How To Design a User Experience and SEO Friendly Web Site

web designConceptualize design and online solutions in web and mobile environments, helping to improve their web strategy, improving key processes and putting the focus on those tasks that require more effort from their users.

The UX Web Design characterized by assuming that the entire process of design and development of the website should be driven by user needs, characteristics and objectives. Here are some guidelines to design a user experience web site.

Know the objectives of the project

What do you want your Web site or application? These are issues that allow the web designers to achieve the objectives to provide the information their users expect and comply with their expectations.

Analysis of statistics and web traffic

If you already have a website, can be of great interest to analyze the current usage statistics is being done on the web, to give special treatment to the tasks that are performed frequently in the web.


Each sector has its peculiarities and users act as common, that benchmarking is needed to fully understand the industry and your online competition, so you can incorporate best practices to the web or give the users’ ideas to improve your capabilities that the users could be sued.

Defining the schema of organization, operation and navigation of the website

For the definition of the conceptual design will include all interactions between the user and the web necessary for users to quickly find what they want, visualize information effectively and to complete the proposed tasks in an efficient and satisfactory.

From the definition of content is appropriate to group and organize them so that our users can navigate comfortably through our website to find information.

It’s not the same to browse at home to office, from a computer or a mobile, every situation and every type of person will want to achieve goals in your website.

The design should improve the compression of information and facilitate actions that lead users to achieve the objectives that were planned for the site as well as effectively convey the brand values, and promote the use of the website.

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5 Important rules for designing your website

When it comes to your website, should pay more attention to every detail to ensure that every effort (both time and financial) will pay off. Here are 5 golden rules you must know, and especially applied in order to avoid some mistakes that ultimately can be fatal.

1) Do not use landing pages or landing pages

Landing pages are the first ones you usually see when it comes to a website. They usually have a very beautiful image with words like “welcome” or “this is what you need.” In fact, it is very common to find this style pages that do not have a living, quality information is accompanied by a clear call to action. Do not let your visitors have a reason to click on the “back”! Give them the value of your site in advance at the Welcome Page.

2) Do not use excessive publicity

Even the least savvy advertising have been trained to ignore ads style ‘banner’, where now you can be – perhaps – investing a lot of money, but with zero result. Instead, provide more content of value, and let your visitors feel that they want to buy, instead of being pushed to buy.

3) Have a simple and clear navigation

You have to provide a navigation of very simple and straightforward so that even a child knows how to use. Stay away from complicated Flash based menus or multi-tiered drop-down menus. If your visitors do not know how to navigate, they will leave your site.

4) Have a clear indication of where the user

When visitors are “tired” to navigate, you’ll want to make sure they know in which part of the site are at that time. That way, you will be able to browse the information that is relevant to, or by any other section of the site easily. Do not confuse your visitors because confusion means “abandon-ship”!

5) Avoid using streaming audio on your site

If the visitor will stay long in place, you want to make sure that you are not annoyed by some audio tracks that sound over and over again in your website. If you insist on adding audio, make sure you can stop at will, if you want your visitor.

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How to get return visitors to your website

In general, the key to a sustained and permanent increase of traffic is in the “loyalty” of their visits. Those readers, who regularly visit your website, are easier to convert into paying customers because the more often return to a site, have more confidence in it. The problem of “credibility” vanishes. Therefore, make your visitors coming back to your site is very important, and here are 5 ways to get return your visitors.

Start a forum, chat, etc.

When you start a forum, chat or any other medium that allows your site to be interactive, is providing visitors a place to express their opinions with the others. As conversations build up, a sense of community among your visitors will be born and so return to your site almost regularly every day.

Start a blog (or weblog)

Create an online journal or more commonly known as a blog on your site and keep it updated with the latest news about your niche market. Human beings are “curious creatures” that will keep our eyes glued to the screen if you post fresh news frequently. Also increase your credibility and will reveal that there is a real person behind that website.

Carry out polls or surveys

Do surveys or other forms of interaction that is something you should definitely consider adding to your site. Be sure to publish polls or surveys that are highly relevant to the target market for your business.

Update frequently with new content

Update your site frequently with new content so that every time your visitors come back, have something to read on his blog. This is the most known and effective way to attract visitors to return, but also the least carried out, whether through laziness, lack of content, time and sometimes the “muse” that sometimes goes without a trace.

Allow them to subscribe to a newsletter

Offer a newsletter is, by far, one of the best ways to make your visitors return every so often to your website or blog. From status updates, promotions, giveaways, gifts, free courses, special offers, etc.., there’s so much information you can provide in this way.

It’s all about defining a proven strategy and makes it work. The results will soon come.

SEO and Web Design

seo web designActually, a classic search engine optimizer has not very much to do with the web design. By Google real time services such as Google Instant and Google Preview it is always clear that a good web design is very important that the user actually clicks on the page. By the screenshots, you can display and the user will decide within a very short time, whether it is at all worthwhile by clicking a page. If the design is not appealing, it is probably more likely that the user moves to the next offer that seems attractive to him. As you can see here not only a good distribution of keywords is important, a beautiful, attractive layout, a clear headline and graphics that are also meaningful.

The essential statements should be presented at a glance just the users, because this can be very important in the great battle for the website visitors. It should be experience of SEO expert to respect and strive for a good cooperation with the web designer, if the design of the website is not anyway in their own hands. Attention is here at the design above all on structures and colors, also a well visible logo is an advantage. Often, the user decides to optical criteria therefore you should pay more attention to these factors. It is of course, if the web design as well as the search engine optimization come from a same place, but this is not always possible. Therefore, a good cooperation is very important for the success of a website.

SEO and web design go hand in hand

If you are thinking of making it big on the Web, you have to make a long-term strategy. One of the strategies that will definitely help your online business is SEO or Internet advertising. SEO is an excellent strategy, and you need to build plans, even before you start designing your site.

We talked about the importance of search engine optimization online for a SEO company, but what does that mean? Search engine optimization is a set of techniques used to get your website high in search engine results. One of the first and most important SEO techniques is to design websites.

Say you are in an image based on industry or niche, such as fashion design, for example. As a fashion designer you definitely want a site that will have great visual appeal, so you can show off their creations in an attractive way. This is the reason why many people like fashion designers in our example decide to go with a flash site that looks sophisticated and sexy. Flash is definitely a great technology to include sound and picture on a website, but the pages are built entirely using Flash a nightmare from the SEO point of view. The reason is quite simple? Search engines can not index content within a Flash file.

Search engine optimization does not begin after the site has been built. It goes hand in hand with the design of the pages because they are designed and organized in a search engine friendly. There is nothing more frustrating than having to go back and do it again. In our example of a fashion designer, it is important that the site is visually appealing to attract the interest of the buyer. The design of your web site acts as a salesperson to persuade buyers. But how will the buyer come to your store if he/she does not know about the offers. The answer is marketing, as in a regular business is very important to market your products or service to raise awareness about the offers, the same is true for an online business. And this is where SEO comes into the picture.

No point having a visually brilliant website that has little traffic. However if you start early with their plans search engine optimization you can have both a bright and web search engines simultaneously.

So it becomes quite important to choose a web design company that is also SEO Company that can build an e-commerce strategy for your online business.

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SEO and web page architecture

A professional search engine optimization can very roughly be divided into two major components, namely

  1. The optimization OnPage
  2. The OffPage optimization.

One of the first aspects that you should note in this connection is that websites can connect with a clean architecture, the essential elements of optimization OnPage together. The site architecture is the structure – the skeleton, so to speak – a page.

The website follows a hierarchical architecture and combines all the bases with the home and the bases themselves. To find out how many levels of hierarchy architecture has a website, you need to just click through from the homepage to the lowest side (and always go one level down).

Normally, a page has, however, three main levels:

  1. Homepage (so to speak, the home page)
  2. The category level (especially at online stores such as: shoes, pants, etc.)
  3. Product, service or detail level of information

The individual sites are connected via links with each other. In the optimization OnPage this is referred to as the “internal linking”, which is an important ranking factor. If you imagine a front page schematic, then that same one network, which represent the connection points of each page and the lines of the links. To get the most out of the net with regard to the rankings, it is desirable to work with suitable and relevant link text.

The architecture of the site’s own page on Google to make more understandable, it should be with a sitemap. xml to work. This helps Google it to understand the hierarchy quickly and therefore also to know which side is which and how important this is.

The Best Tips For Good Web Design

Websites, there are certainly a lot today, and it’s really amazing that always made the same mistakes in the design. Here again are the most common errors that occur in the design.

The biggest mistake is probably still believed that websites are geared to a specific browser. Previously they wanted to put so each manufacturer of its own browser product that was particularly true for Microsoft. Many optimize their site on a particular browser, and the implication that the pages look in other browsers just plain bad. A good web design should always include basically all the browsers that are currently accessible.

Furthermore, it should be abandoned in the early frames that are so popular because it can lead to quite incorrect results when indexing the page by the search engines. Moreover, this also prevents the registration with the whole social network.

One should also avoid the so-called splash screens. These screens that appear when loading programs show that this application is active and they should shorten the waiting time. This is useful for programs, but it looks different from Web pages. Here one should give up intros or splash screens, they stress quite badly because the patience of the viewer. In addition, it can happen that the contents of the search engines might not be properly indexed, and then has an effect on the ranking. When search engine optimization, you should need definitely all methods without from Black Hat SEO. If you’re unlucky and Google finds out, then you stand back very quickly in the rankings.

Of course it is for many operators of websites very interesting to use this site for promotional purposes. There are plenty of advertising, but you should always make sure that you strained the patience of the viewer too much. The often so popular layer ads, which take the whole screen to complete, and where you are looking for the close button only needs are not something you should put on its side. This has always been very pushy, and in addition they are a real nuisance.

If the site has multimedia content, you should always remember that while DSL is now the standard, but that there are still many out there that have no DSL, and even your should think to mobile devices. Therefore, one should pay attention to a variety of very different resolutions. If videos do not run smoothly, users are quickly annoyed and cancel the visit to the site.

A very important point is that it is not the page just after the creation in the corner. A website should live, and for making sure you always set the links on the timeliness and the contents. For example, you should also remove references to events that have been from last year, which only discourages visitors.

A website created just so you do not, you really have to know exactly how you have to do it. You should know that it is not securely attached, to allow professionals to work.

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