Factors Affecting SEO Rankings

Keyword ResearchAppearance of your site in search engines in number one position doesn’t really mean it cannot affect your search engine optimization. Also search engines do not publish how they rank web pages in search results as there could be the possibility of producing non-effective results. However one need not possibly figure out how Google determine search engine rankings. There exists an entire team of professionals who work and tell how Google handles search engine ranking with their expertise and knowledge.

It has been said that there were nearly 200 Google ranking factors and there’s no one who could reveal the details of the ranking algorithm. Yet SEO services do focus on 5 major elements that affect the SEO ranking factors. These include:

Keyword Strategy

Using appropriate keyword is the crucial part of search engine optimization.  Incorporating right keywords in your web page by avoiding keyword stuffing is quite important and one must be aware of keyword density in SEO. One of focus on the following strategies:

Right Keyword Placement in SEO: Keywords should be used in such a way that they must be incorporated in all the areas of your website. This can be achieved by incorporating a primary keyword on each theme of your web page. In other words it can be termed as page teeming for your entire website. It means that incorporating keywords in various elements of the page like code, anchor text, headings, title tags, and other attributes.

Keyword Density in SEO:
Keyword density is another important ranking factor in terms of SEO. One way to improve search ranking is incorporating keywords into page’s theme. In relation to this it is equally important optimize the search in reference to keyword density. For primary keywords it can range from 3-7%, while for secondary keywords can only have 1-2% of keyword density. A keyword density ranging more than 10% might be responsible for banning your site from the search engines.

Choosing Keywords for SEO: Keywords should be selected in such a way that they are optimized the best way for search. It is recommended to choose keywords that are relevant for your site, and it has to be even determined whether there is an allowance to incorporate synonymous keywords. For the better optimization of your page it is important to keep in mind the selection of both major and minor keywords.

Link Popularity

link buildingImportance of Internal Links in SEO: It has to be noted that driving links from the external website helps build authority for your website but it is not the only factor in ranking your site. Though anchor text of internal links is not as effective as inbound links they still can be considered as one of the important point in terms of SEO. Thus incorporating keywords into the text of these links helps in strengthening the SEO of your site and in increasing the authority.

Importance of External Links in SEO: Inbound links from foreign websites are the best way to increase the traffic rates of your site to improve your search engine rankings and the authority. Link popularity is one of the complicated factors in SEO ranking and it cannot be manipulated. As a result it is important to link a fully fetched content development strategy for every client and optimizing the same using social media optimization.

Relevancy and Authority through Links: The origin of inbound links, and anchor text of inbound links is important in gaining good SEO rankings. Using keywords in anchor texts and getting links from pages that have high page rank over your site will be more valuable and you will soon reach top position in the local search prioritization.

Quality over Quantity: Links from sites that ends with domains .edu and .gov will be hugely beneficial in terms of SEO as they are regarded primarily over other domains. Links from reputed directories like DMOZ and Yahoo can boost your ranking but links from non authoritative directories are not beneficial and sometimes can be even considered as spamming. One must also concentrate on outbound links but also reputation of the sites where you direct your links also plays a role in ranking your site.


In recent times search engine ranking are focusing more and more on the content of your site more than particularly keywords, and Meta tags. Content with suitable and relevant keywords and phrases is critical and is said to have a readable content with respect to that particular keyword and phrase. Ensure that your content is unique, original, useful, frequent and linkable. Remember the following points while creating content.

  • Ensure good quality so that people will be willing to read it.
  • Providing custom content helps the organizations in building good relationships with the customers.
  • Content should be useful such that people find it engaging.
  • It should be linkable such a way that it will be easy to share via the social media.
  • Frequency of the content instills trust in visitors and they rely on you as a source.
  • Producing curative content makes it look natural without any stuffed keywords.

Social Signals

With the increased prominence of social network channels or the social media search engines have to adjust their algorithms so as to consider the social graph as the SEO ranking factor. 13 percent of search engine ranking tactic depends on social graph metrics.


Structure is another yet factor that affect the search engine rankings for two reasons. The very first point is to make sure that your site’s pages and content is being indexed by the search engine crawlers or spiders from time to time. And second is that the manner in which how pages are linked together to help build the relevancy of the keywords.


SEO is not as simple as it appears in general terms. Many of the niche marketers’ pre assume that incorporating the right keywords for seo means simply going into the code and inserting. But in true form it is much more complicated than this. Code optimization subjects too many factors such as accessibility attributes, Meta tags, posting elements into the code, positioning of specific keywords with the code elements and many more.

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