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google penaltyAre you bothered with the decreasing traffic to your website or even have been informed by the Google Webmaster Tools account about improper SEO practices on the website. It has to be properly understood that there is no way that any website can be free from worry that they will not be penalized in terms of SEO. However it is also true that any negative effect of these SEO penalties can be repaired with all the methods instead it is suggestible to take a preventive measure by not going with the things which possibly might result in penalty.

Some of the steps which can be avoided to not fall prey for SEO penalty are given below:

Recover Google Penalty

Links with cheap scam: It might be fascinating to see the link which offers to give out 10,000 links for a price of just $10 then it is sure that you would definitely go with it however if they would know the fact that the main idea of these backlinks is to point at your website which will initiate the SEO penalty on your website.

Increase PageRank with Paid links: It is very less known to the people that those who purchase links only with the idea of increasing their website PageRank is violation of the guidelines set by

Webmaster from Google: Hence it is suggested to purchase only the links which are exclusively said to be sponsor links and perfectly use the nofollow attributes truly.

Exchange links: Teaming up with other websites in order to exchange links is very common practices among the search engine optimizers however there are also very few who know that this might be one method that is an attempt made to manipulate SERP thereby resulting in penalized.

Hiding of links in various file types: The search engine robots have been made much advanced as each day passes making them capable of understanding every type of file. Hence there is no way that the sneaky method of increasing the linking ability by hiding links in sites which are made by CSS and Javascript files.

Lesser use of anchor text: Any website can be imposed with penalty if it is found that they have one regular pattern, and if it has been identified that there is repeated usage of SEO Keyword phrases like anchor text there is a possibility to get penalized.

Increased link speed: If there is too much increase in links there will be no doubt that some technique has been used to manipulate SERP. Instead it is always suggestible to slowly focus on getting better quality links rather than focusing on the quantity of links for website.

Retain relevancy: It has to be observed that there is always a need for relevancy which otherwise will force the website to be imposed penalty if the sites are said to receive larger number of inbound foreign language links.

Linking with blog: There are several blog networks which have been devalued by Google even though there are few who are still in operating stages. However it is also suggested at the same time to keep distance from these blog networks which will ultimately result in getting penalized.

Footer links: Links which are found on sidebars and footer on almost all the pages are an indication that the website is manipulated with hence it is instead advised to increase in-content backlinks.

Linking to bad sites: It is known that inbound links are used by the search engines hence it is suggested to avoid linked up in anyway with bad links which will create negative impact for the website.

Improper internal links: Take regular time to see that there are no broken links in website which if present will showcase that the website has lesser user experience which will devalue SERPs by search engines.

Too much on-site optimization: There is no denial to the fact that SEO is used to promote website however it is also not suggested to use every possible on page SEO technique on the website instead it is better to make it look natural and focus on increasing the user experience.

Website downtime: If too much time is used to keep the website down it will increase the chances of penalty being imposed on the website which will focus on regular absence.

Content duplicity: Though a penalty will not be directly imposed on any website for having used duplicate content however at the same time it will probably also put the website out of competition and out of SERP when compared to those sites who post original content.

Less quality content: Google has always made it pretty clear that they choose better quality content, for those entire sites who have thin content might not have been penalized yet but they still are under the risk of being penalized in future.

Spun content: There are many who use tools which spin the article giving out some garbage which often is not easily understood by readers with the effort of filling the website with any content which also is possibly going to be targeted in future for search engine to penalize.

Advertising: Going with the idea of paid advertisements on the website it is suggested to use minimal space for this on the website if otherwise will result in penalty.

Meta tag keyword: There is one older method of using keywords in meta tags however at the same time care has to be taken to see that too many keywords are stuffed in meta tags which otherwise will clearly emphasis that probably the website is being manipulated.

Too many H1 tags: H1 tags are said to have minor benefit in terms of SEO, it also has been proved that there are minor increase in page ranking by including too many headline tags on the website.

Covered pages: It has to be ensured that all the pages of website are open and easy to access for the search engines which otherwise by the usage of cloak will only increase chances of penalty imposed on the site.

Doorway pages: There is a technique of using doorway pages to show other content to the search engine rather than the actual content which is shown to the visitors. However this method of using doorway pages will open more chances of penalty being imposed on the website.

Changeable content: SEO cannot be improved by using content which is of the same color used for site background instead this will only increase the risk of website.
Using automate query tools: Too much usage of unauthorized automatic query tools will use Google’s API which is against the set guidelines.

Hacked websites: If there are any traces of the website getting hacked this might be one of the reasons to getting a place for it in the blacklist by Google which will not put the site in SERP.

Using black hat techniques: It is not only necessary that website will be penalized only due to the usage of loopholes in SEO however using black hat SEO if turns out to be successful should not be publicized.

It also has to be understand there are regular changes being made in this SEO world hence it has not be forgotten that this list is not a finalized one and keeps changing on regular basis. Therefore the changes being made in search engine have to be updated on daily basis to keep the website related to this new information keeping it safe all the time.

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