On Page SEO Checklist For Content Writers

seo copywriting tipsUtilizing SEO in building website content shouldn’t be a one-time event. Instead, it should be like learning to swim; the skill gets used and developed every time you go into the water. So it should be no surprise then that a number of tips exist about how to regularly make SEO better or things to avoid. These tips can be combined into a useful tool checklist including the below:

Corral the Tags

Whether it’s a title tag or a description tag, they all matter. Each one functions like a street sign for a web page, helping classify it. No one wants to be filed at the bottom of a folder bin, however. Tags help a web page stand out, especially when it is being indexed. So they should never be ignored. These tags represent the first item that gets read on a web page before anyone actually gets to the page. Assuming they function in some less capacity is a complete mistake in design.

That said, tags need to be kept succinct, concise and clear. Anything more than 75 characters loses value quickly.

Make the Meta Tag Count

Some types of web page designs allow for a meta tag to be attached. Like other tags, the meta tag should always be used. However, it too has limitations of 150 characters. After that, search engines ignore whatever is written. So be concise but utilize the description feature to full value on every page. And add keywords into meta description to enhance their triggers in search engines.

Use Links and Headers

Every web page should have a header tag on every subtitle and internal links to enhance internal page navigation. This makes it far easier for a reader to navigate the page quickly and consume more content. Not including these features leaves a person at a handicap, and navigating with just sidebars and back buttons gets old quick. Keywords and SEO should be embedded in these tags, but not forced. Instead, they should include natural language and placement. Nothing irks readers more than forced SEO obviously placed just to catch people through search engines.

Make Content Worth Visiting

It’s find to write content for SEO purposes, but there should be enough material to make it worthwhile. Anything less than 250 words isn’t usually enough to effectively place SEO tags naturally or with enough population to effectively pick up search engine crawlers. Instead, with content more along the size of a decent page, i.e. 400 to 500 words, provides far more material for crawlers. It also makes it far easier to embed multiple keywords naturally, avoiding offending readers and coming across as a cheap attempt to generate traffic.

In Summary

Anybody can slap together a web page with SEO embedded. However, good content becomes a work of art, utilizing SEO tips and tools naturally, enhancing a website for readers who follow through and visit.

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