affilate programm

Do you own a blog? You have no clue as to what is the next step after having created a blog and no time to come up with some content which will fetch some fast cash. Affiliate programs are the best methods which will give life to dead end blogs also making it easy to make money using internet which surely needs some time to be invested in this.

Its All About Revenue

Increasing revenue is said to be possible for sure with the help of affiliate programs for those who own blogs and websites, for all those who are new with the term affiliate programs should understand that it means giving reference to any product which is affiliated to any particular brand through your blog and if any visitor makes purchase for this product through your blog then you are eligible to get commission on this particular purchase.

This method makes it a great way of bloggers making some fast cash, for all those who have no clear information about affiliate programs have nothing to worry about abandoning other ad partners for this program. Affiliate programs are compatible with other ad partners like Google Adsense, Yahoo bing and several others.

Now that the blogger has understood that it is affiliate programs which will get some easy and fast cash, the next thought would definitely be about some really good affiliate services for bloggers. Well, halting your process of thoughts we have taken steps to put together few best known affiliate programs which are to benefit the bloggers.

Affiliate programs which are best for beginner bloggers include

  • Amazon affiliate program: There will be very few people who have not heard of Amazon which currently holds top place in US affiliate program among all other programs, for this the blogger will have to sign up as an associate and get ads however for all this to happen it is necessary for them to have blogs or websites which have unique and useful content. Amazon affiliate program works best for those who have a blog based on tech and career oriented since it has several products which include eBooks, tech gadgets, gift cards and several other accessories. For all those who decide to go ahead with Amazon affiliate program where they will have to campaign for Amazon products will surely fetch lots of money due to the commission Amazon is willing to pay for their products to be sold. Further those who have delved deeper into this can also get a whole website which purely concentrates on Amazon selling products due to the huge revenue that can be generated with Amazon with a condition that there will be 1000 visits every day.
  • ClickBank: Irrespective of the liking people have for ClickBank it takes up top place among affiliate programs which is due to the 75% commission it is ready to give for the sale of their products. ClickBank has about $1.5 billion to pay out as commissions alone making it one of the most chose affiliate programs for the pay rate they are ready to give, here any blogger can simply choose a particular product and sell it through any blog which develops a need to come up with appropriate product to increase the revenue generated every month.
  • Hostgator affiliate: Hostgator also has made a place for itself among some of the top ranking affiliate networks from long time which once again is due to the blogger’s increase of revenue. Also the commission is paid to any blogger as soon as there any sign up to hostgator through the blog which takes part in hostgator affiliate program, for every referred customer who signs up the blogger would receive $50 this also keeps on increasing based on the number of sign up every month. Additionally the users also can use affiliate links on web with sites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and forums, hostgator also has finalized different commission rates for different services like web hosting and windows servers.
  • iTunes Store: iPad, iPhone and Mac apps have been increasingly used by one and all with the increase in sales of Apple equipment hence this makes iTunes Store affiliate program better choice too for which the apps can be advertised through the blog. For every sale of app the blogger receives 5% commission on them, this program does not just end with apps instead also includes to even videos, mp3, books and music which are sure to fetch increased revenue.
  • eBay affiliate program: eBay is quite similar to Amazon website and even the affiliate program for both are pretty much similar with slight differences. Unlike Amazon eBay looks similar to an adsense with some stringent restrictions which when tackled will cover entire life with money; the ads used for eBay have higher standards set. Also the commission paid for sale of any product which needs the blogger to sign up for affiliate program being offered by eBay.