Ways You’re Ruining Your Site’s Content

You have an excellent content strategy, you’ve researched the keywords and you’re ready to take on the Internet. But, successful content isn’t just about creating a plan and implementing it it is all about delivery. If you’ve been trying your current seo strategy and you aren’t seeing results, perhaps you’re committing one of the many sins that put a good content strategy in the toilet.

You Ignore All Content Except Blog and Website Content

Yes, your blog and website content are important, but any content you release is content that should be in your strategy. That includes social media posts, emails, videos, Tweets, etc. Everything tied to your website and your brand needs to be included in your strategy even if it is a single word. That is because everything you release is something a customer can see and relate back to your brand. So, do you really want to send an unclear message?

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You Make it All About You Not the Customer

Yes, your content should flaunt what you have to offer, but it shouldn’t be all about you. Subtly bring up why you’re the best choice, but don’t push it into the face of the reader. Instead, your content should be reader-centered. That means focusing on their wants, needs and benefits of reading your content.

You Expect Overnight Results

Great content takes time to populate. It could take up to six months or longer for you to really see results from your content strategy. If you’re expecting results overnight or even in a couple months, you’ll be surely disappointed. Be patient. Track your metrics, do research and continue to improve upon your strategy, but do not make drastic changes to the strategy you’re using just because it doesn’t work in a month.

You’re Not Using Seasons and Holidays

Christmas time, for example, brings up great content naturally. If you aren’t using seasons and holidays to inspire some of your content, you’ll be less interesting than the companies that are. For example, if you own a bank website, take advantage of home buying season (usually in the summer) to post about savings, offers and educating your clients about financing a new home.

You’re Underestimating Your Readers’ Intelligence

You should always strive to educate your readers, but that doesn’t mean you should insult them in the process. Make sure your content is understandable by most of your readers, but still don’t talk to them like they are children.

You Are Not Proofing Your Work

Nothing kills a content strategy more than grammatical errors, awkward phrases, etc. Check your content including social media posts before submitting them. By taking the time to proof you can avoid any embarrassing typos that go viral.

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