The 3 essentials to a perfectly executed digital marketing campaign

One of the most important tasks for a digital marketing team is the creation, development, and execution of campaigns. Not all campaigns turn out to be successful, some more than others, but if you or your team knows the basics I outline here they will create a masterpiece time and time again.

Whatever type of media it is, consumers are now equipped with all the information they need from hundreds if not thousands of companies and channels to choose from when making a buying decision. The digital marketing team must always be aware of what information is out there and how buyers react. Fortunately, we now have an arsenal of tools to give us all or most of the metrics we need to create campaigns based on this information, but each campaign must be made up of three basics.

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What is a really great campaign made up of?

To start, there are three simple questions that must be answered prior to building a campaign. I learned this and adapted it from one of my mentors as well as marketing automation consultants I’ve worked with.

  1. Who is the customer (target)? Have your buyer personas nailed down and decide who you are targeting. Targeted marketing is proven to be more successful and result in higher conversion rates.
  2. What is the offering? Determine what type of offering is going to appeal most to this target demographic.
  3. What is the message? The team must come up with a unique message that will capture the targeted buyer’s attention and drive them into the sales process.

Regardless of what you are selling, these are the essential components to any marketing campaign. Whether it’s a new line of products or a product assortment, a new book you’ve self-published, a specific service, or a discount sale on a product or service, you must answer these questions in order to build the perfect campaign.

Of course, there are many more elements that go into the development of the campaign, such as graphics, what type of media to channels, and content. But the three questions above must be researched and answered prior to building out the campaign and collateral and then comes testing, analyzing, and launching the campaign.

A great example of a perfectly executed campaign recently was the launch of American Beagle Outfitters®(American Eagle’s line for dogs). The concept was tested by launching a joke campaign on April fools day 2013 to customers via social media. The response was so overwhelming, the company made the investment to manufacture stylish and cozy digs for dogs.

Who was their target? Customers who have dogs and live in cooler climates during the winter and other seasons (being the launch scheduled for the winter season).

What was the offering? They developed a line of outerwear and planned to promote it during their outwear sale for ‘Puffers’ (a line of winter coats).

What was the message? ‘Puffers for You and Your Pup’ (upsell tactic, why not buy a Puffer for you AND your pup?)

This campaign was brilliantly executed because not only was it tested in a way to get pre-buy in through social engagement, it was promoted to customers buying ‘Puffers’ for themselves and enticed an additional sell for their dog. When this campaign launched, I immediately knew they had a marketing team that had nailed down the three most important elements of a digital campaign.

A truly great digital marketer always tests everything, knows the target audience well, and delivers the right message at the right time. With these three elements incorporated into the daily campaign development model, you and your team are sure to drive results that your CXOs will love.

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