Five Useful Marketing Tips for Bloggers

The modern trend in blogging has witnessed an unprecedented growth over the last decade. More people are showing interest and emerging as bloggers with each passing day. As a result, it is not surprising when they will face stiff competition from their counterparts and quality work gets ignored. Hence, in order to make your blog stand out in the vast arena of competitors, you need to employ certain useful marketing techniques. While some prefer to hire professional blog consultants, others can follow some important marketing techniques to reach that goal. This article outlines some important and useful tips that will help you market your blogs and reach the top on that popularity meter!

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Five important tips to help you market your blogs

1. Deciding on your target audience

It is of little consequence if all your efforts behind your blog fail to reach the audience. Hence, you need to specifically decide on the group of readers that you wish to reach through your blog. It is better to determine the section of the audience who will be able to relate to your work before posting any piece since an uninterested and unaffected group of readers is equivalent to none at all.

2. Optimizing the different features of the blog for the audience

The blogs need to be both attractive and understandable for the viewers. Its is preferable to remove all the additional distractions like advertisements and banners that might hamper the attention of the readers. Moreover, you can optimize the templet by adding the RSS chicklet, email subscriptions, links to mobile feeds, bookmarks, site maps, URLs and other plug in options to your blogs. You can also use keyword generating tools like the Google keyword generator for instance, to find keywords that can be placed on the titles, sub headings and the content of the blogs which ultimately helps the readers search for your blogs easily.

3. Marketing through the social media platforms

One of the best platforms available for the bloggers is the social networking media. The links and bookmarks to your blogs can easily be distributed in these sites which when shared or re-Tweeted on sites like Facebook, LinkedIN or Twitter can generate a vast pool of publicity and followers. The readers can be informed about the new posts on your blogs through these social networking sites. Moreover, you can focus on entertaining your fan base or publicizing your blog according to the nature of the site you are interacting on.

4. Feel free to be a guest blogger on the popular sites

You can gradually achieve popularity by first submitting your posts to some of the most prestigious and established blogs. These prove to be a great platform, not only for the beginners who can get an entry into the industry, but also for those who wish to direct the followers to their own blogs by providing the links to their pages along with their posts.

5. Maintaining the individuality, originality and quality of your blogs

In order to maintain and increase the followers of your blogs, you need to keep maintain a flow of quality posts which are supplemented with a plethora of useful information for the readers.

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