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blueprint marketingThere is no doubt that there are several people who start out with blogging only because they have set a goal earn hard and fast cash with Ad Sense or Affiliate marketing however there also are many who tend to fail only because they have no knowledge on marketing despite their steps to market them. However they also do not know appropriate marketing blueprint, hence we give you here step by step process which when followed will turn out to be a great source of generating income accompanied with SEO, secret tactics and marketing with articles.

Choose appropriate products

First and foremost step which is part of marketing blueprint is to ensure that 5 best products are chosen to help in campaigning about the criteria they fit into. Some of the best products which are to be promoted can be found with the use of Clickbank, additionally they also see increase in products with regular addition of latest products.  It also has to be seen that enough payment is received for the time invested into these products; products which pay minimal amount should not be campaigned for provided there is choice to go with much better products that pay better money.
It does not mean that products will have to be promoted which are not used by people, instead both the factors are have to be taken into consideration which is promotion of better paying products and most used ones. There are several products which are known to offer affiliate commission of nearly 50% to 60% when the product is promoted, one other idea is to promote residual income affiliate program like any promotion of web hosting company which when helps in getting a sale is definitely said to get the same amount as long as the customer is with that particular web hosting service.

Select effective keywords

It is often seen that people tend to write about 100 articles about a product with the idea to promote it but later they get to know that this product does not generate as many sales as is expected. To avoid all this it is suggested to first go with search for keyword among which the first 30 have to be written about in order to see which product is useful.
If it has been observed that writing 30 articles is not generating necessary sales it is advised to stop going ahead with the process of writing articles, the best thing about this affiliate marketing is to see if products are success without spending any money but surely making them. As soon as it is realized that the product is winner the next step would be to advertise with Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.

Use keywords while writing articles

After recognizing appropriate product along with the keywords time is appropriate for articles to be written since there is an assurance that there will be guaranteed huge money. All those who want to make some big bucks will have to understand that they should be ready to write several articles which have to be put into action immediately.

Take full advantage or nothing at all

There are chances that the readers will probably not be given a chance to be redirected from the article they read to signup form to be given an option of email list in Ezinearticles official website, there also will probably not be chance of readers getting sales letter or affiliate page through redirection.
Customers of the article commandos are probably going to request for more from people who use their services which will be great for visitors of the website, this will give scope to go through the links when all the website information is provided. It is pretty common for people to find any topic interesting which will be read on further taking even a possibility to promote the product.

Refine the keywords

There are times when people who write about hundred articles under one particular directory tend to notice that product doing real good which is appropriate time to increase the number of articles, but it is suggested to look out for other keywords to write articles about.
For those who tend to sit through 4 weeks for any new keyword are sure to notice hike of about 100 bucks or even more, this is one such method which is being looked out for by several others who tend to be lazy yet make huge money. All those who want to make full time money working only for half time every year can go with the tip suggested above doubling up the profits which are usually made.
Now that the steps have been suggested all you have to do is come up with a marketing blueprint to make some real and fast online money. 

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