9 Must Have Magento Extensions to Enhance the Productivity of Your Online Store

Magento e-commerce business give new companies and rapidly expanding organizations the adaptability to deal with their site content by eliminating much of the chaotic problems. In addition, there are plenty of extensions accessible, empowering shop proprietors to improve the looks and performance  of their site. In any case, with such huge numbers of extension  out there,  picking the ones that best suit your online business  can be a troublesome task.

Magento Search extension

An e-commerce website heavily needs a Magento 2 search extension. Imagine an e-commerce website with everything, every product on the first page, it will get really annoying for a customer to visit your website and find the innumerable items there without any such search option. This is the reason we have classified pages on website, different products stored according to their niches. Giving your e-commerce store a defined structure. Even after everything it is a must for online stores these days to have a well defined search option too, making it convenient for the customer to go through product of their choice. Search helps customer in discovering their items quicker making the closing of conversions from your website a pretty fast and an easy task. Hence, Megento Search extension is extreme essential for the online store to work properly and have an edge.

magento 2 search extension

Color Swatch

As a store owner, you’ll likely need to show your products in various varieties. This is the place the Color Swatch extension proves to be useful. It permits to show configurable items in various patterns designs, or hues. Color Swatch will expand the general options available in your store without influencing its performance..

Color swatch functions with all Magento variants. It can likewise be utilized for setting up various swatch picture for different trait options (like visited, hover, and so on.) of a certain specific item.

color swatches

Google Enhanced Ecommerce For Magento

Google continues with their new updates to give online store owners speedy access to client’s information. What’s more, the latest offering by Google, Enhanced Ecommerce makes it to a great degree simpler to look into eCommerce information. Keeping your site updated with Goggle isn’t a simple work though.

Luckily, Google Enhanced Ecommerce For Magento expansion make “Universal Analytics” and “Enhanced Ecommerce “ coordination a great deal simple and snappy for Magento site owners. And something which might shock you is that this extension other than being easy is completely free.

Quick View Product Extension

Regardless of the size of your ecommerce store, make a point to diminish the time buyers take to get to data on – an item page, category page, or some other page – without having to refresh the page. One most ideal approach to do as such requires including the “Quick View” option in your online store.

Quick View Product Extension is the most feasible arrangement that reduces the time guests take to see the information of the products on your website, by giving a fast survey of data on the majority of the product pages. Thus clients don’t have to backpedal and forward to get to information from item pages, which in the end enable them to do their shopping without any hassle prompting an increased conversion rate.

magento quick view

Magento Gift Wrapper / Gift Wrap / Giftwrap

This Gift wrapping feature is one of the most lucrative feature available to entice visitors to make purchases.Furthermore, it can likewise give you an edge over your rivals. On account of the Gift Wrapper expansion clients can also have additional blessing wrap papers and messages.

This is a very responsive extension and works with different gadgets of your choice. It empower clients to pick one or from several option available on customer needs.

gift wrap magento

Magic Zoom Plus

Adding zoom impact to your items fills in as the foundation in influencing individuals to feel sure about purchasing something from your store. Magic Zoom Plus flawlessly suit the need of e-store owners willing to include zoom option into their item pictures. Magic Zoom plus give two of the most regularly favored zoom impacts, for example, Zoom on float and Enlarge on Click.

More than 1000 creators worldwide are utilizing the Magic Zoom Plus extension, which obviously show how popular it is. As soon as it is downloaded, the extension consequently starts working on your store item pages.

Fashion Clothing Closet Magento

You can’t in any way, let go of this one! With the assistance of this extension, your customers can relocate attire on a virtual model to discover appropriate clothing styles for them. It helps in making a virtual room wherein clients can try out different clothing.

The extension is good with every single present day browser, for example, IE10 (and more seasoned adaptations), Opera, Firefox, and so forth.

Magento Product Video Extension

Need to upgrade your item pages, by giving better item visuals? All things considered, IWD – Magento Product Video Extension is precisely what you require. Utilizing this extension helps you to feature the most critical highlights of your item. The extension is anything but difficult to introduce, bug free and accompanies 15 day money back promise. It bolsters YouTube, Vimeo and numerous different video.


usernap magento

We’ve spared the best for last! Despite the fact that, you’ve been introduced with some extraordinary Magento expansions on your online shop, you still may even now encounter execution issues. One conceivable reason could be that your site contains bugs that are causing things that make the site to work erroneously.

Usersnap is a surprisingly valuable Magento bug following tool that captures visuals of the issues your client is looking in your store. The tool is accessible for a free-trial.

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