Advice for the websites that accept guest articles

guest postSEO is considered to be good only when there is a blog on the website and additional credit is added to the blog of the website by posting good quality of content in the website’s blog, this need for content gets SEO writers into the picture. SEO writers do not mean that they have to focus on using SEO tactics instead their task is to look after the process of providing guest articles to a blog.

SEO writers know the importance of naturally using the keywords apart from which they also have idea about how important link building is, they also know in what way the website has to be analyzed and see what its quality is in Google. In short it can be said that SEO writers are the ones who have idea about creating blog so that it will attract focus of other online writers.

Some of the tips which are said to help the blog are not to make too many edits in any post of the blog, also put up request first for pitching and also make guest post must to make sure that the guest writers can provide tips for enhancement of the blog.

Advice for the websites that accept guest articles

In order to understand the audience which is targeted by websites it is suggested to get clear understanding of the business, whenever a guest article is accepted in any website it has to be understood that it is the budding writers who will play audience to it. Backlinks have lost their power to attract since any offer to provide backlink does not lure anyone since every firm has nearly understood its importance.

In order to catch the attention of contributors it is suggested to listen to them and also look deeply into the advice given by them which will compel them into giving even more suggestions that are ultimately going to affect the website.

Here we give you some important tips which often are said to be eye-catching amongst a guest post on the website:

guest postingCertain websites do not allow subscription to comments, it will be utterly useless to write for any such website since there are many who would naturally want to be capable to subscribing to the comments so that there will be no need to return back to the website often to keep checking. At times it may take many months for the reply to be given for any particular comment for which the best method is to subscribe because the subscriber will directly get information into inbox which increases chances of replying back immediately. So it will be right for writer, website and people who comment to see that subscribing of comments is possible.

Reply back even if the response is negative

There are certain type of people who tend to ignore things they do not like which results in them not responding to certain articles or it is also possible that they are thinking that the writers will be disappointed with the refusal. However this is not the issue it is always better to give reply irrespective of it being positive or negative which will at least help the writer get rid of the dilemma they will be in about the article if they d not get a reply.

Inform about your other ventures

Increase your network by hinting the writer that there are other websites you own which possibly might need articles too, this method is often found to work which will work to the benefit of these websites apart from which relationship will be stabilized.

Make email address necessary

It is sure that not having physical email address in contact page of the website is advantageous giving an escape route from spammers but when it comes to writers this is not an ideal move. It is common practice for the writers to first write down an article after which they tend to send across the article through mail which shows the seriousness of the writer. However lack of proper email address in the contact page will disappoint them and depress them thinking that the website is not serious about the work they need in real.

So we hope that the above points will be sufficient for all those who intend to submit guest articles in any blog or website after which it is sure that there is better possibility to maintain stable relationship with the writers. This just does not mean that the guest blogging process is easy enough but these are tips to only help in becoming a hit among the writers.

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