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Make your Blogger famous with Guest Blogging Communities

Panda and Penguin have left all the marketers dried up by keeping a check on all the techniques they have been using till date. Online marketing is the one to have been hugely affected after Penguin and Panda updates have struck them, however there are two techniques which many of these marketers are inclining towards which are guest blogging and blogger outreach. These two strategies are the ones which have been helping these marketers to survive even after the drought name Penguin and Panda have hit them.

For people who are determined to do every task of their on their own Google is the best to look out for bloggers belonging to the same department however there are also various other networks which have been exclusively designed with the purpose of helping businesses connect with each other which also implies to the bloggers.

Are you in search of blogs which need content? Well, here is the good news for all those who have been unsuccessful in their attempt till date since they not only get to know the blogs but also have an easy method to do so.

Networks available for Guest Blogging Outreach

Below given are the nine networks where any online marketer can guest blog and blog outreach in order to promote their business giving it maximum exposure possible along with extra backlinks.



It is usually referred to as being dashboard for blogger outreach, where this network has a directory of 109k bloggers where search can be conducted taking into consideration keywords, gender, category and several other demographics. Additionally this network also helps in interacting with the tweets by other bloggers, sharing blog posts along with getting hold over pitch blogger to write about your service.

Some of the famous firms which are known to use Blog Dash are True Media, Shine United and Likeable Media. There are no charges being imposed to look into the network or even connecting the same business to increase their fame however for the services which need pitching through dashboard there is a minimum membership of $49.99 every month. For those who are sure to use this pitch blogging for longer duration money can be saved by taking membership for three months or 1 year at a stretch. Before making a decision to go ahead with this network have a thorough look at the testimonials submitted by agencies that have already worked with them and get free guide for blogger outreach.

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp

It is a free service that is offered to online marketers where they can come in touch with bloggers who need content and also is great place for businesses that are willing to exchange links with content. One of the best part about this network is that the bloggers who have agreed for services with them will not be request for payment as per their guidelines but still there are other requests which may change. This network first needs a request to be put up for guest post, product by blogger that has to be reviewed or even an announcement about a contest.

Bloggers can also put up request for all these for their websites which is done by sending across an email for everyone who has been listed for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Any two person who find the request interesting can contact each other directly with the help of contact information provided in the mail. Though Blogger LinkUp does not have any huge content this does not mean that is it not the best place to get guest bloggers, as per Social Media Examiner this network can be credited for being the best place to get guest blogger additionally being a free service also adds advantage to this network.


This social network is purely for the bloggers who are with the idea of guest post for other blogs which means they in turn will get guest posts for their own blogs and an added benefit is free registration. After registration a profile has to be created for the blog in order to accept guest blog posts and take up the pen to deliver guest posts.

Apart from this there also is a choice to go through the listed 2000+ blogs who are eagerly waiting for guest posts and submission of articles for people who use those blogs. Apart from this there are also more than 17000 writers ever ready to give content for any blog along with articles to be published on various topics.



Best choice for bigger brands who are trying to make blogger outreach part of their marketing techniques, this network is said to index millions of blogs where search is based on topics, keyword, location and followers count. There are certain blogs which support guest posts, videos, giveaways and sponsored posts and giveaways.

Important information about the targeted blogs can be acquired with the help of GroupHigh which includes getting social profiles, author names, SEO metrics and location of contact forms. Some of the famous firms which use the service provided by this network include Social Media Explorer, Citrix, Home Depot, Distilled and several others. In order to get the pricing of services in GroupHigh they have to be directly contacted however there is an estimate that they might possibly charge $3,000 every year.


This service can be used by those who want to submit their content to be used for other blogs on the website which will also help them get content for their own blog.

Free members of this network can have one article for free on the market while pro membership owners who pay $20 every month can have five articles along with other features like getting or sending messages, ratings and membership for Blog Engage Social voting network.

Guest Blog Genius

guest blog genius

Penguin and Panda by Google have scared one and all irrespective of their experience, at such time we come across Guest Blog Genius who are proud to campaign that they are transparent and all the services they offer are obliging to the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Their service includes allows SEO to search for better guest blogging chances along with quality content on daily basis from US based writers. Any problems with building proper links can be overcome by taking up good content ideas with skilled writers also helping in building stable relationships. Pricing for use of this service is said to be based on the topic being chosen for content, however an approximation of pricing is said to be $36 to $144.


New content can be found by the blog owners from any other bloggers additionally it is also said to help in finding chances of getting guest posting with the content that is also said to build links.

For now this network provides free service to the site owners and those who look out for guest posts, it can be found that there are 804 listing for the sites to look into accepting the huge number of categories.



This has top place among the communities which are known for guest blogging, those in search of guest bloggers or willing to do guest blog for certain category in guest blogging forum will not have to pay any money.

For those who are looking out for marketing the published posts there is a forum by them to meet this need, there also is an option to submit articles directly to gallery or to other bloggers on the sites. For this there is a need to make payment after which there are additional options like direct submission of guest posts to the dashboard of blog admin and submission of articles to info graphics gallery.



This is one such service which is said to make guest blogging easy and quick for both the parties who are interested in doing it and the others who want to get it done. The advantage people have about choosing PostJoint over other service providers is that the search will not have to be done through the galleries. Instead content is supplied for publishing where the audience are matched with huge database of blogs and bloggers after which the offer to publish posts is done.

The only choice to be made is about the offers which have to be accepted which can be made based on different metrics additionally the posts are only shown in excerpt view to the bloggers which helps in preventing any duplication of content. All the registered bloggers are screened personally by the moderators hence there are chances of response rate being higher also meeting the set expectations.

Need help to Make your Blogger famous with Guest Blogging

guest bloggingIt is not necessary that the blogger will have to accept all the requests only because they are part of the networks, irrespective of the medium used to connect to the bloggers there are certain things which have to be taken care of to succeed. Below given are the list of things which are to help in blogging:

Customize the request: Ensure that the blog owner name is made part of the request, for any blogger it is really irritating to see them being addressed as Dear Sir or Madam or any other generic sort of greeting when they are being requested for anything. It is even more troublesome to see these sort of greetings to be used when the name is clearly being specified on the sidebar of blog, on blog posts and on the about us page. In order to address the blog owner properly it is necessary to find their name which is possible by looking deeper into the pages.

Converse with blogger before pitching them:If any blog interests you for guest post or even to get your product reviewed it is suggested that little time and effort has to be put in to get more information on the blogger. Some of the ways in which familiarity with the blog can be increased include giving comments on their posts, spreading information about their posts and interacting with them through social media.

Need for relativity: When a blog is defined under one category it is necessary to see that the guest post or any such service is something which is related to blogger also helping them in its campaigning if not it will purely be a waste.

Choose Guest post topic wisely: For all those who are confused about the topic which has to be used for guest post there is a great search string with Google which is intitle: keyword which will give all the posts which are available with that particular keyword in the title.

Guidelines are important: All those willing to do guest posts and product reviews should make it a point to read the guidelines on nearly all the blogs. They will have to be surely read to ensure that the request meets the set target and specifications.

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