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website designYou’re probably a small business owner who’s contemplating about building his own website for the business to get more people in. Take note that a lot of business owners are now jumping this particular bandwagon in the hopes of getting a lot of people to recognize their business on a local and global scale. But there’s more to it than just getting a website up and running. You have to sit down with your web designers and developers and discuss about what features you would want your website to have. This will affect the pricing given to you in their web site design quotes. The designers or developers may end asking for more or less of their actual quotes, so don’t jump the gun just yet.

When we’re talking about features, we are talking about what your website will be and how it’s going to function as a website. Is it going to be built on a CMS platform so you will be able to have a small blog for your business, or are you going for the ecommerce platform wherein you can sell your products to customers all over the world? Features like these can greatly affect the pricing of your website, and the more complicated the website is, the more expensive it will be. at best, an ecommerce shopping site is going to be a lot more expensive than a standard blog.

Once that’s been discussed with, you will now move on to the other aspects of having a website like the domain name and the hosting. Again, these will affect the pricing of your website but not to the point of adding thousands of dollars every month. The domain name and the hosting are paid annually, so it’s relatively cheaper because you only need a one-time payment to make it last for a year before renewing it. The renewal process will be handled by your web designers too. Domain names usually cost around $10 a year and hosting can cost around $200 a year minimum, and the bigger the hosting capabilities the more expensive it is. You will need to talk to your web designers about the details of your hosting needs.

Get the Website You Want

There are several reasons why small businesses should get their own website developed. For starters, it’s a big help to get their brand recognition going. Websites can be accessed by anyone from all over the world when optimized and branded properly. Take for example, websites like eBay and Amazon. At some point they started out as something that was completely unrecognizable and now they boast of millions of visitors to their website on a daily basis. Can you imagine having half of what they’re enjoying? I’m pretty sure that having 100,000 people visit your website on a daily basis is going to help out a lot.

Before you ask for a web site design quote from potential developers, you have to understand the benefits and the power of a website. apart from getting your business known, it also helps build your authority online by giving you an avenue to post informative content. If you own a plumbing firm, you can post articles about how to fix plumbing issues like a broken toilet or a leaking water heater. You can even make a series of videos on how to do proper plumbing maintenance and post them on your website through YouTube.

A website can also act as an extension of your business online. If you’re selling products like health supplements and weight loss products, you can turn your website into an ecommerce site (a model similar to Amazon and eBay) and list your products up for sale. You will be able to earn money from people who are looking for your products from all over the world.

Remember, when you ask for a web site design quote, it’s best to ask the web developers or designers how much certain features cost. An ecommerce site is a lot more expensive than a blog-type (CMS or content management system) site. A standard landing page is going to be cheaper than the two of them if you only want someone to find your site online (landing page is the equivalent of a brochure or a poster). Asking the right questions will allow you to get the best website possible.

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Get the Best Web Site For the Right Price

Is there a secret to getting the best website possible without having to shell out a lot of money? There are no secrets, but there are certain steps on how you can get the best design and concept for your website come to life without having to spend a lot of money. By getting a web site design quote, you will be able to sit down with potential developers and designers and talk about how you want your website. What you ask in getting web site design quotes will affect the kind of website that the web developers and designers will conceptualize, so the main point of this article is to know how to ask the right questions.

Most people make the mistake of asking the first question of “HOW MUCH FOR A WEBSITE?” in web site design quotes. Ideally, this should be your last question and should be phrased as “HOW MUCH FOR TH ENTIRE THING?”. The first thing that you need to ask is the features that they can provide you with. You will be spending at least 80% of the proposed web site design quotes in features. Your web designers will ask you what you need, like a blog type of website or having an ecommerce website. The features will greatly affect your pricing and it’s important that you’re paying for the right ones. For example, a law firm can opt for a blog type website so they can publish content online while a shoe store can opt for an ecommerce site so they can sell their shoes online. It’s important to ask what kinds of features are best for your company. A law firm has no business with running an ecommerce website because they are not selling physical products.

Part of the features that go along with web site design quotes is the inclusion of domain names and hosting fees. It’s useless to go for a lot of storage space if you’re just going to post content like articles. A lot of storage space is needed if you plan to upload videos and audio files on your blog or website for your audience to download.


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