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How to Improve Your Joomla User Experience

joomla user experienceThe advancement in the digital world have changed the dynamics and have made things more favorable for the consumers. The shift in SEO, social media and other marketing channels has increased the focus towards treating the customers well and letting them have a great time in using your web application, site or blog. Joomla user experience will also improve if you implement some basic steps.

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience is normally defined as the complete experience that a user feels when he uses a certain web application, website or computer program with focus on how convenient and enjoyable that experience was.

Nowadays, user experience is one of the most important factors that are being used by major search engines to determine how well a site should rank. As a general rule, sites that have a better user experience tend to do better in search results. But how do search engines measure user experience? This is an intriguing question for many marketers.

How does Google measure User Experience?

Actually, Google does take into account your site’s user-friendliness and one of the things that help it measure it is the time each user spends or takes to hit the back button from your site. The bounce rate plays an essential role in ranking your site higher in Google or other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Some Useful Extensions and Tips to Improve Joomla User Experience

We have compiled some interesting extensions and applications that can provide you a better opportunity to improve Joomla user experience overall and attract more potential buyers to your website. Following are some of the commonly used extensions and tips that can create a user-friendly environment for customers.

  • Responsive Joomla Template

The age of dull and boring websites are gone. Now people want something mobile-friendly, exciting, something colorful and something they can interact with in a website. This makes it imperative that you make your website as responsive as possible while keeping it easy to use as well. You can easily get a responsive Joomla template to fulfill this need and enhance Joomla user experience.

  • Clear Navigation Menu

People usually like websites where they can easily roam around and find information on what they are looking for. This calls for a good clear yet stylish navigation menu that can guide an visitor from the first page to the payment checkout. Good navigation on your website will mean more revenue as it leads to better conversion rates.

  • Voting for Articles

It is a popular Joomla tip which helps engage your readers to your content. Especially, if you share some articles or add some blog posts then this feature will help your readers rate the content thus increasing their interaction with your website.

  • Override Language

If you see people from different countries visiting your site or you expect that there are going to be visitors from various regions then you should try to make it as comfortable for them as possible. The language overrides helps you increase Joomla user experience by translating texts into the language of specific customers.

  • All Videos

Video content is something that almost every user enjoys and he would possibly prefer it over reading something. The All videos extension will help you easily integrate videos to your website without creating any complexities that usually emerge when dealing with video content.

  • Community Builder

If you are missing this then you are missing a big chunk that can be added to your website to further augment user experience. If your website does not have community where people cannot interact then they will not feel quite at home. The community builder extension will help you achieve that goal with ease as it makes it very convenient for you to add and control the community.

Some Final Words

Joomla user experience enhancement becomes terrifically simple when you use the extensions and tips that are mentioned above. It is an excellent tool to improve your website’s performance in search engines and will also aid you improving your user experience as compared to other competitors in the market.

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