Using A Business Blog To Increase Your Income

A business blog is not only a great tool for marketing your business and building relationships with your customers, it can also provide you with many opportunities to generate new revenue streams. As you will soon discover, a business blog can help you increase your earnings, both directly and indirectly.

Let’s explore four simple ways to grow your income online using a business blog:

Use Your Business Blog To Showcase Your Products and Services

business blogA business blog can help you showcase your products and services. You can publish posts and articles that explain to your prospects and customers all the ways they can benefit from what you have to offer.

Don’t assume that people will work out how they can best benefit from your products or services just from reading a short product description with an accompanying list of features. Show your prospective customers how they can use your products by describing a range of different scenarios and situations.

Paint a picture for your prospects of how they will “feel” once they start using your products or experiencing your services, and help them connect emotionally with your business. As many sales representatives of women’s beauty products are taught, never sell someone fancy skin cream in a jar … sell them hope, beauty, and youth!

Write informative and educational articles and blog posts offering people tips and advice on how to use your products. Train them on how to do business with you. If you’re a business application developer, for example, teach them how to avoid the problems that most clients experience when communicating their ideas to software developers, and help prevent issues that can lead to disaster and dissatisfaction. Show them how to request features, and how to design and implement their own applications. This gives your prospects actionable information, so that once they’re done reading, they’re already on your site and one step closer to placing an order.

Use Your Business Blog To Build An Email List

business blog tipsA business blog is a great way to communicate with your customers, but getting your blog visitors to subscribe to your email list is even better. With an email list, your readers can subscribe to receive updates and offers from you directly to their email inboxes.

If you use a service like Aweber, for example, you can pre-load messages offering helpful tips, then use blog broadcasts to send out occasional news about your business along with a few promotions. Offer to provide subscribers great educational content such as training and tips, and your list will grow with people who are already interested and ready to buy from you. This way, whenever you send out an email offer, you’ll get new sales.

If you use WordPress to power your business blog, you can easily build your list by placing an opt-in form on the sidebar of your pages . Our training tutorials show you how to easily set up an opt-in for that asks for your visitors’ name and email address.

To entice people to sign up and subscribe to your list, you can offer them something for free, such as an instructional report, or a discount coupon for your services.

Use Your Business Blog To Promote Affiliate Products

blogging tipsAn indirect way to increase your income online with a business blog is to promote related affiliate products on your site.

Instead of just blogging about your products to get sales directly through your site, you can become an affiliate for additional or related products and services that your customers would also be interested in, and the blog about those products on some of your posts.

For example, let’s say that you start a blog to promote your aromatherapy services business. You can search for companies that sell products like oils, accessories, related e-books, etc. and become an affiliate of these companies. You then write blog posts reviewing these products and explaining why your clients would enjoy and benefit from these products, and include your affiliate link in your blog posts. When visitors follow your recommendation and click on the link and buy the product, you get an affiliate (i.e. a referral) commission.

The first step to becoming an affiliate is to either search online for companies that offer the products you would like to promote and see if they offer an affiliate program, or join an established affiliate network. If the company’s website offers an affiliate program, follow their instructions on how to apply. If you join an affiliate network, then browse the products they offer and find things that your customers would enjoy using. Affiliate networks make it extremely easy to do this. If you know your readers and your target market well and what they like to buy, you can choose products that will perfectly suit them.

Use Your Business Blog To Earn Income With Advertising

blog advertisingOnce you begin to attract new visitors to your blog on a regular and consistent basis, you can start to think about generating an additional stream of income by placing advertising links or banners on your site.

Placing ads on your blog’s sidebar and individual posts is a classic and proven method for monetizing sites. Like affiliate marketing, the key is to place compelling ads that are targeted to your readership and that will benefit them. However, you should really think carefully about whether you should offer advertising on your site or not.

Advertisers will only keep paying for space on your blog if visitors keep coming from your blog to their sites. Before you can start charging good money for selling ad slots on your blog’s real estate, you will need to create a large blog readership with lots of regular.

This means not only driving a substantial amount of new traffic to your site, but also seeing visitors leave your site once they get there, to go to your advertisers’ sites. If you are happy to build traffic for your advertisers, then go ahead and offer advertising space on your site. If you don’t have too much traffic to begin with, you can place AdSense ads or affiliate banners on your site, and then replace these with higher paying clients and offers when your traffic becomes substantial.

Additional advertising methods include placing banner ads, text link ads, and even selling sponsored blog posts on your site.

If you want to drive traffic for your own products and services before your visitors leave through an advertising banner or link, then consider offering advertising space on email newsletters and private membership pages only (i.e. after customers buy your products, not before). You can achieve this by contacting potential advertisers directly and showing them how your sales funnel works and how they would benefit by advertising their products or services on your product download pages, membership areas, newsletters and email messages, etc.

Whatever your strategy for increasing your income online using a business blog is, always remember that your priority should always be to provide great value to your readers. Offering great content that adds real value to other people’s lives is the foundation of all successful blogs. If you commit to over-deliver on your reader’s expectations and continue to make good on your commitment, your business blog will achieve its aim of connecting you to more prospects and help you build a long-term relationship with your new and existing customers.

Also, if you have found the information in this blog post useful, please feel free to share it with others, or post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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