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Seo Tools List

seo toolsHere are the best tools that help your website rank higher in search engines which help in improving the quality of your content, back linking, help you in gaining link popularity, maximize your Google page rank and others. Make the most of these tools to develop and optimize your website in the best way possible.

Alexa: Track your website ranking by using Alexa toolbar. Alexa determines the traffic drawn to your website analyzing the web and thus increase the rank of your site. This way your site is ranked in Alexa commonly called Alexa ranking. Alexa ranking is determined by the number of users who visit your site and the number of pages viewed by the user.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool: This tool helps in optimizing the overly specified keywords or keyword phrases which requires little modification and focus. You can even remove links if you find a risk of over optimization in a specific anchor text link.

Advanced Google Searches: Google advanced search tool is used by the advanced search operators where one can use Google for many possible search mechanisms in the web world.

Backlink Analyzer: It is free link popularity tool that tells you about which anchor text is linking to a page or site. However there are many alternatives to this particular tool.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Bing webmaster tools help you to analyze how your site works in a broader perspective. This tool helps in bringing traffic to your website by providing stats on why people are visiting your website, and on what areas you can expand your site and thus improve your website in a more possible way.

Boomerang: Boomerang is a very productive tool which can help you to communicate with people in the global world irrespective of time zones and lets you follow up your emails and is a great email remainder tool. A great link builder when streamlining your emails.

Builtwith: Builtwith is a website profiler tool which helps with the website technology lookups such that it helps in finding out what technologies web pages are using and thus help developers and designers to implement these technologies when building sites.

Buffer: Buffer helps you optimize your social sharing on the web with your audience at optimal times for greater visibility.

Buzz Stream Tools Suite: Buzz Stream offers a wide number of tools for link building and also helps you follow up your emails.

Content Strategy Generator Tool: This tools help you generate the content in a more organized way and help you analyze in forming the content using keyword research and estimating your audience search.

CirleCount: With the advancement made in Google Analytics CircleCount is free tool to track your followers’ count and the number of share.

Caption Tube: This seo tool helps offers viewers a readable transcript and increases the usability of the viewers and helps create captions for YouTube.

Copyscape: Copyscape helps in detecting the originality of your content. It takes the job of both plagiarism checker and duplicate-content checker. It is an effective way to track the usage of your content across the web.

Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML: Though there have been many alternative ways for the word doc is still rules the web world. This tool makes it easy the hurdle of copying and pasting.

Domain Hunter Plus: This exclusive Chrome extension helps you find important broken links, and also lets you know if the link points to any available domain.

DeepCrawl: DeepCrawl is a cloud based seo tool that does not explicitly require any kind of set up for IT resources. You will able to run multiple crawls simultaneously and all the reports will be easily shareable and accessible remotely. This free tool helps in creating and sharing inforgraphics. The templates that made available allow anyone to create a professional looking inforgraphic.

Email Format: This is very helpful tool for most of the organizations around the world. Email format helps you find and maintain proper email standard for thousands of companies and big organizations.

FindPeopleonPlus: It is the ultimate Google directory which works great for research, outreach and link building. One can sort this process by keywords, profession, country and other strategies.

Fiddler: Fiddler is an online debugging tool which logs all the HTTP(S) traffic between your PC and the internet.

Frobee Robots.txt Checker: With the help of this tool run your file which helps you find all the hidden errors that are easily visible to human eye and you will never find one.

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool which helps you in searching keyword and ad group ideas. You can also know how a list of keyword performs, create a new keyword and choose keywords associated with competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the all time favourite tool for SEO professionals that help in generating the detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic resources. It also gives deep insights by measuring conversions, sales and more.

Google Analytics API: Google API is a great tool for generating custom build reports and tools, and also for saving the information into Google Docs or Excel.

Google Public Data: This is a great tool to take the initiation on content research, inforgraphics and more. It is often associated with huge databases.

Google Map Maker: This tool helps you to contribute to the public map information. This could be either shared or incorporated into Google Maps.

Google Page Insights: Improve your page speed with the help of deep insights, tools and data that have been shared on your page. On one hand it is also associated with better ranking and user engagement.

Google Webmaster: Find your site on the web with this tool. This tool helps in giving your site a healthy diagnostic with data and tools for good Google user friendly site.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool: Add structured data, reviews, stars and more with this snippet tool and see how your snippet appears in Google’s search results.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool: This testing tool helps you in verifying your markup if you are using any micro formats or other structured type data.

Google Trends: Get to know what’s trending in Google from time to time and view keyword search popularity over time.

Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools: Ninjas as recognized for their best SEO practices and online marketing. With their expertise they’ve put some best tools for free online. This is a great free inforgraphics resource that allows you to easily create some creative graphics and data visualization.

Image SEO Tool: This tool helps in examining how well the mages on a particular web page is following basic image SEO techniques. Input an URL and this tool checks image name, dimensions, alt attribute. If any problem is discovered alerts are given.

IIS SEO Toolkit: This tool is very handy when it comes to improve website’s relevancy in search results by recommending how to make the site content more search engine friendly. This tool is very helpful for developers, web server administrators as well as hosting providers.

IFTTT: IFTTT stands for IF This, Then That. This tools helps to create triggers automatically between various apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook etc.,

Linkstant: Linkstant, an analytical tool alerts you when someone links to your website. Works well for outreach and in targeting the right audience. Email Guesser: This intelligent nifty tool helps in figuring out the recipient’s address in case if you have mistype it while sending an email.

Links API Extension for Excel: This tool helps you fetch valuable link and keyword search volume data using the most powerful API services.

MozCast: MozCast helps in giving you the complete whether report to track the changes in SERP’S on daily basis.

Wordtracker: Wordtracker is the SEO tool which is helpful to decide keywords for your website. It deals with the complete analysis of your keywords.

Visual Website Optimizer: Visual Website Optimizer is a market leading testing and optimization tool that allows marketers, product managers and analysts to create A/B tests.

Raven: Raven Internet Marketing Tools is an online platform that helps users quickly research, manage, monitor and report on SEO, social media and other Internet marketing campaigns.

Optimizely: It is a website optimization platform, providing A/B and multivariate testing that is incredibly powerful and easy-to-use.

Moz Analytics: Moz Analytics offers a dashboard of all your important marketing data in one place with actionable analytics for better marketing.

Wistia: Wistia provides video hosting, management, and marketing for business.  Both free and low-cost options available.

Whois Lookup: This is an internet service lookup tool that finds information about a domain name or IP address.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: Whitespark is a valuable resource that should be in the toolkit of every local SEO. It helps SEO professionals discover citation sources for a business.

Trello: Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects and ideas into boards. Trello uses a paradigm for managing projects.

StatCounter:        StatCounter is a web traffic analysis tools. It is a tracking cookie used by some websites to track and analyze visitors that visits their websites.

SimilarWeb: Similarweb is a research tool that will help you discover the most important traffic insights for any website.

SERPmetrics: It is a robust search engine rank monitoring platform with a full featured API, built especially for SEO agencies with bulk keyword tracking needs.

SEMrush: SEMrush is a keyword research tool. It is available both in a free and paid version.

Searchmetrics Visibility Charts: Searchmetrics delivers data, analyses and help for all aspects of search engine optimization.

Screaming Frog: The Screaming Frog allows you to quickly analyze or review a site from an onsite SEO perspective. It’s particularly good for analysing medium to large sites where manually checking every page would be extremely labour intensive and where you can easily miss a redirect, Meta refresh or duplicate page issue.

RowFeeder: RowFeeder is the easiest way to run a Twitter contest and analyze the results. It tracks keywords on Twitter and Facebook, aggregating the matching posts and related data, load that information into Excel for easy social media monitoring.

Piktochart: PiktoChart is web-based infographic software and a one-stop shop for building, designing and customizing visually attractive infographics.

Open Site Explorer: Open Site Explorer is the best SEO tool for measuring websites SEO performance, growth over time and competitive analysis.

nTopic: nTopic is an API that accepts a keyword and a piece of content. It is one of the few proven methods for giving your content a relevancy score.

Mozscap API: The Mozscape API allows you to customize and integrate date from our dynamic Mozscape index. Mozscape index update we compute a link graph of the web, and then use that data to generate metrics like Domain authority and Page authority.

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