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How to Embed a Tweet in a Blog Post

twitterTwitter is an effective and efficient way to market your brand name in the social media world. In keeping with other social media sites, Twitter has come up with a brand new layout and plenty of great features. One of these features include the ability to embed a tweet into your article or blog post. Why is this feature great? Here’s why:

3 Reasons Why You Need Embedding a Tweet

Here are three great reasons why you should embed a tweet into your blog post or website article.

  1. Displaying tweets from satisfied customers of yours is an instant testimonial on its own. This adds instant credibility to your site or blog. Whenever a potential customer or site visitor will check out your website, they will be able to see reasons that make you better than the competition. Real tweets about your product or service from real people will definitely give you more leads and sale conversions.
  2. If you created your website without any developer experience, you may be missing out on the opportunity to create ads or CTA (Call to Action) tabs which will help you generate leads. If this is the case, you can easily create a tweet and embed it into your site, offering a free guide or eBook on a certain topic in exchange for your visitors to provide their email address so that you can build your email list. Since that site visitor received a valuable piece of information for free, he or she is likely to come back for more.
  3. Twitter is a great place to find and discover people with the same interests as yours, and learn from what they have to share. You can easily find hundreds of articles online discussing how you can share your content, what good places you should put your social media sharing buttons, and other information. This is because we all automatically scan and avert our eyes towards that information so that we can increase what we know on that particular subject.  What you should do is to place an embedded tweet in each sub-heading of your post so that segments of your article can be shared as well as the entire article itself. This doubles the exposure of a single article with just a few tweaks.

 How to Embed a Tweet in WordPress

The thought of embedding tweets can bring a lot of thoughts to mind, especially the thought that doing this can be quite difficult. Not everyone is given the knowledge or experience in understanding codes and programming, and some just don’t have the patience to learn the programming language. Luckily, there are two ways you can embed tweets in your article or blog posts without having to know or understand HTML coding.

WordPress Tweet Embed Plugin

WordPress is a platform used by both beginners and experienced web developers, and using a plugin to embed a tweet sounds like a great idea. The WordPress Tweet Embed Plugin is by far the easiest way for you to embed a tweet. All you need to know is how to copy and paste, and that’s it. You just download and install this plugin as you would any other WordPress plugin. Whenever you see a tweet that you would like to insert into your blog post or article, click on the link so you can access and open the full article. Once you’re there, copy the URL you see on your browser’s address bar and then go to your WordPress dashboard.

On your WordPress dashboard, click on New Post where you would normally write your blog post, and then paste the URL you copied earlier on a separate line from the other text. Click Save Draft, and click Preview to see how it will look like in your blog post.

Copy and Paste HTML

You need to copy and paste text to create your embedded tweet. Whenever you come across a tweet you would like to embed into your blog post or article, you will need to open it, click on Details, and then click on Embed This Tweet.

A window should appear, containing the HTML code and the tweet information. You will need to copy this code, and then paste it in the HTML tab where you would write your blog post in WordPress. Place it where you would want the tweet to show, and then click on Preview to get an idea of how the tweet inside the article will look like.

Embedding tweets into your blog post is really easy, especially once you get the hang of it. You should give it a try and learn about codes and HTML. Do drop us a comment to let us know how things worked out for you. We also have the best twitter plugin review and a great tip to get more twitter followers.

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