How to Get Long Last Blog Traffic

It is not a hard task to erect a blog but the toughest part comes when traffic has to be directed to it which should be repetitive and coming back always, there are certain bigger blogs which have huge number of visitors themselves on daily basis. There are chances that those websites will help other budding ventures which will pick up within no time with the help from bigger and well established websites or blogs.

Here we give you a piece of what we got to know since we understand that getting traffic in a blog is quite an art which is not easy to learn, yet we provide you certain tips to help in increase of traffic for the blog:

Focus on content for particular group of audience

audience contentWhile planning about writing an article it is necessary to keep in mind that the target audience has the capability of spreading the word across to entire world. It has to be understood that there are certain group of people, communities or readers who are sure to spread the word if they find it worthy enough to do so.

There are certain writing types, topics and communities which have better information than several others on the internet, for example there are websites who know how to embed videos in their site which are all focused at the audiences that are sure to be shared. In the diagram above you have blue and orange circles which when are in higher state have increased chances of reaching out to huge number of audiences that in turn is going to affect the traffic to the website. For all those who question what will happen if blog article is submitted at a group should know that it is not a bad decision after all but is likely to have negative affect on the work done in blog and prevent it from being spread throughout the web.

Take part in the communities where your target audience is a part

There is no need to waste time or spend money in order to see where a large group of your target audience can be found on the internet. Instead they can be found in certain blogs, forums and websites which when accompanied with social media communities where there is regular discussion about you area of interest. Choose from this list to extend the search with a tool DoubleClick Ad Planner that is a web based tool, now that the community has been selected step on to take active part in it. For the participation there probably might be a need to create account which will open path to see what others are doing which will take some time also helping in getting the hang of the issue.

Develop content based on SEO

seo contentSearch Engines when used appropriately are known to increase the traffic that reaches the website however this also is one of the most ignored areas by the bloggers for which there are several reasons. One of the top places given to reason of avoiding SEO by bloggers can be fear or improper understanding of problems however they should understand that SEO when used rightly will never halt the path of writing. Traffic adds lot of value to the bloggers who often get it through inquiries or advertisements for guest posts which is possibly through proper search. SEO for blogs is pretty easy to do especially if it is developed on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Take maximum use of Social Networking sites

  • Twitter is said to have 465 million accounts registered, Facebook has 850 million active users on their site and Google+ is said to have 100 million users followed by LinkedIn which has 130 million users. There is no denial to the fact that most of the time which is spent by Internet users across the world is on these social networks which also are attracting interest of several people across the world. These networks for these responsibilities are sure to fit into the title of being content distributors which mean that content can be shared across the world if they are posted here. But the main things which have to be taken into consideration are for these sites to work there is a need for lots of patience, research and focus to get desired result also understanding what content has to be posted and shared. Process for this is:
  • Create personal account with these social networking sites which are directed to registration pages of brands.
  • Take care to see that the profiles are filled with all the details which might even need photos, descriptions and anything else which is required. It has been found in research that profiles which give entire information are more successful when compared to the ones who have improper details.
  • Any prior and personal contacts in these sites have to be taken ahead to increase the network which will make it easy while sharing content.
  • Make sure to take part in interactions if there is anything interesting to speak about, sharing other posts also will give impression that you are pretty serious about the content and are genuinely interested.
  • Look out for results: It is suggested to install Google Analytics that does not charge any money to keep an eye on the place from where visits are actually coming from. We have to find the sources from where traffic is driven to the site also getting chance to know the opinion on content and author when things are done. Lot can be understood when visits are found also giving information to research about what has been earned and how it has been earned, which will help in devising a plan to repeat the success also focusing on better quality and higher traffic generating sources with lesser efforts.

Use of Graphics and illustrations

Anyone who have creative talent to work magic with MS paint to come up with graphics, pictures and illustrations should make complete use of it. These can be uploaded and later hosted to create another source of traffic through Google’s advanced image search which is also said to provide enjoyment to the visitors. It is suggested to use images which have legal ability to be copied with additional permission that is said to benefit the creator of the content.

Need for Keyword Research

keyword researchResults of search engines are impacted with the terms or phrases which are typed in search engine which can only be found after lots of research for which there is a tool developed by Google that is termed Adwords Keyword Tool. Type words related to the keyword you are searching for and hit search in the tool after which Adwords tool will give phrases that meet the requirements among which necessary one can be selected. This can also be taken to an advance step by selecting exact match which will give increased quantity of searches for the precise term. Using broad match will give results that are related or have similar words which can overlap with the intended keyword. Keyword research is best choice when it comes to deciding the title and headline of a blog post which when used will optimize the post to certain keyword which is not as hard as it sounds.

Give reference to self and others

Any content which is interesting is sure to get appreciation from and if they find anything fascinating it is sure that they will not even mind links like any other bloggers or site owners. Giving reference to own material is not manipulative instead it is said to increase the number of visitors to other content too giving search engines a tip about other posts. When we expect favor from others it is common that we have to return them the favor which can be done by giving reference to others, since they might look back at who is talking about them which might be starting step for a stable relationship.

Interaction with sharing communities

It is not only the social networking sites which own the ability to increase traffic to any particular website or blog, there are certain social communities like Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon who have their own share of traffic. Though there are varying rules and formats which each of them want the content sharing to strictly follow they are said to give positive results to the set expectations. Proper observation of these sites will ensure that content can be tailored based on the previous content which has gained popularity through these sites to get desired rewards.

Guest posts: It is really difficult for a beginner leveled blogger to convince other bloggers about some quality content while requesting them to allow you post on their sites or inspiring the audience enough to share your content. This is the time to take out the secret weapon of friends and professional links to build relationships and delve deeper to know several others who can be promised to return the favor. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to introduce your brand to some new people who have never seen you work, it also is one of the methods to see that links are earned at their early stages and getting references for new sites which will direct traffic to the sight and get better search rankings.

Some tips to help those with the idea to guest blog:

  • Find related target audience: It is really annoying to just put in loads of time into a post if desired output is not acquired, instead invest some more time to research and find content which is sure to become a success.
  • Do not lessen confidence: Ensure that the confidence levels are not hit down to the bottom with a “no” or “no response” for certain posts, be strong with the idea that there is more time to get even more opportunities hence rejections do not have to be taken so hardly.
  • Follow Give and Take policy with pitching: While putting up a request for post get ready with a post of yours own to publish but it has to be made sure that it has never before shared. This give and take policy is often found to get more yes rather than taking the risk of introducing new writer without any return offer.
  • Quite similarly when any high profile writer is requested to give his share for your blog or website it is suggested to get them write everything right from the start which can even include design.

Inculcate great design to the site

website designBeauty and usability can never go wrong, the first thing about any website or blog noticed by one and all is the look and feel of it. Blogs that use default templates and old designs are sure to give shivers to all the visitors also lessening the trust they have on the website. Websites with stunning design are sure to catch the eye, in short they are a method of providing assurance on the work quality which will reap huge profits. Some of the recommended resources to help in designing are Dribble, Sortfolio, Forrst, 99 Designs but will need huge amount of investments to make the site a success.

Increase interaction through blog comments

blog commentsComments are not a new term to all the bloggers they also have idea on spam comments and will easily differentiate them from those comments which are said to add definite value to the website or blog. There also are comments which are truly fascinating and for a site to get into this category it will surely add a lot to the site’s worth. Care has to be taken about the name which is being used while commenting along with the URLs that are to be pointed, it also has to be seen that the name remains constant throughout to earn credit.

Take part in questionnaire websites

questions & answersThere are thousands of people across the world who use search engines to find answers for their questions which are at times answered by some famous services like, Formspring, StackExchange. There also are several other questions which are not answered till date hence for all those who want to take part in Q&A sites should remember not to answer every question they come across. Instead only the questions which have high priority have to be answered especially if the solution to these questions is minimal. Taking active part in Q&A sites is sure to attract people to your blog if it has detailed information about the requested question.

Use Feed and Email for subscriptions

subscriptionSubscriptions usually happen when the reader finds the site to be fit enough to do so with the intent of checking them out for more posts. For all such prospective followers it is suggested to use RSS feed with Feedburner that are also supported by visible buttons on sidebar, top or bottom which is a method of encouraging them to visit the site frequently. For people who have their blog in WordPress there are related and easy plugins to do the task.

Organize and take part in events

Internet is surely said to erase distance between people however it cannot also be denied that the in-person meetings are advantageous for bloggers whose sole purpose is to increase Search traffic to their blog. Natural discussion to the blog is only possible through personal meeting and connection with other bloggers making it possible for them to give help. This is one method which is sure to make path for guest posts, tweets, shares and business development.

Promote for blog with personal email

email marketingIt is common practice for blogger to send out loads of emails throughout the day, which can also serve as great help to spread across the information about blog. Make it a point to bring up information about blog in between certain post or through the topic written about, additionally email signature can be used to promote blog or content in it.

Study the readers

Conducting surveys over web are sure to work which will end up with getting some great information for conversation, this survey can be conducted on discussion which is controversial that can be done using tools like SurveyMonkey or PollDaddy apart from which there is a free tool from Google Docs.

Take part in famous issues: There are certain top sites in blogosphere which are said to point out at some important issues which are often discussed on by other sites and blogs. This a great way of giving a piece of your brain to grab attention from those who are genuinely interested in discussion which will also open path to get links and traffic from leaders during this process.

Enhance your best quality

It is pretty common to be compared when in the world of blogging which is often not to the linking of several people since it is said to instigate long discussion, arguments and increase competitive nature but this also is best method to get attention. Here we give you screenshot of AdAge Power 150 that is in the form of a list which has been in the marketing world from long time to be source of endless discussion. Anyone who are doing something of this sort should keep things transparent and genuine since any best quality resource is to get more attraction even if it is blogs, twitter accounts, people, posts, conferences or Facebook pages.

Connect personal profiles to blog

profile iconPersonal profiles on sites like Slideshare, YouTube, Facebook and several other sites where content is often uploaded can be linked up with the blog since they are a source of producing traffic on web. Providing blog link on personal profile web pages is pretty common but this is one such method which also adds additional value to the blog and pages. Any page where interaction happens might interest people who will also share them which will ultimately link up to the blog providing opportunity to get hold of a regular visitor. It is not just the profile which will affect it instead it also is necessary to include better content so that the blog’s URL will be placed even with the video in its description which can be uploaded in YouTube profile page. Photos also can carry the URL of profile which is possible through watermark or text in domain name to interest the users, for people who have forgotten their previous profiles they can use a tool named “KnowEm” which is said to help in identifying one’s own profiles which have not been in use from long time.

Undo links of other bloggers

For an individual who has blogs that have acquired references form some famous sites across the web there is a probability that they will be linked here as well. Doing research on competition will provide you with the content which the competitor has used to do well with based on which plan can be made to get the work done. There are certain tools which have been specifically used for this which include:

  • OpenSiteExplorer is free to use tool which needs registered account to get unlimited advantage from the tool which is showing of 1000 links for every page or website.
  • Some other important tools which are said to help in research of the link include Majestic, Ahrefs, Blekko and even the future tool Search Metrics.
  • Strategies can only made after intense research through hundreds of websites during which there are chances to come across guest blogging opportunities.
Remain stable

It is necessary for any new blogger to spend nearly 3-5 hours of work on blog to write quality content, take photos, look at sites and come up with creative topics, do guest blog and increase following in social networking sites to stabilize their new blog. Further it is supported with proper SEO it is sure to succeed within no time when accompanied by appropriate research. There are thousands of bloggers on web every day looking out for methods to add stability to their blogs.

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