Precautions To Avoid Mistakes in Disavow Link Tool

Disavow links tool is used when Google believes that there are huge number of fake links, spam links or low quality links which are pointed to your site. To Disavow those bad links pointed to the site we use Google webmasters Disavow Link Tool.

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Precautions To Avoid Mistakes in Disavow Link Tool

Uploading File: The file which has to be uploaded to disavow links tool is supposed to be regular text file where there is an expectation that there will be comment on its own line or even a domain which starts with “domain:” or URL.

Anything else if is made to be part of syntax in theory it will only result in the parser causing rejection of the file, sometimes we see people going with word files or .doc files, excel files and spreadsheet files to upload. These are the type of things for which the parser is not built to handle instead it only eagerly await for a text file, and if anything weird is uploaded then the parser is said to throw the file out also making it impossible for the reconsideration request to go through.

Reconsideration Request : At the first attempt for reconsideration request there are people who are found to be using a scalpel in order to sort out bad links even in a minute way; it can be either for better or worse that there are certain bad profiles which are not easy enough to be picked with scalpel instead should be done so using the shedding them straight taking a deeper step into removing bad links.

Domain Name or Individual Page: For example, if there are links from a forum or website which is full of spam then it is suggested to do domain colon rather than simply picking certain individual pages which means that it is better to do domain colon with the domain if there are huge number of bad links in that site. If certain individual links are picked at there are chances that it will mess up other links, there are many people who would choose to do this rather than straight away going with domain colon as their first choice.

Right Syntax for Domain: Second point is the need for right syntax for domain colon hence the domain name can’t just do with domain colon http and www or anything like that instead what is usually being searched for is the real domain name like There are certain type of people who are found to be including context, story or documentation as part of reconsideration request in the disavow links text file which is later tried uploading but there are many who do not know that this is not appropriate place to do it. The appropriate place to give context or description about things going on is directly in the reconsideration request and not the disavow links text file like many think. In an aftermath there are times when people tend to put up entire story on top where the first line is commented, but if there are chances of including multiple lines there is a possibility that certain lines are not commented and if this is the case then there are chances for parser to reject the file stating that it is just a bad file.

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Advice: Just in advance taking caution there is a possibility that the reconsideration request will not go through as is expected by many with this idea, there might be no need to include lot many comments but if there is a real need to include huge number of comments it is suggested to keep them short.

Multiple Lines: But one best suggestion is to lessen inclusion of multiple lines which otherwise is only said to increase possibility for the file to be copy pasted which make the file less trusted. One other important factor which has to be noticed is that there are many who think that disavow can be everything and end everything, pan SEO is something which is said to treat everything bad and yet there are times when there is a requirement to cure all the bad SEO which has been done trying to undo it.

Clean up as many links as are possible: But in the real world there are times when there comes a time to clean up as many links as are possible from the actual web which is one of the best way to see while putting up a request for reconsideration. This also shows that the individual is interested in putting in as many efforts they can to ensure that wrong things are corrected and cleaned up also ensuring that these will not be repeated again.

Most Common Mistakes: One of the most common mistakes done by people who go ahead with disavow link request is that people tend to submit a doc file of Microsoft word files instead of text file which has been specified in the checklist. We just hope that you will look into the checklist to make sure that the file which is submitted definitely passes the parser and ensure that the reconsideration request process goes ahead.

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