Releasing

If you are dealing with the business or provide services to the customers then PR submission is the best way to release your site on the PR websites. Open PR, PR Leap, are some of the PR sites where your content can be targeted on. Recently Google have announced that backlinks from these PR websites is no more allowed submission of your content to such websites may increase the chances of your site to appear in Google news. Press release is the best way to maximize the traffic and increase the value of your website.

Article Writing Submission

Ezine articles are the perfect examples to help you understand how article writing and submission is one among the best off page SEO strategy. Writing a number of qualitative articles and submitting them to the relevant sites help you brighten up your website’s off page presence providing the back links. Being original helps your give organic links that drives traffic naturally to your site rather than being smart.

Finding Q&A Sites

Question and answer sites are the best way to improve the page rank of your site though off page SEO technique. Find out any question and answer site that is so closely relevant to your content and posting questions to these sites improve the brand of your website and also your profile. Participating in the answer either by answering or asking the questions is great way to improve your page ranking. Do not spam these websites with too many articles. This fetches you the link popularity.

Developing Widgets

Development of some innovative widgets or gadget applications that are designed in a more attractive and in an interactive way for your website is also one of the best off page strategies. Developing a small widget like poll, or ratings, any other game widgets and submitting on your blog posts or on any other social networking sites makes you popular not only among your friends circles but also among the extended circles. Ask them to vote or share your widget among their peers based on the performance. This is an indirect way to improve your branding and also ranking.

Cross Linking Techniques

Increase your internal link popularity by linking your site within your internal pages. As told earlier using content links are a great way of off page optimization, try getting content links from blogs or sites that are relevant to your websites. Getting a link that uses targeted keyword in the anchor text is often considered a bit tricky but these links forms a major part in Google page rank algorithm.

Link Exchange and Baiting

Thematic link exchange is another off page SEO technique to increase your link popularity. While implementing link exchanges beware of any Black Hat SEO techniques. Addition to this Link Baiting is another technique to increase your link popularity. Adding other people’s site link to your website when you have published their post on your site is good enough to gain their trust. Similarly if your content is good letting others do the same for you. Similar to cross linking, link exchange and link baiting also forms a major part in Google page rank algorithm.

Image or Video Sharing or Promotions

Share photos that help promote your websites, products, services is a great way to build your presence online among your peers. When this is done it helps your friends, admirers and other competitors comment, appraise your work online. Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket are some of the greatest ways to do this. Similar to this promoting your business by specifically making a video for your business is another awesome technique which is leading currently. With the help of these videos you can publish and share your products online, gain the expert opinions which further helps in enhancing the product services. A proper feedback is also provided that helps audience understand how worthy your product is. Youtube, Dailymotion, and Metacafe are some of the ways that help you share your videos.

All these off page SEO optimization techniques need to be done only after the completion of on page optimization. One must always be aware of competitors and should make out what’s right and what’s wrong for their site from bird’s eye view especially where there are the maximum chances of propagating negative effects of your site. Make sure that you implement these all new off page SEO techniques with reference to your old techniques.

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