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How To Create Quality Content Online

quality web contentCreating quality web content doesn’t have to be hard, but for most people, it can be the most difficult thing that they do online. No wonder so many people focus on link building! As most internet marketers have learned, the search engines have become a lot more selective about ranking pages that have higher perceived quality content, and the entire mindset towards creating websites in 2012 is more focused than ever on providing a rich user experience.

Creating Quality Content Doesn’t Have To Be Painful. There are 4 main reasons for having more engaging and quality content online in 2016. These are:

  •  To build authority in your niche
  •  To obtain higher rankings in the search engines
  •  To provide a better user experience
  •  To sell products and/or services more effectively

How People Have Traditionally Built Authority In A Niche

Creating website authority is one of the “newer” aspects to building a successful business online. This is because in the past, people were able to easily “game” the search engine rankings. It wasn’t necessary for someone to focus on having really useful and engaging content. It was all about getting halfway decent content up on webpages, making sure the content had enough instances of the targeted keywords, and pummeling the page with a barrage of backlinks to get it ranked.

These practices created a “false” type of website authority. In effect, the websites and webpages with the most content – regardless of how “good” or “useful” it was – and that had the most backlinks, were able to “create authority”. As you probably well know, this does not mean that someone has expertise in their niche, or that they really are an authority in anything.

This method of “creating authority” worked until the search engines learned how to do parallel matching. This means that Google now has a better ability to tell what your pages are actually about, without specifically having a targeted keyword on it a number of times, or in some cases, even one time. It is also known as latent semantic indexing (LSI) and is playing a bigger and bigger part in the ranking algorithms.

It is important to understand that this is where the internet is trending, and to run a successful business online today, you have to be willing to put in more effort than in the past. It is becoming more like running a business in the real world (what a novel concept!), and while there are still loopholes in the search algorithms that can be exploited, doing so is not a sound long term business strategy. The faster that most people figure this out, the faster they will get to work building a business that will provide the benefits that they are ultimately looking for.

The Amazing Thing About Creating Valuable Content

If you can fully embrace the realities of the internet in 2016, and make the decision that you will provide engaging and useful content – you will be amazed at the dividends that it will pay. This is because by creating quality content, you will automatically build authority in your niche, obtain higher rankings, build stronger relationships with your customers AND sell more products/services. It is like hitting all four of our important targets with one high quality effort.

I am not saying that content alone will do all of those things, far from it. You still have to properly market your business – just like in the real world – but having useful and engaging content when people show up is a proven SEO strategy that works. While everyone else is looking for a shortcut of some sort, they funny thing today is that by creating awesome content, you are actually taking the shortest route towards reaching your goals.

Create Quality Content

The 3 Ways To Get High Quality Content

There are only 3 (ethical) ways to get high quality content. These are:

  • Create the content yourself
  • Pay someone to create the content for you
  • “Curate” the content

Creating the Content – When You Know A Lot About A Subject

Creating the content can be easy or difficult – depending on a variety of factors. I guess the most obvious factor is whether or not you actually know anything about the subject. If you know a lot about the subject, it should be easier to create great content, but it isn’t always. Some people just don’t write that well. If this is the case, then you should try recording your voice, and having someone transcribe it.

Another way to go about creating content if you are no good at writing or typing is to use software like Dragon Dictate by Nuance. It works for a whole range of languages, and is available for Windows or for a Mac for between $30 (English only) and $100 on Amazon. All you have to do is spend about 30 minutes or so “training” the program to understand what you say, and you are good to go. It is a real time-saver when you need to create a lot of content, or if you just aren’t very good at writing or typing.

Another reason why creating content is hard for some people is because of time constraints. Again, using a program like Dragon Dictate makes typing a breeze. The software has no problem keeping up with you once you have trained it – but you will need a decent microphone to use with it. I was able to find a good one made by Dynex at Best Buy for about $30. It has the noise cancelling technology, and makes all of my audio and video clips so much better.

Creating the Content – When You Don’t Know Much

If you don’t know much about your given topic, this is when creating a lot of high quality content is the most difficult. You have 3 options when this is the case. The first option is to do the research and create the content – which will be time consuming. I recommend using the approach we talked about earlier, and recording your voice as you find useful information to save time. You can either have someone transcribe your voice notes later, or you can type them up yourself.

Your second option is to interview people that do have expertise in the subject you are interested in creating content about. This is really not as difficult as it seems, and often is the best option when you want to create content for a subject you know nothing about. You can either record interviews or conversations with the expert, or you can make an expert a partner in your online business.

A friend of mine wanted to create an online business in the water skiing niche, but was hardly an expert. He approached several well-known water skiers, and offered them a share of the profits from his website in exchange for letting him interview them a couple times a month about different aspects of skiing. In this example, it didn’t cost him a dime up front to find a source of compelling and original content.

Of course, you can interview a variety of experts about a given subject also, but you will probably have to figure out a way to compensate them for their time. Some folks will let you interview them if you advertise their businesses on your website.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone – Ask Someone! You can also find experts that will provide content – and some will even write it for you – in exchange for promoting their products or services on your site. You can find people like this on some of the well-known article distribution networks online. Ezine articles and have experts that are writing and publishing it there for free. It is is easy to contact them, and tell them that you would like to feature some of their content on your website, in exchange for giving them publicity. Give it a shot – you will be amazed at how many people like that would be willing to work with you.

Your Third Option For Creating Quality Content – Curation

The third option for creating high quality, engaging content is to “curate” the content. Blog curation is becoming more and more popular each year, and is a relatively easy way to find great subjects and ideas to write about in your particular niche. Curation is what all of the news networks do, and you probably see it every day and don’t even know it.

News networks curate content by taking a news article, a press release, or some other information provided by someone else online – and they simply quote it and editorialize it. To curate content properly, you have to make sure that you give credit to the source first and foremost – and provide a link to the original article.

What you want to do is wrap your thoughts or your “editorial” about the news or information – around the quote that you include on your website.This will provide you with a steady stream of different ideas that you can talk about in your given niche. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have about 75% of the content on the page original (whatever you add) to 25% of the content provided in your quote.

This really helps a lot of folks when they are having trouble finding interesting stuff to write about – and has the added benefit of positioning you as an “expert” of sorts. Many of the visitors coming to your website may just visit to see what you have to say about news in your niche. You can really provide a lot of value by simply finding the most interesting information about your given topic, and adding your two cents.

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