Why You Must Have a Sitemap?

sitemapLike other maps, Sitemap is architecture of your site. If you have read Google’s Starter guide, it is obvious that if you want to follow google’s policies. You must have two Sitemaps on your website or blog. One should be for search engines (XML Sitemap) and other for your visitors (HTML Sitemap). Do you know why a sitemap is necessary for a blog? Do you really want to ask search engines to crawl your all webpages? How Sitemap helps your site to rank higher in search engines? I have answers to these questions.

Why it’s necessary to have a sitemap

An XML Sitemap will ask search engine’s crawlers to crawl your webpages with your permission. It will provide crawlers a way to search your site. Search Engine’s crawlers will be bound to crawl your webpages, as you want them to crawl.

Sitemap’s effect on ranking

It will help you to ask crawlers to crawl your important webpages first. As search engines will crawl your site for any keyword. Your sitemap will ask crawler to look at your important webpages as well. Every time Search Engine’s crawler will crawl your site, your Sitemap will help crawlers to crawl your valuable webpages. This strategy can help you to rank higher in search engines. As your Sitemap don’t include unnecessary links. It will also help you to rank your pages higher in Search Engines.

Excludes Unnecessary Links

Do you believe Google’s crawler don’t want to register on your blog? Then you must ask Search Engine’s crawlers not to crawl your unnecessary links like Signup or Logout. If you have Sitemap on your site/blog. It means you have asked to crawl from your Sitemap only. Your Sitemap will not contain these kind of unnecessary links. It will help crawlers to have better experience with your site. It will help you to rank higher in Search Engines.

Sitemap show your navigation

It’s fact that your blog’s navigation must be easy. Your sitemap will tell Search Engine’s crawlers that it’s easy to navigate your site. Your webpages should not be far from your homepage. It will also help you to improve your ranking in search engines.

How to add Sitemap in Blogger’s Blogs

If you are using Blogger. Blogger’s default Sitemap will show 26 recent posts of your blog. So you need to create a Sitemap which can have your all valuable webpages. You can not depend on Blogger’s default Sitemap. As Blogger’s Blogs are not fully optimized. You need to make changes in your Blogger’s Blog. So you need to add an external Map in your Blogger’s Blog.

Create a Sitemap for Blogger

If you are professional. You must design your own Sitemap. If you can not design it in your own you can depend on free tool which will create your Blogger’s blog’s Sitemap. Go to XML Sitemap for Blogger. Add your Blog’s URL like http://webspidersolution.com. Then Click on Generate Sitemap. This free tool will create a Sitemap for your blog. Copy your XML Sitemap.

Add Sitemap in Blogger

It’s easy to add your Sitemap in your blogger’s blog. You are asked to follow these steps.
1. Visit your Blogger’s Blog Dashboard.
2. Go to “Search Preferences” under Settings (Look at left menu in your Blog’s dashboard)
3. Enable “robots.txt” under “Crawlers and Indexing” and paste your Sitemap in the box.
4. Click on “Save Changes”.
You have successfully added your Sitemap in your Blogger’s Blog.
Where you must submit Sitemap:

As you have added your Site map. It’s not over. You need to submit your Sitemap to Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools to submit your it. As you submit Sitemap to Bing, you don’t need to submit it to yahoo. Yahoo will get it from Bing. It will help you to see if your webpages are indexed or not.

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