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How to increase your website crawling rate?

We all aware about google and its a most popular and fast search engine more then others. Regular and daily visits by the crawler is good for website health. Increase crawl rate of website helps to get better rank. Search engine ranking depends on many factors and it includes crawling rate of website. You can check in server logs for determine your site rate. You can do internal and external activities on part of website owner or website owner to understand the increased crawl rate.How to invite Google bot to crawl your website?

  • You can update your content regularly after some days and once it done then ping in google.
  • Install a Sitemap xml file in your website architecture. It allows the bot to read the all pages of website from one place xml file and its beneficial for website promotion.
  • Install Blog in your website and update frequently new article posts and get comment is a good way to get crawling.
  • Integrate Google Webmaster Tool for your website and make ownership for your website clear so you can check the rate of crawling.
  • Make sure your website server working well and google webmaster tool will send you unreachable pages of website.
  • Also take care of Website loading time is not more because If its take more time for crawling website files, images, pdf files then it will be no time for visit other pages.
  • Do link building for your website to get more backlink for crawling website.
  • Please check Internal Link Structure and duplicate content.
  • Update unique meta tag title and description of each website pages.
  • Analysis google crawl rate for your website then you can implement on it.

Google Crawl rate for your site means the time used by Google crawl bot to crawling for your website. It is nothing but the frequency with which Googlebot visits your site in turn of positive effect on depth of crawl and it can vary from hours to weeks.

Importance of Robots.txt

We all know Search Engine Optimization is a difficult business. Sometime we have a tendency to rank well on one engine for a specific keyphrase and assume that every one search engines can like our pages, and hence we’ll rank well for that keyphrase on variety of engines. sadly this can be rarely the case. All the most important search engines differ somewhat, thus what is get you ranked high on one engine may very well facilitate to lower your ranking on another engine.

It is for this reason that some individuals prefer to optimize pages for every specific search engine. sometimes these pages would solely be slightly completely different however this slight distinction might build all the distinction when it involves ranking high.

However as a result of search engine spiders crawl through sites indexing each page it will realize, it’d bump into your search engine specific optimizes pages and since they’re terribly similar, the spider might imagine you’re spamming it and can do one amongst 2 things, ban your web site altogether or severely punish you within the kind of lower rankings.

So what are you able to do to mention stop Google indexing pages that are meant for AltaVista, well the answer is basically quite easy and i am stunned that a lot of webmaster’s who do optimize for every search engine do not use it a lot of. It’s done employing a robots.txt file that resides on your webspace.

A Robots.txt file could be a important a part of any webmasters battle against obtaining banned or punished by the search engines if he or she styles completely different pages for various search engine’s.

The robots.txt file is simply a straightforward text file because the file extension suggests. It’s created employing a easy text editor like notepad or wordpad, difficult word processors like Microsoft Word can solely corrupt the file.

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