How to get Google Site links?

onsite offsite seoThe easier it is to navigate your website, the more satisfied your visitors will be. While surfing the net, one may often encounter popular websites that have not only their main address in the search engine, but also offer a whole set of hyperlinks to their subpages even before one enters the main page itself. These, called sitelinks, allow the visitor to be directed straightly to the subpage that he or she is interested in.

Easy navigation

In most cases, sitelinks make the website navigation easier, and are willingly used by web surfers. For example, when one searches for an on-line fashion store planning to buy a gorgeous prom dress, a sitelink may direct the prospect customer just to the dresses section (and not to the coats, shoes or babies’ fashion).

This is what allows the visitor to save some time, enhances the website’s reputation  and therefore lets it stand out among other search engine results.

Quality content = more chances to receive site links

It is not possible to add site links to a website by yourself, but you can do some stuff as an administrator to the site to have them added (which is done automatically by Google).

Above all, plan your website well; next to good quality of a content, get the fine organization, clear navigation hierarchy, appropriate meta-description and unique titles of your internal pages.

All these methods help naturally to get high traffic on your website and lower its bounce rate (the number of visitors that leave the site just after entering it).

You must be sure that your website encourages to be explored, and looks appealing just at a glance. Do not become anxious if your newly founded website is perfectly designed but it have not get its sitelinks yet. All owners of fledgeling sites have just to be patient, as sitelinks are not added immediately after creating the domain.

Clear structure and relevant traffic = more chances to receive sitelinks

Having done that, there is a high chance that your internal pages will be listed in a search engine’s results as sitelinks. The best thing is that it happens just naturally when your website has high traffic, and this is due to its clear navigation, attractive content and design.

So, if you discover some day that your website has the site links added, you may be sure that you created a page that is appealing to web surfers!

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